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Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay

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Hurricane Katrina Levee Failure Research Paper - 2081

Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay

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Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures -

Nov 25, 2017 Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, buy essay papers online -
Hurricane Katrina Failures - Term Paper

bs consultant resume Here's a chronological resume sample for an Organizational Development Consultant. Pamela (not her real name) is a mother who is returning to the workforce after many years of full-time parenting. Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee Essay? See how she handles that challenge on her resume. About This Sample Chronological Resume for an Organizational Development Consultant. Here are a few things I like to point out about this comeback mom's resume, which was written in 2004 when she was returning to work after 13 years as a stay-at-home mom.

Currently unemployed. Even though Pamela was unemployed when her resume was written, she found a lot of relevant experience to put on her resume. Notice how she listed her unpaid volunteer work to fill her 13-year gap in employment. Relevant job titles. Story? Pamela could have used any number of job titles for her volunteer work. She used the term Organizational Development in her two most recent job titles to match her job objective.

Mom returning to work. Notice that Pamela never once mentioned that she was a full-time parent. She didn't need to Orleans, because she had such rich volunteer work to atsumori summary, fill that span of time on her resume. Professional Affiliations section. Looking at her Professional Affiliations section, we can see that Pamela planned ahead for her re-entry into the workforce. She joined associations in her field so she could list them on her resume. Those memberships also gave her a great way to network for her new job. From the Collection of Resume Examples. This and most of the Hurricane Levee Essay, other resume examples in this collection were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. Here's the Plain Text version of Pamela's resume. 123 Fourth Street.

Minneapolis, MN 12345. Organizational Development Consultant. ** A creative organizational development consultant with more than two years' experience in diverse workplace environments. ** Experience in Essay Theological Mandate—Voices of Scripture, organizational diagnosis and the design and The New Levee Failures facilitation of short, large-scale events and staff development activities. ** Strong meeting planning and facilitation skills; able to Katrina: Levee Failures, communicate effectively with all organizational levels, build relationships of trust and Essay on Climate Change: Man Made or Planetary Cycle? enlist the participation of team members. Katrina: The New Levee Failures? 2002-04, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT. Neighborhoods Together, St. Paul, MN. ** Worked closely with cross-functional internal planning teams to develop content and summary goals for offsite retreats.

Clarified mission, inspired staff, and increased team leadership. ** Designed and conducted the city's first-ever focus groups of Hurricane Katrina: The New Essay, Mental Health Department clients. Clients assessed facilities, staff relations, mental health services and cultural sensitivity. ** Consulted with municipal government Training Officer to on Climate Man Made or Planetary Cycle?, design and implement city-wide focus groups to Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee Essay, identify training needs for city employees. Reunion Short Story? ** Conducted organizational diagnosis for a nonprofit organization, including data collection, analysis and data feedback. Presented results and Katrina: Failures Essay recommendations for next steps to Director and management staff. ** Facilitated weekly meetings of 20+ community members to importance of sex, develop strategies for implementing policies that promote economic viability and strong community support of the City Planning Department's General Plan. ** Taught post-graduate workshops at Minnesota State University in Group Dynamics and Facilitation Skills for Collaboration Specialists. 1993-02, ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST. United Way/Minnesota Prenatal Monitoring Program, Minneapolis, MN.

** As member of Hurricane Katrina: Essay, Reengineering Management Group, worked closely with senior managers to identify key issues in reunion, response to organizational growth and develop tools for managers to communicate changes to staff. ** Collaborated with Human Resources Manager to design and co-lead offsite training for Hurricane Orleans Levee, managers on how to be effective communicators. ** Developed guidelines for conducting meetings based on interviews with key managers. Coached and trained supervisors in meeting facilitation resulting in productive work groups and a stronger sense of cohesiveness. ** Four years as a Research Analyst, collaborating on epidemiological studies. Co-authored four papers and conducted data management and analysis. Theological Mandate—Voices? 1991-93, ADVENTURE COURSE TEAM BUILDING INSTRUCTOR. Climbing Higher, Oberlin, OH. ** Designed and implemented challenge and ropes course programs for Hurricane Orleans Levee Failures, corporate, at-risk and nonprofit groups to develop skills in atsumori, leadership, problem solving, self-esteem and effective communication. MFA, Dance, St. Paul College, St. Paul, MN, 1998. BS/BA, Anthropology/Dramatic Arts, Dance, University of Minnesota, St.

Paul, 1990. Neighborhoods Together, San Francisco, CA. Intensive Apprenticeship in Organizational Development. Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures? Group Process and Facilitation Skills. Conducting an Organizational Diagnosis. Tools for Collaboration Specialists.

St. Paul Organizational Development Association (SPODA) Whole Scale Change: Unleashing the Magic in Large Organizational Change Efforts. Midwest Chapter for American Society for Training Development (ASTD) Haines University, Morristown, NJ. Consulting on the Inside: A Workshop for Internal Consulting. Association for Challenge Therapy, Minneapolis, MN. Toasts? Certificate in Ropes Course Facilitation. Coaches Institute, St. Hurricane The New Levee Failures Essay? Paul, MN.

Professional Co-Active Coaches Training. Management Mentors, St. Paul, MN. St. Paul Organizational Development Association (SPODA) Organizational Development Network (ODN) Minnesota Facilitators Guild (MFG) Midwest Chapter for American Society for Training Development (ASTD)

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Hurricane Katrina Failures - Term Paper

Nov 25, 2017 Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, write my research paper -
New Orleans Levee Improvement after Hurricane Katrina

Prisoners and the Right to Vote Essay Sample. The right to vote is Orleans Levee Essay, fundamental to representative democracies and it is well recognized in most Western democracies that this right should be extended to all citizens, subject to the narrowest of exceptions.[1] The basis of every representative democracy is the mandate from the atsumori summary, people where governmental power emanates. It is simply because in a representative democracy, sovereignty resides in the people who have the right to choose the proper functionaries who will run the affairs of the government. Australia being a representative democracy must adhere to this basic rule. The people or citizens must have the supreme voice in the affairs of the Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, government. Such right to Essay Mandate—Voices of Scripture exercise ones sovereignty must be exercised free from any limitation except on valid and constitutional grounds, and any inherent or implied limitation in the exercise thereof. Election in a representative democracy has become an institution in the expression and demonstration of this choice. Election has become the process of determining whether the government and the functionaries running it still enjoy the Katrina: The New, mandate from the people.

The general will must be determined at temple religion, all cost necessary as it is the general will that government must serve. This simply means that every citizen and persons entitled to vote must be given such right and should not be excluded from the exercise simply by reason of their peculiar circumstances. Every such person who is under the threat of being disenfranchised must be saved from such threat, and must be restored to Hurricane Katrina: Failures Essay his basic and guaranteed right as a citizen of the state. The Right to Vote under Australian Constitution. Structure of the Australian form of government is defined, limited and established under its constitution which provides for a representative government. Being a Federal Government, representation comes in two form; one in the Commonwealth and another in Essay on The Theological the respective states. Considering the nature of Hurricane The New Failures a representative form of government, it is also important for the constitution to provide and Essay prescribe for the fundamental basis of the representative form of government which is the right to vote of the people. The right to vote by the people thereof should necessarily be defined and The New Orleans Essay established in the constitution in order to lay down its meaning and other possible implications. There are two specific provisions in the Constitution which pertains to voting.

Both may refer to the right to vote, but are different when it comes to the subject matter of the right to vote. Summary? Generally, however, both provisions have a common implication and significance as to the right of the people to Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures vote, especially in the exercise thereof. Section 7 of the mount, Australian Constitution states that : The Senate shall be composed of senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State, voting, until the Parliament otherwise provides, as one electorate . This provision certainly refers to the right of the people of the state to choose who shall compose the Senate. The Senate must have the mandate of the people of the state as one electorate. On the one hand, Section 24 of the Constitution provides for recognition of the right of the people. It states that: The House of Representatives shall be composed of members directly chosen by The New Orleans the people of the Commonwealth . It can be gleaned from the text of both provisions that they refer to different aggroupment of people as Section 24 refers specifically to the people of the Theological of Scripture, commonwealth to choose the representative in the House of Representatives while Section 7 refers to the People of the State. The said provisions pertaining both to the right of the people to vote does not contain the scope and delimitation of the term people. What are the qualifications and conditions for the people to satisfy prior to the exercise of the rights was not properly laid down. It does not even include nor describe who may be disqualified or excluded in The New Failures the exercise of the Essay on The Mandate—Voices, right to choose their government leaders who shall compose the Senate or the House of Representatives. Hence, it is basically our duty to decipher from the necessary implications of the constitutional provisions, the existing jurisprudence and other basic legal principles for us to determine the meaning of the word people, and Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee Failures Essay further answer the question as to Essay Theological whether the prisoners are necessarily included within the scope and context of the Katrina: Orleans Failures Essay, term people.

Sections 7 and 24 of the man wedding, Australian Constitution do not only recognize the right to vote, but more particularly provides members of the Senate or the House of Representative must be directly chosen by the people. Hurricane Katrina: Levee? It is worth noting that the Constitution uses the word choice which simply means that the right to vote involves the exercise of a choice. Essay Theological Of Scripture? Moreover, it is implied in Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Failures Essay the exercise of a choice that a person must be able to comprehend the atsumori summary, nature and consequences of his choice and that this choice must certainly be free from any limitation and restriction. It can be concluded that minors, insane, and Hurricane Failures Essay feeble-minded persons are not entitled to vote considering their condition as incapable of making a choice. Hence, voting is reunion story, left to those who have the sufficient discretion to determine what is The New Essay, good for himself and for the general welfare whenever he casts his vote during the election. The constitution also uses the word directly, that member of the Senate and the House of importance of sex Representatives must be chosen directly by the people. This simply means the Katrina: Orleans Failures Essay, choice or decision as to who will seat in government positions mentioned must come from the people themselves, and mount not through any delegate or representative, or the so-called collegial voting. During elections, the very act of choice of the Hurricane Katrina: Essay, people is that which must be counted and determined in order to atsumori summary determine the will of the majority. Hence, under the Australian Constitution, the right to vote is an act of choice that must be directly be chosen by the people of the state, and at the same time, of the commonwealth.

However, this should not stop us to determine what is the real scope of the term people to enable us to determine the nature of the right to vote of Katrina: Levee Failures Essay prisoners under the constitution. While we may say that prisoners can make and exercise that direct choice within their jurisdiction, let us further see, as legislation attempted to exclude the from the atsumori, exercise of such right, whether there is proper basis under the constitution to give them the right to vote. The Scope and Meaning of the People as Elector. The term people as used in Katrina: The New the said provisions must not be confused with the term citizen. A citizen is one who owes allegiance to a state, and by reason of such allegiance, he is granted the right by the state to participate in the affairs of the government. There is therefore an existing dualism in the concept of people under the constitution and on The Theological Mandate—Voices under the general framework of a representative democracy that is the duty to maintain allegiance as well as the Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Failures, right to participate in best man wedding toasts the processes of the government such as in choosing for the proper leaders. Another dualism exists in the case of Australia. In a federal state like Australia where two forms of government exists, the term people connotes double allegiance as well as double power. Where there is the right of the two forms of government that demands allegiance from their people, the people themselves can demand two separate rights to vote, in the state, and in the Commonwealth. The constitution itself makes the people dual citizens as both people of the state, and of the commonwealth. From this dual citizenship, and in order to assist in Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures its preservation, every person living under such a form of government has a duality of political rights and powers. Man Made? [2] Under Article 25 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the term people has been recognized as one possessing the rights to participate in the affairs of the government, directly or through their chosen representatives, as well as the right to Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures vote.

These rights are so guaranteed and summary should not be limited by any unreasonable and discriminatory restrictions. Government signatories like Australia are thereby bound to observe and adhere to the fundamental principles established by the International Convention that no legislation must be enacted that would attempt to derogate from the standards given. Hurricane Orleans Levee? The conventions policy is certainly to allow and grant the right of suffrage equally to all persons regardless of creed, sex, language, economic status or political belief. Any such demarcation of the people tantamount to Change: or Planetary disenfranchisement of one from the exercise of such right should not be availed of for being not in consonance with the policy of the Hurricane Katrina: Levee, said International Convention. Any such doubt that may be created by the classification should rather be resolved against the derogation of the right to vote and in reunion favor of enfranchisement to vote. Can Punishment Remove the Fundamental Freedom to Vote. Being punished for a crime means that prisoners have lost certain rights to participate in private as well as political activities like voting.

One is deprived of the legal capacity to Orleans Levee Failures Essay do acts with certain effect. Some believe and perhaps the government does, that incarceration of the prisoners to vote should be incidental to the punishment imposed upon them by the state. In addition, they think it follows that because prisons keep convicts away from the community, they must be kept away from all activities that are the religion, rights of ordinary citizens.[3] Whether such deprivation includes the fundamental right to vote is a big question. They say prisoners live off our hard-earned taxes and Katrina: Failures Essay should feel grateful for what they get while they serve their time: asking for the vote is just plain greedy[4]. A person declared as guilty of a crime must be certainly be denied the best man wedding toasts, right to vote as being granted such would mean an excessive privilege for one who has been condemned by the state. The Australian government attempted to institutionalize this treatment to prisoners by enacting Commonwealth Electoral Act in 2006 by imposing a total ban to prisoners to vote. The Government last year passed the voting ban as part of changes to electoral laws, including closing the rolls on the day that writs are issued a move that could affect as many as 300,000 potential voters and Hurricane Failures raising the temple mount, threshold at which donations must be declared from $1500 to $10,000.[5] This piece of Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay legislation even effaces the privilege of the electoral law prior 2006 which prohibits voting only to those who suffer imprisonment of more than three years, while those serving a penalty of imprisonment of less than three years are so allowed. The fact of Change: Cycle? being in Katrina: Levee Failures Essay prison however may not necessary imply that he is no longer entitled to certain human rights. Most democratic societies recognize that prisoners continue to reunion short story be protected, even after incarceration, by all of the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed to citizens save for the right to liberty.[6] Even behind bars, the prisoners are still entitled to Levee such rights like freedom from torture, inhuman and Essay on The Mandate—Voices ill-treatment, right against inhuman or degrading punishment, right to Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures free religious exercise. Summary? Certainly, a prisoner does not lose his status as a citizen of the state or the commonwealth simply by Hurricane Orleans Levee reason of Cycle? his detention. Prisoners are not non-citizens because they are in jail. They are still Australians.[7] The argument that prisoners should not be allowed to The New Failures Essay vote dimply by reason of mount their being a burden to Katrina: The New Failures the public treasury contributing nothing for the welfare and development of the state simply does not hold water. There certain sectors that are equally a burden to Essay on Climate Man Made or Planetary the state yet they are granted the right of suffrage. This may include the disabled, the unemployed among others.

In this scenario of incarcerating those who are burdens to the government from the right to vote, would certainly mean that suffrage is a right limited only to those who are wealthy and privileged. This further implies that the government is determined only by Levee Failures the will of the of Scripture, wealthy while other persons who have nothing but and are mere burdens to Katrina: The New Essay the state and have no right whatsoever to the affairs of the temple mount religion, state. The New Orleans Failures Essay? This is repugnant to the concept of representative democracy that is reflective of the general will of the people. Representative government losses it character of being a true representative with people from atsumori summary, all sectors, rich and poor alike, are well represented. Hurricane The New Orleans Essay? The total number of man wedding prisoners certainly is composed of a large number that when voting together, could affect the mandate of the general public. Constitutionally, our Parliament must be elected directly by the people. All the people. Not just the ones the Government wants to go to the polls.[8] Prisoners remains a citizen of the state, that even after they have served their sentence, they are back to their normal life without need of any formalities or legal requirement to once again perfect or restore their status as such citizen. They remain to be members of the state whose interests must be protected. While in prison, prisoners never did any act repugnant to their oath of allegiance as would deprive him of the protection and benefits granted by the state. As such person, he remains to possess his rights except of Katrina: Levee course his right to best toasts liberty. The problem with removing prisoners (or any groups for that matter) voting right is that voting is not just any activity in a democratic and free nation.[9] The right to vote or the compulsion to vote, with prosecution the punishment for Orleans Levee Failures, not doing so in Australias model of democracy should be beyond the reach and control of the government of the day.[10]

Prisoners remain to be citizens despite of being in detention. The nature of being imprisoned is merely to be restricted of the right to liberty but it does not necessarily affect other fundamental rights of a person duly protected by the Constitution. Prisoners as people remain to be the very basis of a representative democracy, the disenfranchisement of which is simply contradictory to the concept of a representative democracy. The constitution of Australia is way in line with the principles of a representative democracy. It does not necessarily demarcate nor discriminate sectors or group of persons from being included in the concept of people who can rightfully exercise the right to Essay or Planetary choose the members of the Senate and The New Orleans Essay the House of Representatives. It is even clear that those who have the capacity and of sex freedom to choose can rightfully vote directly such persons to government positions mentioned. Where the provisions is clear, the government should not confuse it by passing certain legislation that would diminish the base of the representative government and that would incarcerate the people from their right to directly participate in the affairs of the government by voting their chosen representatives and delegates.

The constitution being the supreme law, should simply be followed. Fynes J. C. (May 3, 2007). Jail No Bar to Rights. Courier Mail. Com. Retrieved on Seotember 11, 2007, from,23739,21659881-5012473,00.html. Guttman, D. (n.d.). Before the High Court Roach v Commonwealth: Is the The New Levee Failures, Blanket Disenfranchisement of Convicted Prisoners Unconstitutional? Retrieved on September 9, 2007 from Kissane, K. Essay On The Of Scripture? (August 31, 2007) Court reverses prisoner vote ban. Hurricane Levee Failures? Retrieved on September 2, 2007 from

Pearlman, J. (August 31, 2007). Court gives vote back to some inmates. Retreived on September 5, 2007 from Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Vote?, ABC Radio National Law Report, (2007, June 12). Retrieved September 14, 2007 from Prisoner Mounts High Court Challenge Over Voting Rights, ABC News, (2007, June 12). Retrieved September 14, 2007 from

Woman to Challenge Prisoner Vote Ban, The Age, (2007, June 12). Retrieved September 14, 2007 from Prisoners Call for Voting Rights, ABC Radio PM, (2007, June 11). Retrieved September 14, 2007 from [1]. Daniel Guttman (n.d.). Before the High Court Roach v Commonwealth: Is the Blanket Disenfranchisement of Convicted Prisoners Unconstitutional? Retrieved on September 9, 2007 from [3] Jayne Fynes Clinton (May 3, 2007).

Jail No Bar to Rights. Courier Mail. Com. Retrieved on Seotember 11, 2007, from,23739,21659881-5012473,00.html. [5] Jonathan Pearlman (August 31, 2007). Court gives vote back to some inmates. Temple Mount Religion? Retreived on Hurricane Katrina: Orleans Failures, September 5, 2007 from [6]. Daniel Guttman (n.d.). Atsumori? Before the High Court Roach v Commonwealth: Is the Blanket Disenfranchisement of Convicted Prisoners Unconstitutional?

Retrieved on September 9, 2007 from [7] Jayne Fynes Clinton (May 3, 2007). Jail No Bar to Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Rights. Courier Mail. Atsumori Summary? Com. Retrieved on Seotember 11, 2007, from Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures,,23739,21659881-5012473,00.html. Is this the perfect essay for you?

Save time and order Prisoners and the Right to Vote. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Prisoners and the Right to atsumori summary Vote. Nobody? will ever ?deprive? the ? American? people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.? Franklin Roosevelt. ? Why Americans Do Not Vote? Our country is a land of privilege. We live in a democracy where we decide who will lead us. Ours is a nation where ?The Reason Why You Should Vote. The reason why you should vote speaker 1 gave a good motivational speech. In my opinion her speech gave good reasons to get people to go out to vote.

Being Should Sixteen Year Old be able to Vote? Right now, only people over Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures eighteen are allowed to vote, this is something that every Canadian citizen should know. People think that only people over eighteen are mature enough and Should Felons Be Able to Vote?

We let ex-convicts marry, reproduce, buy beer, own property and drive. They dont lose their freedom of religion, their right against self-incrimination they cant be trusted to help choose our Convicted Felons: Should They Be Allowed To Vote? The term disenfranchisement or taking away a criminals right to atsumori vote, has been around since ancient Greece and Rome Eras. In Europe, a condition called civil death involves the Hurricane Katrina:, forfeiture

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The Economic Recovery of New Orleans After Hurricane

Nov 25, 2017 Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, best custom essay writing service online for cheap -
Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures -

3 Tragic Misconceptions About Proposal Cover Letters. Cover letters are one of the most important pieces of a proposal. Unfortunately, 99% of the cover letters I#8217;ve seen during my Brutally Honest Proposal Critiques are cr*p. Orleans Levee Essay! The problem stems from common misconceptions about the best man wedding toasts, cover letter#8217;s place in the current proposal environment. Lets look at The New Levee Failures Essay, three misconceptions that can lead to epic cover letter failure. Misconception #1: People Want To Read Your Cover Letter. Recently, I was at a prebid meeting at reunion short, PASSHE, which is responsible for dorm construction for Pennsylvania#8217;s state university system. The Director of Construction made it plain. #8220;Don#8217;t include a cover letter in your proposal.

It#8217;s not going to convince us. Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures! So, don#8217;t waste your time.#8221; Why would he say that? He said that because he#8217;s seen hundreds, if not thousands, of on The Theological of Scripture cover letters and they all said nothing. There was nothing of value in those cover letters. Naturally, when he sees a cover letter, we have trained his brain to skip over it. The New! If you think someone is likely to read your cover letter, you are insane. Instead, you have to give people a reason to read your cover letter.

You have to get their attention and then create a #8220;slippery slope#8221; that will keep them reading. I give an in-depth tutorial on creating a slippery slope in Proposal Development Secrets. Many of you have already read the book. I won#8217;t rehash all of that. But remember, you have to start off by creating a #8220;knowledge gap.#8221; You create a knowledge gap by highlighting a gap between what the reader knows and what the reader wants to atsumori know. Katrina: The New Levee Failures! Let#8217;s say you are proposing to a client that knows your firm pretty well.

You might use, #8220;3 Things You Might Not Know About ABC Architects.#8221; Those three things better be something they don#8217;t know and also highlight what they would be missing out on Change: Man Made Cycle?, if they hire someone else for this project. You#8217;ll notice I use this knowledge gap technique with a lot of Hurricane Levee my titles. That#8217;s why my open rate is so much higher than the industry average. I give people a reason to read, then deliver. Obviously, it#8217;s a technique I#8217;ve also used quite successfully in proposals to clients all over the country. Misconception #2: You Can Use A Template. People always get angry at me when they ask for toasts, an example of a great cover letter for them to Katrina: Essay use. That#8217;s because I tell them such a thing does not exist.

A great cover letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs is not going to be a great cover letter to the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Each cover letter has to summary speak to the specific client and project. Unfortunately, that means, gasp, each cover letter will have to be written from The New Failures Essay scratch. There is no way around it. Well, actually there is. Write a terrible cover letter they will simply skip over. But that won#8217;t help you win. Misconception #3: Throw Everything At Them and See What Sticks.

This misconception leads to long cover letters. Here#8217;s the best toasts, problem. If you had received a three-page letter in 1973, the likelihood that you would have read all three pages would have been very high. But we live in a different world. When was the Hurricane Katrina: Levee Failures Essay, last time you read, word for word, a three-page letter? Even better yet, when was the last time you even received a three-page letter? I#8217;m sorry to say that if my own grandmother sent me a three-page letter, she#8217;d be pushing her luck.

I couldn#8217;t promise I#8217;d read ever word. Busy people just don#8217;t read long cover letters. Reunion Short Story! Anything longer than a page is pushing it. When my boss sees a two-page cover letter from Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee Failures me, his initial reaction is, #8220;There is something up. Reunion! Why is Orleans Levee Failures Essay, this so long?#8221; Two-page cover letters are sometimes unavoidable. But three-page cover letters are always avoidable. Every word needs to earn its place on the cover letter. If it doesn#8217;t speak specifically to story this client, to this project#8230;it hasn#8217;t earned its place. As much as it pains you, leave it out. Don#8217;t let these misconceptions plague your cover letters. Follow my advice and Katrina: The New Orleans Essay, you#8217;ll get an opportunity to make a powerful pitch to your clients.

If you want to learn more about the slippery slope, I just released an unrestricted PDF of Proposal Development Secrets. If you liked this article, please subscribe below or on mount, the right side of the homepage. If you want to give us your thoughts on Katrina:, this issue, please leave a comment below. Great post! Misconception #2 is spot on! It drives me nuts how many times I see the same generic letter over of sex, and over#8230; Also, this template letter usually has everything in it (Misconception #3). Thank you for the comment. I love reading cover letters that say #8220;We#8217;re excited to be submitting on The New Levee, project XYZ#8230;#8221; Yes I can tell you are excited to be submitting#8230; (in my best Ben Stein voice) That#8217;s why your cover letter states it. Our it states you are passionate about the Essay Change:, project. The New Essay! People who are passionate don#8217;t have to reunion short story write they are passionate it shows in everything they do or write. Another great post worth passing along!

Good reminders. This is similar advice to an SMPS speaker I saw at a regional conference. Here is where I struggle though. Hurricane Orleans Levee Failures Essay! Any advice on atsumori summary, helping BD staff get good project-specific, client-specific info to pack into proposals? Or to help find out what we offer that#8217;s actually different? I#8217;m the Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Failures, marketer who doesn#8217;t interact with clients. All my info comes from BD and story, if I don#8217;t get good info from Hurricane Katrina: The New Essay them the entire proposal, not just the cover letter, reflects that. I feel there has to be a better way because otherwise it seems impossible to do what you say. Thank you for the comment.

I#8217;ll address this problem in a future post. Summary! Keep reading. I do talk a little bit about this in my book. The New! Pick that up if you haven#8217;t yet. Here#8217;s the link. Cover letters are a waste of on Climate or Planetary Cycle? everyone#8217;s time. I wouldn#8217;t go that far. I certainly don#8217;t think they are a waste of time. Not if you do it right. The New Orleans Failures! I was once told by a US Army Corps of Engineers that when a proposal has a bound-in cover letter, the secretary rips the letter out of each copy before distributing them to the screening committee. That#8217;s a good story.

I believe it. Temple! Years ago, I was on a debrief call where the Katrina: The New Levee Essay, Army Corps admitted to not reading most of our proposal. I#8217;m the only proposal writer at an engineering firm with nearly 20 project managers. All but a very small minority consistently rely on at least one of these three misconceptions for best man wedding, every single cover letter. Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures Essay! thanks Matt. You might start by man wedding toasts forwarding them the link to this article. Sometimes it helps to hear it from an Orleans Essay, outside source.

I#8217;ve made everyone of importance those mistakes in Hurricane Katrina: The New Essay cover letters, multiple times. Summary! As usual, you are spot on. Thanks Matt. Thank you for commenting. I didn#8217;t even know you read the site. Hurricane The New Levee Failures Essay! #128578; I#8217;ll shoot you an email. Everything you are saying about the old way about summary, writing cover letters is Orleans Essay, true.

I hate having to follow what the importance of sex, uncreative people wrote before. Even though we win most of our bids, I would still like to Hurricane Levee Failures write fresh and creative cover letters and temple, proposals. Thank you for commenting. Cover letters are just a piece of the puzzle. I#8217;m sure many successful firms have terrible cover letters. Yet, they still win lots of contracts. But even if you have a winning record, getting even better will help protect your position. It sounds like you agree. Katrina: The New Orleans Failures Essay! Great post, Matt. I have been pushing people toward more concise and engaging letters for years and temple mount religion, will keep fighting the Hurricane The New Failures Essay, good fight.

When I have just a few minutes to reunion story #8216;peer review#8217; a colleague#8217;s proposal, I always go to the letter first. Whether read, skimmed, or glanced at, the letter remains part of the client#8217;s first impression. Thank you for your comment Jeff. Keep fighting the good fight. Katrina: The New Essay! This is a great piece, Matt. To go along with it, I remember seeing (long ago) a list of the phrases we all used in cover letters which one should never use. For example, the first item on the list was the traditional opening, #8220;We are pleased to short story present.#8221; The explanation was that if you weren#8217;t pleased to present, you wouldn#8217;t have presented at all, so these words were a waste of space. Failures! If someone could find that list again and share it, maybe we#8217;d all learn even more about cover letters than you taught above. Was it words not to use in your proposal?

If so, I have that document. When will we be able to turn off the broken record and stop having to repeat ourselves when we tell our folks in reunion short story the field #8220;quality, not quantity. #8221; the Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee, Proposal Writer lamented, tapping dejectedly at her keyboard. Cover letters can be quite valuable if the writer uses them appropriately, e.g., as a way to connect personally/remind the prospect of a recent meeting and to segue into the proposal with a friendly but professional recap of the reader#8217;s needs and objectives (if the salesperson was lucky enough to have had an actual meeting or even phone call with the atsumori, prospect ahead of time). Nice choice of graphic. I like the oh-so-subtle hidden #8220;hurdle#8221; concept as a backdrop for Hurricane Levee Essay, the massive wipeout. Thank you for the comment. Temple Mount Religion! Interesting reading I was in a proposal training where it was stated in today#8217;s world it is Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, best practice to not include a cover letter as it has no value add. I#8217;m old school and agree it is just good business practice and one should take the opportunity to make it of value. Thank you for of sex, the comment. Matt this is great. Katrina: Failures Essay! Thanks for giving voice to my frustration with template letters.

Thank you for commenting. Great post! I like your idea for #8220;3 things you may not know about our company#8221;. Reunion Short Story! [#8230;] Here#8217;s a great piece by Matt Handal about Hurricane Katrina: Orleans, proposal cover letters. Religion! [#8230;] Get The FREE Proposal Writing Crash Course! Proposal Workshop (Austin, TX) How to Get Meetings with the Most Unreachable Potential Clients (Free Webinar For SDA Members) Proposal Development Secrets (Free Webinar) How to Get Meetings with the Most Unreachable Potential Clients (Free Webinar) How Much Traffic Should Your Website Really Get? Why Mistakes In Proposals Don#8217;t Matterand What Does. The Ultimate SF330 Guide (with Template) A/E Marketers Are Not Your Gal Friday. What I#8217;ve Learned From Using Zurmo As My CRM.

The Purpose of Graphics and Images in a ProposalIt#8217;s Not What You Think. AEC Marketing Jobs Marketing and Katrina: The New Levee Failures, Business Development Jobs With Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms Business Development Manager Job Description A new site about business development CofeBuz Tim Klabunde#8217;s tips on becoming a better networker. Construction Marketing Ideas Mark Buchshon#8217;s daily blog for the construction marketer. Atsumori! Delay Damages A website all about construction delay damages. Ediscovery An entire site about Katrina: Failures Essay, ediscovery How To Write A Proposal A website dedicated to toasts explaining proposal writing to those who have little to no experience doing so. Marketers Take Flight Career advice for A/E/C marketers. My Business Letter The internet#8217;s more comprehensive website on the business letter. Hi. I'm Matt Handal. And this is my site Help Everybody Everyday.

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chapter 4 homework I swear, he's a maniac! Rukia exclaims, throwing both hands in the air exasperated. Her friend sitting opposite Hurricane The New Orleans Levee her table blinks at her and importance asks, What exactly happened? Chapter 4 He loves me, he loves me not! Rukia moans groggily as a soft sunlight peeks through her window curtains. The warmth around her body, the 'extra weight' on her waist and the light breathing of the 'pillow' against her back is Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures Essay, so. 'Wait! A pillow doesn't. breathe.'

She snaps her eyes open, turns around and best man wedding her face meets a round and reddish. WAAAHH. Rukia rolls on the right side of the The New Orleans Levee Essay, bed and Cycle? falls on the floor, still screaming. 'Hm. Nice ala,' Ichigo thought.

He yawns and stretches on her bed before sitting up lazily. Mornin'. he greets with a lazy grin, a sleepy eye, a tousled orange hair, a naked muscular chest and wearing nothing but a blue boxer shorts. In short, a yummy breakfast in bed. Blushing furiously, Rukia throws a pillow on him. Ichigo, what are you doing in my bed again? He raises an eyebrow and Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee instead of answering her, he ends up asking, What time is it? Uugh. Time for you to get out of my room! she yells pointing a finger at Theological Mandate—Voices of Scripture, her door. Ichigo ignores her again as he glances at the clock. Oh it's still early, he says, plopping back on her bed.

C'mon, we still have 30 minutes to snuggle. Ichigo turns on Katrina: The New Orleans Failures Essay his stomach and of sex lifts his head from the pillow to Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, look at her, with a sexy smirk. C'mon sweetheart. Importance. don't you want me? All the blood rushes up to her face, making her feel so hot and embarrass. She turns her back at him and points at her door. Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay. Get out Ichigo! What part of get out do you not understand? Ichigo laughs making Rukia turn over her shoulder.

What? Nothing. Essay Change: Man Made Cycle?. he buries his face on her pillow. You can use the shower first, I want to sleep some more. No, I don't want to- Rukia gasps when Ichigo suddenly gets off her bed and grabs her by the arm with a wide grin on her face. Well then Mrs.

Kurosaki, let's take a shower together. WHAAT? You took a show-umfh! Rukia quickly covers Momo's mouth and Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures Essay turns at her classmates who are all looking at them now. Importance. She smiles sheepishly, Ah show. chow fan! Yeah, I ate chow fan this morning. It's good, you should try it sometime, right Momo? Momo nods and Hurricane Katrina: smile under her friend's hand. Their classmates then go back to their own chit chats and everything.

There are a group of boys hovering at atsumori, the back of the room, inflating their egos with imaginary brawl stories. While others are just chatting and Hurricane Katrina: Levee Essay using their time before the class starts. Rukia sits on Change: Man Made her chair while Momo drags a chair to sit in front of her so that they are face to Katrina: The New Orleans Levee, face. The two girls sigh in unison. Momo bites her lips, suppressing a wide grin as she blushes at what her friend told her. Essay On The. So, you finally took a shower together? she murmurs, leaning closer to her friend. Rukia blushes and frowns at her, No way!

I kicked him before he can drag me out of my room. What do you mean by 'Oh', Momo? Why do you sound like you're disappointed? Rukia rolls her eyes, Really. Yeah! I mean. Momo pauses then looks at her as if wanting to Failures, say something but a little bit hesitating. What is best toasts, it, Momo? I know you want to say something.

Well. she purses her lips on the side. Don't you think it's time for you to act like a real wife? Rukia huffs, Are you crazy? What are you talking about Momo? I'm only 15, a young high school student and Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Failures Essay he's like what? A grumpy century year old guy for God's sake! But he said that he's 23 years old when he became a vampire.

And you're turning 16 next month! So? I still belong to the young adolescent category. And aside from that, he's our teacher. It's awkward. But he's not our teacher last year. And he won't be our teacher next year. Rukia sighs, Okay, but what about Essay on The, our height difference. He's so tall, very tall.

Whenever I'm standing next to him, I feel like a miniature or something. So what? It's his charm; tall guys look cool. and gorgeous. And besides he has this well built and Orleans Failures hot body to Essay on Climate Change:, die for. The New Levee Essay. He's muscles are just on of sex the right buff, you know like- Ahem! Momo. Rukia grunts. Oh sorry, Momo smiles sheepishly but return to her serious face. But seriously, Rukia stop picking on your husband cause no matter what you say, Ichigo Kurosaki-sensei is Katrina: Essay, your husband.

You're married for 5 years! Nothing else should matter to Mandate—Voices, the both of Hurricane Levee Failures, you since the time you got married. Rukia is caught off guard by what Momo said but she hides it by pouting and crossing her arms. Look, Rukia I think Kurosaki-sensei just wants to be a husband. He wants to feel it especially when you two are alone.

He can't show his feelings when both of you are on the same classroom so I think he just wants to experience how it feels to have a 'real' wife since he is a 'real' husband whenever you're at home. I mean, Rukia for atsumori summary, 5 years that you're together. Don't you have any feelings for him or don't you love or at least like him yet? Rukia stares at her friend for a while then sighs softly. She turns at the window and Katrina: Levee Failures Essay stares at the blue sky as if searching her answers there. Man Wedding. 'Do I love him. Katrina:. I'm not sure but' Be careful Rukia. Momo adds making her friend to look back at man wedding toasts, her. Kurosaki-sensei might find comfort with another woman. that'll lead to cheating. Rukia's brows furrow, Momo, where did you learn this stuff? Momo beams, I knew you'd ask!

Here! she pulls out Katrina: The New Levee Failures a colored manga from importance her bag and shows it to The New Levee Failures Essay, her friend. Tada! A special edition of My Little Bride manga volume 51. It says a lot about being a young bride and how to handle their. Rukia rolls her eyes back at the window while her friend continues to tell the summary, story of the shoujo manga on her hand. She turns in front as the Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures, door slides open and there comes the king of the classroom.

As Ichigo enters the Essay on Climate Change: Man Made Cycle?, room, a song suddenly plays at The New Levee Essay, the back of Rukia's mind. and everything moves in slow motion. Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near. His hair swaying softly, his face calm yet a scowl is temple mount, present, his eyes then turn up and Hurricane Failures wanders around the room and finally meets with her. Rukia shakes the song out of Essay on The of Scripture, her head and The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay turns at the window. hiding the blush on her face. Ohayou, Kurosaki-Sensei! the students greets, bowing their heads in curtsy. Ah. ohayou, the orange haired teacher greets back, placing his teaching tools on his desk before resting both hands on either side of the wooden table.

Well guys, it's time to check your homework. Reunion Short Story. Let's see. ah, Kuchiki-san, answer number one on the board please. Rukia glances at him before sighing and standing up from her seat. ' HayThe disadvantage of being married with your teacher. She walks towards the board with less enthusiasm. Katrina: Essay. Ichigo then moves at the side of the room and leans on the wall. Atsumori Summary. He crosses his arms and starts ogling-er-watching his petite student. His eyes roll up and Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay down her slender body. Reunion Short. starting from her face, down to her delicious neck, the small bump of her chest, that tiny waist, her cute ass hiding under that lovely school skirt, and down to her creamy and soft legs. Ichigo loosens his tie a bit as he keeps staring at her. He's suffering from body heat again. It happens to him every once in awhile when he longs for a woman's body but n ever since he married this young woman, he yearns to take her.

And as he fall witness of The New Essay, how she grows and matures physically, Ichigo feels that his patience will snap anytime soon. Sure, she'll be turning 16 but Ichigo is man wedding, not sure if he can wait for another 2 years to The New Orleans Levee Essay, finally taste her and be one with her. He wants her. and he wants her soon. Rukia groans. The fact that she's not sure of the correct solution to the problem, she is best man wedding toasts, also having a hard time solving the math question because she can feel a pair of eyes staring intensely at her as if undressing her. Orleans Failures Essay. She starts to blush and of Scripture feel nervous. She turns her head slightly on the side to Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans, glare at her husband but the said teacher just smile at best, her. an encouraging and 'meaningful' smile. Hurricane Katrina: Levee Failures. before saying, Go on, Kuchiki-san.

You're doing great. A deeper blush creeps on her cheeks as she hears his deep voice and sees that warm and oh so sexy smile. 'Woah! What the hell, Rukia? W here did that come from?' Rukia shakes her thoughts away and temple tries to concentrate on Katrina: Orleans Essay the problem. Man Wedding. Ichigo cocks his head on the side and throws a quick glance at his other student before gazing back at his young wife. Hurricane Katrina: The New Essay. But his eyes flicker back at a certain male student sitting at Change: Man Made, the back. He can't remember the Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Essay, boy's name but Ichigo knows him as one of the delinquent guys in importance, school. And Ichigo couldn't care less about Hurricane Katrina: Orleans, him except that the boy is currently ogling his wife's leg.

And that. is a major No-No. Ichigo closes his eyes calmly and places his hands inside his pockets. His lifts one foot up and rests it on a vacant chair near him then. Rukia and her classmates all jump in man wedding, surprise as a chair stumbles down on the floor after someone kick it deliberately. All eyes turn at the culprit and Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures Essay they all becomes quiet upon seeing a furious aura around their homeroom teacher. Go back to your seat, he says to Rukia, hands still on his pocket and best toasts eyes hiding under his bangs. Hm? Rukia raises an Hurricane The New Essay eyebrow.

You're not making any progress so go back to your seat. Rukia frowns. 'What a dork. He didn't have to humiliate me in toasts, class.' she thought angrily but her anger is replaced by Katrina: confusion when Ichigo goes straight at the back of the room. All eyes follow him as he stops in front of their male classmate and gives the boy the stare. Show your answers on the board. The boy looks up at him nervously, S-Sir?

Don't make me repeat myself. The boy gulps and man wedding smiles nervously, I-I'm s-sorry Sir. but I d-don't h-have m-my ho-home-homework. Ichigo raises an eyebrow, Oh really. he says then. In the corridor, a boy is seen standing with two pales of water on both hands and another one balancing above his head. Nah.

Kurosaki-sensei just wants to teach his student a very important lesson. Time moves very slow for Hurricane Katrina: Levee Failures Essay, Rukia's liking. On The Theological. She almost feels like growing her own roots under her desk but still there are 4 hours of Katrina: The New Levee Failures, class today. She sighs as she finishes her bento alone. Yeah, Momo isn't with her cause her bff does volunteer works for the school canteen. Why?

Because Momo finds an interesting guy also doing volunteer works. Rukia stands up from the temple mount religion, grass and Levee Failures starts heading to summary, the drinking fountain when she heard a squealing girls surrounding and peeking through the fence outside the school's swimming pool. Curious, Rukia walks towards the fence and Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures Essay turns at the direction of the girl's eye and mount religion she blushes at what she sees. A tall orange haired man stands on the poolside. his hair wet and combed back by Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures his fingers, water drips down from his hair to his broad shoulder to the crevice of his chest, to his naked muscular torso and Essay Change: Man Made Cycle? down to his. Hurricane Katrina: The New. oh, that short and very tight black trunk is so. Kyaaa! Kurosaki-sensei's so hot! A girlish squeal from her right snaps Rukia from her wondrous adventure on her husband's body and she quickly turns at the squealing girls. Look at his abs! Oh it looks so hard and Essay Mandate—Voices of Scripture firm. one girl says dreamily.

Ooh! Sensei, I'd do anything to get an A! another one says, lifting her skirt as if imagining the orange haired teacher is in Orleans Failures, front of her. Oh! What if I ask him to tutor me for my math problems? I'll invite him to my house and summary we'll go straight to Hurricane Levee Failures, my room then he'll push me down the bed and- And kick your sorry ass and dump you on the trash bag. The girls turn on the side and find a raven haired girl glaring at them. Who are you? Some lousy sophomore who likes to butt in with her sempai's? a blond busty girl asks, eyeing her up and down. Get the hell outta here, Rukia says. On Climate Change:. The blond raises an eyebrow then they laugh at her before going back at checking the sexy teacher out.

Rukia groans and steps closer to Hurricane Katrina: Orleans Failures, them. Stop ogling my hu- The girl's turn at her with raised eyebrows. My sensei! Stop ogling Kurosaki-sensei. Who says we're ogling him? the blond asks then turns back at the said teacher before they all squeal as the teacher dives on toasts the pool. Rukia huffs again and is about to Hurricane The New Levee, say something but more girls surrounds the fence and she's totally push out of the picture. Ooh. Kurosaki-sensei. the short, girls squeal. Rukia groans and clenches her fists before turning swiftly and stomps away. angrily.

Sitting behind his classroom table, chigo loosens his tie a bit as he scans his students. All heads are turn downwards as they solve their seatwork, though some are trying their best. to copy their seatmate's work. Eyes on your paper, Kuchiki-san. he warns then smirks as he receives a glare from the petite girl. Momo stifles a laugh as she notices the silent war between the secret couple. After a long and The New Orleans Levee dreaded day, the final bell rings throughout the school ground making Rukia jumps out of her chair. She and Momo step out of their room and head down the hallway.

But Momo notices the gloomy look on her friend's face. Rukia, is something the matter? Since she can't hide anything from Momo, Rukia sighs and Essay Theological Mandate—Voices speaks up, I've been thinking about what you said yesterday. Oh! About the volunteer guy? I know he's a-

No, Momo. About us! Me and Ichigo. Rukia interrupts. Yesterday, I saw girls ogling him at the pool and that made me really. angry! Momo gasps, You mean you feel jealous? Aha. Rukia, you're jealous! And it's a sign that you have feelings for him. Check out page 23 of My Little Bride volume 31.

Rukia frowns as Momo continues, Look Rukia, maybe you already had feelings for Hurricane Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures, your husband but you're just denying it. There's nothing to deny Momo. I don't- Rukia, the toasts, fact that you don't want other girls to Hurricane The New Failures, look at him is a sign that you want him for yourself. You're jealous!

Oh thank you so much Kurosaki-kun. Rukia and Momo turns around and see Ichigo and Inoue exiting the faculty room together. Atsumori. The busty teacher has a large smile on her face as she stares up at the orange haired teacher. Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay. So, I'll see you at my house later. Ah, Ichigo says, nodding before they went down the stairs. Rukia's eyes follow the of Scripture, two teachers with blazing intensity. 'That idiot, why is he going to Inoue-sensei's place later?'

I'm definitely not jealous, Momo! Definitely not! she says firmly before turning on her heels and stomping away. angrier than yesterday. Momo blinks at The New Failures, her friend then a knowing grin curves on her lips, Oh sure you are, Rukia. I'm sure you are. She glances at the window then turns at her Chappy bedside clock, paces back and forth then glances at the window, turns at importance of sex, her Chappy bedside clock, paces back and forth then stop. Uugh. what is Katrina: Orleans Failures, taking him so long? Rukia asks no one in particular. She huffs loudly then plops down on her bed with arms spread open on either side. 'Why does he have to help Inoue-sensei with her lesson plan? She is a teacher; she should have known how to Change: Man Made or Planetary Cycle?, do it by Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Essay herself?

And why did Ichigo accepts her invitation? Why can't he just say no to her?' She stares at her ceiling and an image of her husband and the busty professor comes into her view. Then Momo's voice echoes on her head. Be careful Rukia, Kurosaki-sensei might find comfort with another woman. that'll lead to cheating. She watches as the atsumori, two orange haired teachers smile at each other. Then Ichigo starts leaning closer to Inoue's face. closer and closer and.. She flips on her stomach and buries her face on the bed, avoiding the images on her head. She sighs , 'Ooh. why does he have to be so damn gorgeous and Hurricane The New Orleans Failures perfect? I wish he was just like. no, I like him just the way he- wait!' Rukia sits up from Essay or Planetary her bed, Did I just say. her eyes widen and she quickly grabs her phone and starts typing,

Thanks for helping me out with my lesson plan, Kurosaki-kun. No problem, Ichigo says, throwing his bag over his shoulder. Even if he's a teacher, his actions and antics are like that of Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, a high school student. He's still had been involved with some high school brawl. Yes, Kurosaki Ichigo still got involve in fights but that's either because his protecting a female student being harassed by some rude male students or because students from other schools didn't know that he's a teacher cause he still looks like a student, so they picks on his hair and gets beaten up after. Temple Mount Religion. But all of those fights are simply self defense.

Ichigo never initiates a fight. that's why more and Hurricane The New Levee Failures Essay more girls in atsumori summary, school admire him. And one of those girls is the busty professor, Inoue Orihime. Standing on her door, Inoue blushes as she continues, You're so nice, Kurosaki-kun. Hurricane The New Failures Essay. so I think. I think I should give you a reward. Ichigo scratches his head sheepishly, Ah, thanks but that won't be- he pauses in surprise as Inoue suddenly pecks him on the cheeks. G-Goodnight, Kurosaki-kun. See you tomorrow. With that, Inoue gently closes her door and toasts collapses down on the floor. A dreamy look on The New her face as she touches her lips as if memorizing the feeling of temple mount religion, his soft skin. Katrina: The New Orleans Essay. 'I did it!

I kissed him! Ooh. ' Inoue squeals silently. Outside, Ichigo blinks at the closed door then raises an short story eyebrow. 'Creepy. ' he thought as he brushes the wet lipstick off his cheek and Levee Failures starts walking away. Rukia clicks her phone and reads another message from Momo. Rukia, u don't hve 2 worry. It's norma fall n love wid ur husbnd. Essay Man Made Or Planetary. Ol wives alredy did b4 dey even got married 2 deir husbands! 4 G od's sake! So Momo, wat shud I do nw? Nothing! Jst act normal, Rukia.

U don't hve 2 throw urse lf on him n hve sex instantly! Alryt, alryt! Hir's wat u hve 2 do. Jst go wid wat u feel. The New Essay. Don't hesitate 2 show ur feelings. U're already married 2 him so U don't hve 2 act lyk a teenager hu fell n love 4 the 1st tym. JUST B URSELF! If u feel lyk kissin him den kiss him! If u feel like huggin, massagin' his back or cookin 4 him den GO! Don't mind ur age, don't mind if he's a vampire or he's our teacher. Essay Theological Mandate—Voices Of Scripture. D key phrase hir is..U R MAAAARRIED! *o*

I LOOOOVE yah :D. . Levee Failures Essay. and by the way, I AM a teenager h u fell in short, love for d 1st time. Rukia drops her phone on the side and flips on her back. Lying on her bed and Hurricane Orleans Essay staring at the ceiling again, Rukia smiles widely as she sees another image on it. Man Wedding Toasts. She and Ichigo sleeping on his bed, side by side with arms wrap around each other. She giggles, very happy at her new found (or newly accepted) feelings. Katrina: Levee Failures. And her happiness grows more when she hears the front door opens. Reunion Short Story. She jumps out of bed and runs to the living room excitedly. Hurricane The New Levee. Ichigo? She smiles, Welcome home. He raises an importance eyebrow, Ah. Katrina: Levee. thanks? he says, confuse with her wife's sudden cheerfulness.

Rukia grins wider and best that makes Ichigo look at her suspiciously. His confused gaze fixed at her as he removes his shoes and socks and Hurricane Katrina: Orleans Essay starts unbuttoning his dress shirt. You hungry, Ichigo? Ah no. Reunion Short. I already had dinner at Levee Failures, Inoue's place. That wipes away the smile on mount religion her face and a frown quickly replaces it. So, you like eating dinner with Inoue-Sensei while I ate here alone, huh?

Ichigo's eyebrows crease. What? Rukia lets out a nasal huff, Nothing! Don't mind me. If you want to eat with Inoue-sensei more often, then feel free. She waves a hand dismissively and turns to leave but her flash stepping husband appears in Hurricane The New Orleans Failures Essay, front of Change: Man Made Cycle?, her and blocks the door to her bedroom. What's wrong? he asks softly.

One hand on Hurricane Orleans Failures Essay the doorframe while his body leaning on man wedding the other side to block her way. He has his shirt fully unbuttoned and his belt is already gone, making his pants drop low revealing the hem of Failures Essay, his black boxers and religion those black curls that extends down to his. Rukia snaps her gaze away to hide her blush. Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures. But Ichigo notices it and leans towards her, cocking his head on the side to examine her face. Hm, what's wrong? Is my young wife jealous? Rukia scowls, still looking away. No, I'm not. I'm just thinking about the food. Reunion Short Story. It'll go to waste and I don't-ah! Rukia gasps when Ichigo wraps an Hurricane Levee Failures Essay arm on her waist and pulls her up against man wedding toasts, him in Katrina: The New Levee, a rush.

Her eyes wide as she finds his face dangerously close to her. The food, huh? You're worried about the food. Or Planetary Cycle?. Ichigo says huskily, his breath fanning her face. He displays that lopsided sexy half grin and Katrina: The New Levee Failures moves even closer to her. Rukia blushes and atsumori summary moves her head as far away as she can since he's holding her into his body. Have you done your homework already? he asks and Rukia manages to Hurricane Orleans, give him a nod. Ichigo smirks, Good. then how bout doing an extra homework with me. With that, Ichigo toss her on the bed and hovers above her body immediately. I-Ichigo, what are you-ah!

Ichigo! Stop-stop it! Aaggh. Rukia yelps, squeals, jerks and wiggles on her bed as Ichigo starts placing playful kisses around her face. Akh! Ich-Ichigo? Rukia tries pushing his face away but Ichigo grabs both of her wrists on one hand and Essay Mandate—Voices continues his playful attacks. He is laughing and chuckling as he pecks her on the forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, and chin and anywhere his lips touch.

While Rukia continues to wiggle, squeal and push his face away. Uugh. Ichigooo! Rukia growls, smacking him on the face. Her hands remain on his mouth as she pants and huffs irritated yet blushing and all plastered.

Stop it, okay? she says glaring up at her husband. Ichigo pauses and just stare at her, but after a moment. Aaah. Ichigo, you perv-umfh! Rukia's protests are silence when Ichigo takes on her lips. She gasps inwardly, blood rushing up to her face, her hearts pounding loudly and different sensations tingles inside her. It's not the first time Ichigo kisses her, but Rukia feels like it's her first. Katrina: Orleans Levee Failures Essay. Heck, every time Ichigo kisses her, Rukia always feels like it's the first time because he seems to Essay on The Mandate—Voices of Scripture, always give her something. Hurricane Katrina: Essay. He tastes different each time and right now, Rukia is mount religion, very plastered since she just realized her feelings for him.

His lips remain still on hers as if memorizing its taste before he starts moving and Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Essay caressing her lips. Rukia shivers and of sex feels a tingling sensation on her toes as the tip of his tongue touches her closed lips lightly. He is moving slow and gentle as if he doesn't want to startle her. She feels his tongue again, tracing the lines of her lips slowly yet with urgent passion. ' Jst go wid wat u feel. Katrina: The New Orleans Essay. Don't hesitate 2 show ur feelings. U're already married 2 him so U don't hve 2 act lyk a teenager hu fell n love 4 the 1st tym. JUST B URSELF! If u feel lyk kissin him den kiss him! If u feel like huggin, massagin' his back or cookin 4 him den GO!

Don't mind ur age, don't mind if he's a vampire or he's our teacher. D key phrase hir is..U R MAAAARRIED!' Rukia closes her eyes tight, she wants to importance of sex, respond to his kiss but she doesn't know how. Besides, she's still hesitant and shy about it. Being intimate with her teacher is Hurricane The New, so embarrassing for her. 'C'mon Rukia!

Remember what Momo said. Just be urself! ' Ichigo pulls away briefly to angle his head and move his lips down her chin up to her jaw line. His kisses are slow yet passionate. Temple Mount. He drags his lips to her ear before going back to capture her lips again. He really wants to do it with her now but he doesn't want to force her.

He wants to be gentle on Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee Failures her but his patience is or Planetary, starting to melt as Rukia is yet to Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Essay, respond with his kisses. His free hand, the one that's not holding her wrists, moves up cupping the Theological of Scripture, side of her face. He opens his mouth and darts his tongue out, urging his wife to do the Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures, same. 'Oh my God, he's tongue he..should will I. Oh no. ' Rukia groans as she tries to figure how to respond to his kisses but a moan and that's when Ichigo starts to lose control. His pants start to get tighter and his body heats up. His kisses become more urgent as he lowers his body down on her until the bulge in his pants is pressing against best toasts, her thighs. That makes Rukia to stiffen beneath him, she panics and gasps making his tongue to roll inside her mouth and meet with her own tongue. Hurricane The New Failures Essay. The sensation becomes too much for her now, her leg suddenly jerks up and she accidentally kneed his 'precious'. Ow!

Akh-Aah. Ichigo yelps, rolling to man wedding toasts, the side and falling off the bed. Rukia gasps, she sits upright and Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Essay finds her husband clutching his aching groin and writhing on the floor. She bites her lips and reunion short story watches him helplessly before saying an embarrassed, Sorry. Waaah! Momo, I messed up big time! Rukia cries out, hugging her knees and burying her face on it. Its lunchtime and she and Momo are sitting under a tree on their favorite spot in Hurricane Katrina:, the school ground.

Momo scoots closer to Rukia and pats her on atsumori summary the shoulder. There, there my dear friend, don't cry. It's just an Hurricane Orleans Essay accident! You didn't mean to kick his. ahm his. his. Yeah, his groin.

It's just an accident, right? But I felt that he was disappointed after that. Temple Mount. I was about to ask if he's alright but he just walked out of my room. Rukia says in a muffled tone, sniffing and sobbing. Momo purses her lips on Hurricane Katrina: the side, Hmm. Maybe he just want to Essay on The of Scripture, sleep already. But I think he's mad. He wants to sleep with me last night, I can feel it. But I just screw up and Hurricane Levee messes everything. I'm a failure. I'm the worst wife in the whole world.

Wait, Rukia! You mean. Momo pauses making Rukia to look up at her. What? Rukia asks seeing the excitement on her friend's face. Rukia, you mean you want to do it now? IT Rukia! IT as in religion, make love!

You finally want to Hurricane Katrina: Levee, make love with him! Rukia blushes furiously, I. Oh Rukia, I'm so proud of you! Momo throws both arms around Rukia's neck and reunion short story pulls her into a tight hug. You're a big girl now! Oh, I'm so happy I want to cry!

Ah, Momo? Rukia whines as her friend cries dramatically, rubbing their faces together and Hurricane Orleans Levee Failures Essay continues her speech about love, kisses and babies? Wait Momo, you're getting the wrong idea. What do you mean? Momo pulls away though her arms remain around Rukia's neck. Momo, I don't think I'm ready yet.

I mean I want to be a wife to him but I still feel awkward when he kisses me. Momo pouts and detaches her arms from her friend, Oh so what do you think we should do? I don't know Momo. On Climate Or Planetary Cycle?. Maybe he just has to Hurricane Katrina: Essay, wait for on The, me to become ready. But how long is he going to wait for you? Rukia sighs and looks up at Hurricane Orleans Essay, the sky, I don't Momo, I don't know. Walking towards his classroom, someone suddenly appears from the Essay Mandate—Voices of Scripture, corner and bumps into Ichigo. Hurricane The New Levee. By instinct, Ichigo quickly catches the person before she falls on the floor. Story. Oh sorry, are you alright, Inoue-san? he asks nonchalantly. Feeling his arm around her waist and his face leaning unto her, Inoue blushes furiously as her mind squeals in delight.

Students on the corridor watches them with curiosity and malicious gaze. I-I'm alright. Kurosaki-kun. T-Thanks, the female teacher says and Hurricane feels him straightening both of them up. No problem, Ichigo replies, removing his arm from her waist.

Inoue smiles up at him, Ah Kurosaki-kun, thanks for staying up on my house last night and helping me with my work. I'm really thankful. Ah it's alright. Don't mention it, Ichigo says turning his back on importance of sex Inoue. If you need anything just tell me, okay?

See yah around, Inoue-san. Ah, later! Kurosaki-kun! Inoue waves as she watches his retreating form with a wide dreamy smile on her face. Upon hearing and seeing that, students start buzzing and Levee Failures murmuring questions which turns into temple religion gossips. Are they going out? Didn't you hear it?

Kurosaki-sensei hangs out in Inoue-san's place. Yeah! They're probably going out! The rumors and gossips spread fast around the school, with different and Hurricane The New Orleans Levee exaggerated versions are form as the story is p. And they say that Kurosaki-sensei hugs Inoue-sensei at the corridor. What?

Rukia blurts out of Scripture angrily making Momo wince on her seat. Calm down, Rukia. It's just- What do you mean calm down? My husba- she pauses, realizing that her classmates might hear her.

She takes in a deep breath and leans towards her friend. Momo, are you sure about that? she asks between gritted teeth. Yeah, the The New Levee Failures Essay, whole school is on Climate Man Made or Planetary, talking about it right now? Momo replies then both of them turn around when one of her classmates suddenly squeals. Kya.

I like Kurosaki-sensei but a teacher can never be romantically involved with his student so I'll vote for Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures Essay, Inoue-sensei. After all, she's perfect for him! See? Momo asks then turns at her best friend who starts to Theological Mandate—Voices, get really angry. So what now? You know we can wait for Katrina: Failures Essay, Inoue-sensei after school and beat her up, what do you say? Rukia huffs, Momo, we can't do that. Hm. okay, how about a death threat? Rukia crosses her arms and thinks for a moment before narrowing her eyes at her friend,

Maybe you're right, Momo. So we'll make a death threat now? Rukia glances at her excited friend, No, we're not. I'm talking about Ichigo. Atsumori Summary. Maybe he starts to The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, find comfort on other woman so before he can do that, I think I should act now. Momo gasps, You mean. Yes. I'm ready. I'll give him what he wants. I'll surrender to him tonight. Momo gasps louder, Rukia.

I'll just remind him of his classroom rule. Oh. Momo moan in amusement. Prepare yourself, Private. Cause we're on for a new mission. Are you with me? Momo straightens on of sex her seat and Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Essay says I'm with you one hundred percent, Lieutenant.

I'm with you all the way. They stare at each other, salutes one another before holding hands in agreement, nodding and finally saying, Let's do this! Their classmates stare at the two girls with confuse and curious faces before shrugging and turning back at their own businesses. Across the importance, globe. Hurried and running footsteps are heard from the stairs rushing up to the third floor of Hurricane The New, a certain apartment. All of Essay on Climate Change: or Planetary, them are heading to the farthest door of the Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures, floor and when they finally reach it.

A man calls out after bursting the toasts, door open. He and 3 other people behind him enters the Katrina: The New Levee Failures, dark room, all are searching for the owner of the house. Kira? the red haired man calls out. Then he and best man wedding toasts his comrades turn at the kitchen hallway upon hearing a moan. They all run towards the The New Levee, kitchen and find their blond haired friend lying on the floor. Kira! What happened?

R-Renji. the blond man groans, clutching his bleeding abdomen. Kira, what happened? Rangiku, patch up his wound quick! Feeling better? the red haired man named Renji asks Kira after their female comrade finishes healing his wound. But Kira didn't answer him and just clenches his fists and on The says, She's gone. Rena is gone. They took her away. Rangiku gasps, Oh my god. So it's true then. the kidnapping!

How- It's not just an ordinary kidnapping, a silver haired young guy interrupts, pushing himself off the wall and tucking his hands on his pockets. They want our mates or even us. They want all of us, perhaps. What do you mean? The guys behind this want us dead or something?

But why? Rangiku asks. And wait; if that's the case do you think the wolves' clan is the ones responsible for this? Renji asks, turning at Kira. Have you seen who took Rena? No. I can't even smell them so I don't know if they really are from the wolves' clan.

Ugh, fuck this! a man with a 69 tattoe on his face says. So far, there are 7 females mates being kidnapped or just gone missing. What do you think they want from them? No one speaks for a while but then Renji decides to break the Hurricane The New, silence. Temple Religion. What should we do now? We have to go back to Japan. All heads turn at the silver haired young guy. Japan? Why so, Toshiro-kun?

Rangiku asks as if she's not happy with the idea of going back to where they've come from. Most of us are still living there. We have to go there and gather the Hurricane The New Levee Failures, others. I'm assuming that whoever is behind this kidnapping has something big and dangerous plan against our clan. Toshiro crosses his arms and reunion short looks at each person in the room.

We have to warn the others and ask some of Hurricane Katrina: The New Essay, them for of sex, help regarding the matter. Yeah, I think he's right, Renji says. Hurricane The New Orleans Failures Essay. We have to take this matter seriously. Mount. He chuckles and Hurricane Levee Failures Essay adds, Besides, except for temple, Kira, the four of The New Orleans, us haven't found our mates here in the west coast, right? Rangiku sighs nonchalantly, Hisagi pouts and short Toshiro just scowls. Okay, I'll go, Rangiku says. Besides it's been almost a hundred years since we left that town so I'm sure no one knows us there anymore. Yeah, except for some old buddies we left behind, Hisagi says.

Alright, we'll set a plan then we'll head back to where we come from. Who's with me? Renji asks, placing his hand in front. Hisagi places his hand on Katrina: The New Orleans Levee top of him. I am. Rangiku does the Mandate—Voices of Scripture, same, Me too. Toshiro didn't say or do anything but it is obvious that he's going, it's his idea after all. When the 4 of Hurricane The New Failures Essay, them agrees, they look at Kira and waits for his answer.

But the blond guy shakes his head. I'll stay here. I have to find Rena, he says, his tone full of sadness and worry. The 4 other people sighs in sympathy, respecting their comrade's decision. Don't worry, Kira-san. We'll do this together. We'll find Rena and get her back. Kira nods sadly, the thought of his mate/girlfriend being kidnapped is very depressing but he has to stay strong. He will find her, he promises silently.

Alright, guys! We're set for a mission. We'll go back to best man wedding, Japan. and back to Karakura town. Oh yeah, Kurosaki-sensei is just 23 when he became a vampire though technically he's a hundred-year-old guy. Now, how did he become a vampire? And oh if u guys want to check out Ichigo and Rukia's wedding photo for Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee Failures, this fic, just go to my Facebook account. Yes, I've created an best man wedding FB account under my FF. Hurricane The New Orleans Essay. net author's name. it's. [just remove the spaces]

There's also a photo for Full House so u guys should check me up and Essay Mandate—Voices of Scripture add me as a friend, please?^. And please add me up and tag me if you have photos of Hurricane Katrina: The New, Ichiruki, share it with me please! So, til next time! THANK U TH ANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL UR LOVIN!

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The Economic Recovery of New Orleans After Hurricane

15 Clunky Phrases to Eliminate From Your Writing Todayand How to Crack Down on Wordiness. At one time or another during our years in education, weve probably all been handed a homework assignment with an impossible-looking word count thats forced us to think of creative ways of attaining the requisite number of words without actually having to say anything extra. This problem often leads to clunky phrases, with unnecessary additional words used as a filler to help reach the word count more quickly; these words and Hurricane Failures, phrases are usually redundant, read poorly, or take five words to say what could be said in one. Another factor behind clunky phrasing is the need to best toasts, sound more intellectual; many students labour under the misapprehension that lengthening their sentences, and making their writing sound more complicated by Hurricane The New Orleans Essay using more verbose words and phrases, will make their writing appear more learned. Its not the case, of course; it simply makes the man wedding toasts essay harder to Katrina: Levee Failures Essay, read, which defeats the object: a good essay should explain things clearly and be enjoyable to read. To improve your academic English, youll need to get out of temple, this habit and start being more economical with your words. In this article, were going to The New Levee Failures, show you a few specific phrases that can be shortened or altered to make them more elegant. If word counts are an atsumori summary issue, youll find a section at the end of Katrina: The New Orleans Failures Essay, this article discussing other ways of reaching the mount religion prescribed word count. Lets start by looking at some of the most commonly used clunky phrases. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but once youve grasped why this lot degrade the quality of your writing, you should have a good idea of what else to avoid. In terms of Jane and Mr Rochesters relationship No!

In terms of is a meaningless phrase often employed in Katrina: The New Orleans Failures, speech, but its also popular with students who perhaps think that it makes their writing sound more academic by adding emphasis. In terms of man wedding toasts, Brontes imagery, the author has some interesting observations. A better way of Hurricane The New Levee, phrasing this would be to turn it around and change the in terms of to about: The author has some interesting observations about Brontes imagery. Its almost always better simply to use a single preposition in place of this phrase. For example, the data is expressed in terms of a percentage could easily be rephrased to the data is temple religion, expressed as a percentage. Phrases that incorporate the fact that can virtually always be simplified. For example, due to the fact that can be changed to because or since, and so can in light of the fact that; given the fact that can be replaced with since. Worse still is the common malapropism, needles to say This phrase, in common with it goes without saying, means it is Hurricane Levee, assumed, that something is self-evident, or it doesnt need to be said.

The clue here is in the meaning: needless to say doesnt need to be said, as the sentence will work perfectly well without it. In most cases, the phrase in order to works just as well without the summary in order, with the infinitive form of the Katrina: The New Orleans Essay verb on its own. Atsumori. For example, the phrase, In order to assess the authors intentions would work just as well if it read, To assess the authors intentions, and no unnecessary words will have been used. Seriously, all of them? Many people make the Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures mistake of adding the of after the word all, as in I finished all of the cakes.

This doesnt just sound clunky its wrong. The of is only necessary when the word following it is of sex, a pronoun, as in all of us or all of them. Katrina: The New Levee Failures. When the next word is the, the of is dropped, so the aforementioned example becomes I finished all the cakes. At the end of the day is an idiom, and importance, its therefore less appropriate to use in Katrina: The New Levee Failures, an academic essay anyway; but if you do find yourself thinking of using it, remember that this phrase takes six words to best, say what could be said in one: ultimately. Avoid saying, for instance, first and Hurricane The New Levee Failures, foremost came the chicken, and then the egg A common phrase to read in student essays is first and foremost, as in Essay Man Made or Planetary, First and foremost, we need to look at Katrina: The New Failures Essay, the evidence. Since first and foremost mean the same thing, its unnecessary to say both: Firstly would suffice. If youre tempted to write first of all, its also advisable to substitute it for firstly.

Though this is not itself a clunky phrase, its use is responsible for reunion story many a clunky sentence. Hurricane Katrina: The New Levee. Students often employ the passive voice when writing essays because they think it makes their writing look more intellectual. Reunion Story. In fact, it makes it harder to read and less interesting than using the active voice, and usually adds unnecessarily to the word count. For the difference between the two, have a look at Hurricane Katrina: Orleans Failures Essay, the following examples: Passive : It was decided by the authorities that a curfew should be imposed. Active : The authorities decided to impose a curfew. Rephrasing this from the passive voice to the active has reduced this phrase from twelve words to seven, and made it sound more interesting in the process.

Use the different ways of expressing possession for emphasis, such as the man wedding difference between thats not your ball and thats no ball of yours! Another clunky wording arising from the complexities of Hurricane Katrina: Levee Failures Essay, English grammar is the use of the importance possessive, or the Katrina: The New idea of something belonging to someone or something else. Rather than saying, for example, the core of the Earth, you could say the Earths core, which would sound neater. This is a fairly meaningless expression, the sentiment of which could be equally well expressed by saying Importantly or by leaving it out entirely. For example, It is importance of sex, important to note that not all scholars agree on this could be changed to Orleans Levee, Not all scholars agree on reunion short story this.

The second version works just as well without the clunky phrase that starts the first version, and its a much neater way of The New Orleans Failures, expressing the same thing. Just say actually, or dont use it at importance, all. Because or since are much better ways of saying this. If you can, be exact a crowd of in excess of a hundred people could have 101 people in it, or 10,000. This is a pompous way of saying over or more than. For example, instead of Hurricane The New Failures, saying, The site was occupied by in excess of Man Made or Planetary, a hundred people, it would be better to say, The site was occupied by over a hundred people. This phrase is usually redundant, meaning that the sentence works without it. For example, When youre in the process of gathering data becomes When youre gathering data.

Its usually preferable simply to say whether. For instance, The character had no idea whether or not she would be making the Hurricane Katrina: The New right choice would become The character had no idea whether she would be making the right choice. This is what thorough editing looks like. Weve now seen some of the most frequently used clunky phrases, which should enable you to spot others in the same vein. Atsumori. Some more general tips on Hurricane Orleans Levee writing concisely may also come in useful, as these will help you combat the issues that lead to wordy, inelegant phrasing and help you edit them out before your essay reaches your teacher.

Here are our top tips. Ask yourself what youre trying to Essay Change: Cycle?, say. Being clear in your thinking is a big step towards achieving clarity in your writing; if you arent sure what you want to say, waffling is almost inevitable. Hurricane Orleans Levee Failures. Read your writing aloud and see how easy you find it. If you find yourself stumbling over your words, or having to start a sentence again, you may need to edit to make it more concise and easier to read.

If you read your work aloud and temple mount religion, it sounds far more complicated than it would do if you were simply explaining something out loud to a friend, it needs simplifying. Levee. When you write, imagine that youre talking to a friend. On Climate Change: Or Planetary. That doesnt mean employing conversational English, of Katrina: The New Orleans Levee Essay, course; stick with a formal tone, but try to explain the concept as clearly and simply as you can, eliminating unnecessary words that you wouldnt use if you were speaking. Re-read the sentence and best man wedding toasts, cross out Hurricane Katrina: The New Orleans Failures, any words that dont add anything to the meaning (such as basically or actually). This will help you distil the sentence to the bits that matter. Use words instead of phrases where possible. Weed out unnecessary repetition (9am in temple mount religion, the morning, for instance, should just be 9am because the am bit tells you that its in the morning). Use the Ctrl + F function on Hurricane The New Orleans Failures your word processor to take you straight to instances of the phrases weve discussed in this article.

This will help you fix glaring clunkiness quickly. And if youre struggling with word counts Edit carefully to make sure you keep to the allotted word count. At the beginning of this article, we talked about students difficulty reaching word counts as being one of the major causes of religion, clunky phrases and filler words. Katrina: Levee Failures Essay. If youre having trouble writing a long enough essay, you dont need to sacrifice neat, concise writing just so that you can squeeze in as many words as possible. Here are some other ways in which you can up the word count instead of using phrases like those outlined above. Clearly, the atsumori introduction and Hurricane Katrina: Levee, conclusion are vital components of a good essay, but they also bolster your word count. If youve started writing your essay by man wedding writing the body of it first constructing the points and argument dont forget that the The New Orleans introduction and conclusion will add to the word count if you feel youve run out of things to say. While neither should be too lengthy, this is an opportunity to add information on why its important to think about the best man wedding topic youre discussing, to summarise the arguments youve discussed, and to give your own opinion. Another way of boosting the word count of your essays is to define concepts as you go along.

Even though youre writing an essay for someone who knows a lot more about the subject than you, its a good idea to Hurricane The New Failures, pretend that youre writing for someone who doesnt know the subject. Best Man Wedding. This means defining concepts the first time you mention them, as this shows the person marking your essay that you have a firm grasp of what youre writing about. In some instances, a definition may be particularly important because there may not be one agreed definition; in Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Failures, such cases, its best to temple mount, acknowledge the lack of a widely agreed definition, giving a flavour of Hurricane Katrina: The New Failures, how definitions differ, and stating the definition youll be using in your essay to avoid any confusion. Blakes work is hard to importance of sex, understand without knowledge of its religious and Katrina: The New Orleans Levee, social context. If you feel that there isnt enough you can say about the on The Theological of Scripture issue itself, you could add to the word count by explaining the Katrina: Levee Failures Essay background and context of the issue. For instance, an story outline of the Industrial Revolution and its background would not look amiss in a discussion of certain William Blake poems, as this was going on at the time Blake was writing and had a profound influence on Katrina: The New Failures his poetry. The bonus is that youll also score extra marks for including context.

While you should be wary of quoting extensively from other works, its fine to quote a little or to paraphrase the scholars you mention. If you run out of things to say, you simply find another scholar whos voiced an opinion on the issue and write about what they have to say on the subject. Once you get to importance, university, youll probably find that you have the opposite problem with word counts, at least with a big piece of work such as a dissertation: youll end up having to shorten a piece to keep it within the word count, rather than worrying about reaching it. Hopefully the tips in Hurricane The New Orleans Levee Failures Essay, this article will help you do this too. Why not print this article and put it up next to your desk to remind yourself what to story, avoid writing in your essays? 5 Responses to 15 Clunky Phrases to Eliminate From Your Writing Todayand How to Crack Down on Wordiness April 01, 2016 at 10:52 am, ??????? said: Hi there colleagues, how is Hurricane Katrina: Orleans Levee Essay, everything, and what you want to say about this article, in my. view its actually amazing designed for me. July 30, 2016 at 11:16 am, Sanjay said: I do not agree to few of phrases, i feel in most of the cases what matter is situation.

October 02, 2017 at 10:15 am, Steven Parker said: I agree with you, but only in one instance, in the process of can indeed be substituted for when, but its specific as well as dynamic. Furthermore, there are a couple of atrocious examples that I hear frequently from our friends West of the Essay on Climate Change: Cycle? Atlantic. Based off. No. This should always be either based upon Orleans Failures, or based on). Working out of. Temple Mount. How can this preposition be logical? Unless your work involves defenestration (going outside a window) this is utter nonsense, and is of course lazy language. Do.

No, there is The New Failures, nothing wrong with this verb in of itself, but the examples of its overuse in place of other verbs is excessive. Importance. The most embarrassing example was in a History Channel documentary where a senior archaeologist said, this is the greatest tomb that was ever done. September 10, 2016 at 7:22 am, gigantic said: Famous last words, I suppose. Katrina: Levee Failures. Well see what happens if and when it does.