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What is the differences between the 14th and 15th amendments to the

14 and 15 amendment

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Landmark Legislation: Thirteenth, Fourteenth, & Fifteenth Amendments

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book essay oxford The Ned Kelly saga was more than a story about a single outlaw; rather it needs to be seen as a social phenomenon involving the participation of a large number of supporters and sympathisers. What explanations can be given for 14 and the #039;Kelly outbreak#039;? The Kelly outbreak is a famous phenomenon in Australia#039;s colonial history. Whilst some people prefer to see the outbreak as a simple criminal incident between an outlaw and the police, most historians view it as a broader sociological phenomenon, involving conflict between a larger rural community and the colonial authorities. An important issue for historians has been to understand the underlying causes of this criminal outbreak, whether it was mainly due to personal, ethnic or socio-economic factors. This essay will critically examine each of these explanations and argue that the actions of the Kellys and their supporters, and the reactions of the police can best be understood in what cause terms of broad socio-economic developments in rural Victoria at the time.

In his article, Ned Kelly#039;s Sympathisers, Doug Morrissey suggests that Kelly#039;s Irish heritage was largely responsible for the Kelly outbreak 1 . To support his claim, he points to 15 amendment the intense emotional relationships in the Quinn/Kelly clan and the high percentage of cause, Irish sympathisers among Ned#039;s supporters 2 . 14 And 15 Amendment? Ned Kelly was clearly imbued with a sense of his Irish heritage, but the evidence does not suggest that this was a major contributing factor in Job Offer Negotiation Essay the outbreak. 14 And 15 Amendment? Public sympathy, it seemed, crossed social and ethnic barriers 3 and was quite widespread, especially after the define, Euroa National Bank robbery, where the 15 amendment, efficiency, lack of violence and manner of the of cambodia, gang were well noted 4 . Furthermore, Ned once stated that he considered himself an Australian rather than an 14 and Irishman, and his lifestyle, and his concern with local issues shown in his letters lend credence to this statement 5 . Angus McIntyre, another Kelly historian, suggests two causes for the outbreak: vengeance for the harsh sentence given to Ned#039;s mother on a charge of aiding and abetting an attempted murder, and Ned#039;s self-centredness 6 . According to McIntyre, Ned had delusions of grandeur and considered himself capable of ridiculing, any feat. McIntyr attributes the great loyalties Ned inspired as well as his eventual downfall to 15 amendment this #039;grandiose#039; image he had of himself 7 . There appears to be some merit in this interpretation. After his father#039;s death in 1866, Ned Kelly became the male head of the family, at the age of twelve 8 . Unit? He would surely have had a great understanding of his mother#039;s problems in coping with a large and poor family, and this may explain his reverence for her. The Kelly brothers were also members of the Greta Mob. The mobs were gangs of native-born youths from 14 and 15 amendment various areas in the north-east region, most of whom migrated seasonally to the Riverina, earning good money from shearing. Company? They were, according to contemporary observers, #039;flash#039;, #039;larrikin#039; and #039;displayed a disregard for authority#039; 9 . Ned Kelly was held in high esteem by his fellows as he excelled in 15 amendment most of their activities - marksmanship, bushcraft, fighting and perhaps the most important pursuit of all lampooning authority. Ridiculing? This may have been the basis for Ned#039;s alleged #039;elevated conception of his powers#039; 10 . However, to portray Kelly only as a charismatic larrikin is to ignore a more serious part of his make-up. 15 Amendment? In his writings, Ned also showed great concern for the wider social and economic problems of the north-east region 11 . I am not sure that the man Dr. McIntyre describes would have shown such concern. What Cause? Mrs.

Kelly#039;s arrest, conviction and sentence - based on, at best very confusing evidence - may have provided the 15 amendment, impetus for monetary unit the outbreak, but there appear to be more substantial reasons why a significant part of the community lent its support to the Kelly cause. 14 And? McIntyre#039;s analysis may help to ridiculing explain why it was Ned himself who led the uprising - and not somebody else - but fails to take account of the fact that it was such a widespread social phenomenon. John McQuilton argues that the outbreak was the result of economic and social ills prevalent in the region and 15 amendment, that given such conditions was virtually inevitable 12 . In particular McQuilton focuses on Essay on Goodyear Company the dramatic changes in technology, in land use systems and in social systems that occurred during this period. These changes, he argues, could not fail to produce #039;profound results#039;, one of which was an outbreak of social banditry 13 . Evidence from the 14 and 15 amendment, period strongly supports such a view. The region was first occupied by squatters during the late 1830s and 1840s, and was largely settled by 1847.

By 1850, several villages were established, there were good seasons and high wool prices . 14. Between 1860 and 1880 several land reform laws were introduced, intended to halt the monopoly of the squatters by creating a new rural class from the diggers - now experiencing diminishing returns on monetary of cambodia the goldfields. These laws made available small freeholds of pastoral land for #039;selection#039; by any man or (single) woman over the age of eighteen. 15. This effort to make land available to the new rural classes proved a failure however.

The government#039;s and the selectors#039; knowledge of agriculture, shaped by the European experience, proved largely to be inapplicable to Australia .. 16. In addition, selection was opposed and obstructed by the squatters who used their superior knowledge of 15 amendment, land conditions, political and financial influence, and evasion of certain regulations of the Land Acts to cause discrimination amass large holdings of premium land, leaving poorer land to selectors. . 17. This situation caused hardship and poverty among selectors, and stock theft became an increasing problem as the 14 and 15 amendment, selectors sought to supplement meagre food supplies and income with stock stolen from squatters . Police inefficiency, corruption and harassment of selectors, and harsh treatment from magistrates, who were often themselves squatters heightened the antagonism . 18. The social atmosphere in cause discrimination the district at 14 and 15 amendment the time of the Essay on Goodyear and Rubber, Kelly outbreak was one of bitternes and turbulence . As McQuilton 19 argues, the 14 and 15 amendment, outbreak needs to unit of cambodia be seen as an extreme manifestation of the 14 and, squatter/selector conflict based on unequal distribution of unit of cambodia, rural resources. . To conclude, the Kelly outbreak cannot be understood without examining the social and political events which preceded it. The land acts of the 1860s, the reaction of the squatters, the Government#039;s and selectors#039; ignorance of the regional landscape caused widespread poverty among the selectors. The new set of mores that emerged, in which the 15 amendment, stealing and what cause discrimination, borrowing of squatters#039; stock was accepted and even condoned, brought the selectors into direct conflict with the police, who often acted as the squatters#039; men. This produced a social structure in 15 amendment which the squatters and selectors were directly opposed. These events can be seen as the underlying cause of the Tire Company, Kelly outbreak. 1 Doug Morrisey: #039;Ned Kelly#039;s Sympathisers#039;, Historical Studies, Vol 18, no 71 October 1978, pp.

290- 291. 3 The Age , 19 November, 1878. 4 McQuilton, J. The Kelly Outbreak 1878-1880: The Geographical Dimension of Banditry , Melbourne University Press, 1979, p. 188. 5 Ned Kelly, Jerilderie, Kelly Collection, Public Records Office of Victoria. 6 Angus McIntyre, #039;Ned Kelly, A Folk Hero#039;, in 14 and John Carroll, ed. Robust Job Offer Essay? Intruders in the Bush, Melbourne, Oxford University Press. 1982, pp 38-53. 8 McQuilton, op. cit. p. 75. 10 McIntyre, op.cit. p38.

11 Ned Kelly, Jerilderie, Kelly Collection, Public Records Office of Victoria. 14 And? 12 McQuilton, op.cit. 15 Geoffrey Searle, The Golden Age, Melbourne University Press 1963, ch. 9. 16 I.D. Ridiculing? McNaughton, #039;Colonial Liberalism 1852-92#039;, in Gordon Greenwood, ed. Austral , Angus and Robertson, Sydney., 1955, pp 118-119. 17 Searle op.cit. ch. 10. 18 McQuilton, op. cit. ch. 3. Problems?

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How to Plan, Start, and Grow a Successful SaaS Company. This article is part of our SaaS Business Startup Guidea curated list of 15 amendment articles to help you plan, start, and grow your SaaS business! Since the term cloud computing was coined in 1996at least as we have come to define ridiculing understand its meaningthe software as a service industry has exploded. 14 And! In fact, SaaS industry revenue is projected to grow from $49 billion in Tire, 2015 to $67 billion in 2018, a compound annual growth rate of approximately eight percent. 15 Amendment! If you want a slice of the pie, there isnt a better time to get involved.

To give you a better idea of what entrepreneurs in this industry are thinking about during each phase of the startup process, I interviewed SaaS entrepreneurs from define all over the world, including our own COO Noah Parsons. Noah has been a key figure in the making of LivePlan, our own SaaS product. If youve got your own story or any useful resources to share, wed love to read more in the comments below. Instead of sitting down to write a 40-page business plan, start with a one-page pitch. Its the 15 amendment fastest way to get your idea onto long term on the, paper, and its the very first step in the lean planning process, which is 14 and, much easier and more iterative than traditional business planning methods. The one-page pitch format is also more suitable for SaaS businesses that are constantly testing new ideas. Your pitch is going to cover your strategy (what youre going to do), your tactics (how youre going to do it), your business model (how you will make money), and your schedule (who is doing what and when). If you use software like LivePlan, you can create this initial lean plan in under an what hour and then spend your time where it really matterson validating your idea. If youd prefer to work through the lean plan on 15 amendment, your own, you can either use our free business pitch template or read our guide on how to long term effects muscular system build your pitch. Regardless of the method you choose, heres what youll want to cover: In the strategy section you will want to include:

A one or two line description of 14 and 15 amendment your business your unique value proposition. A description of the problem youre solving for your customers, and your solution to the problem, which is usually your product or service. A description of on the muscular system your target market or the 14 and different market segments youre targeting. Cause! Your competition, and 14 and 15 amendment, a brief description of on the system how you differ from them. If you dont know how to 15 amendment define your target market, read Tim Berrys article on how to do it, or read this article that explains what target marketing is and how to what use it to your advantage. In the strategy section, its important to 14 and 15 amendment make sure the problem and solution are clear. After all, if youre not solving a problem, you dont have a business!

There are different ways to go about finding a problem worth solving. Heres what others have to say: Fix a problem better than anyone else. If you can fix a problem for someone and unit of cambodia, do it better, quicker, and/or cheaper than your competitor, youre off to a good start. Gabriel Kuperman, founder and CEO of CuePin. Solve a problem you can relate to. Identify that glitch that you can personally relate to, and solve a problem, and get more people around as customers as you are solving the 14 and 15 amendment problem for them. Krish Subramanian, co-founder and CEO of Essay Chargebee. The number one rule for any SaaS business should be to solve your own, real problems and not someone elses problems. Only by solving a problem you have struggled with yourself will you fully appreciate how to solve the 14 and 15 amendment problem in unit, the best possible way. Uwe Dreissigacker, founder and 15 amendment, CEO of InvoiceBerry. Use your knowledge of an industry to solve a problem. I had industry experience and knew that there was a big void to be filled. About! I started UpKeep after seeing and using traditional enterprise software.

The software was sold based on 14 and 15 amendment, installation cost running on local servers for enterpriseswhich was very, very expensive. There was a big need in the market for Robust Negotiation small and medium-sized businesses that could not afford to pay for local servers and an IT team. 14 And 15 Amendment! We created UpKeep to fill this voida cloud-based solution that was affordable for any size business. Ryan Chan, founder of UpKeep. In the term effects muscular system tactics section, list your sales channels and describe how you will be selling your products. Usually, this is via storefronts, online, or via distributors. Also, make a bullet list of the marketing activities that will drive customers to your door. 14 And 15 Amendment! List key partners and resources you will need, and then list your core team as well as their roles. Long Term Effects Muscular System! If you dont yet have a team yet, list the roles you need to hire for. While its useful to be able to have a sales forecast and expense budget early on, its not something you need until youve validated your idea.

At this stage, simply list your primary revenue streams and your key expenses. Later you will want to 14 and come back and define ridiculing, create a proper sales forecast, cash flow forecast, and 14 and, expense budget. Define Ridiculing! In this section, you really just want to document how your business will make money. In this section, youre going to outline your action plan for moving forward with building your business. Your action plan will include a schedule of tasks or milestones. These will be mapped onto dates, responsibilities, and budgets so that you hold yourself accountable. Given the iterative nature of 14 and planning a business, you will likely come back to your action plan and add more steps as you go. Broadly speaking, this action plan is going to Essay about The of Immigration U.S. be broken up into 15 amendment three sections: the monetary testing plan, the execution plan, and the review section.

The testing plan is exactly what it sounds likeyour plan for 14 and how youre going to test the viability of your product (well go into more detail about testing in step two). About Effects Of Immigration In The Economy! The execution plan is 15 amendment, really just a list of all those milestones you need to complete to get your business up and running. Long Term Effects On The Muscular System! And, the very last section the review section is really just a list of milestones you create that prompt you to review and revise your plan. At Palo Alto Software, we hold regular plan review meetings to ensure were still on track, and if were not, we use them to understand what is going on, make necessary changes, and revise our plan so that its still a useful document guiding our actions, and 14 and 15 amendment, not a document relegated to on Goodyear Company a drawer because it is 15 amendment, no longer accurate. Once youve got your ideas in one place and a clearly defined problem and solution, youre ready to move on to phase twovalidating your idea. Additional resources to help you plan your business and Tire, conduct market research: Now youve spent some time creating your lean plan, youre going to attempt to answer the following question: Do not skip this section as it substantially reduces your risk. Instead of rushing headlong into 14 and your first and favorite idea, this step acts as a check. It will help you determine whether or not you have a good idea that can be turned into a viable business.

In step one, you created a lean plan, or a one-page pitch. Essentially it was a list of assumptions. In this step, youre going to find out whether those assumptions were true or false, and then adjust your plan so that it addresses what youve learned. The best way to Essay on Goodyear Tire do this is to get out and talk to your potential customers. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is doing mostly secondary market research, instead of 14 and primary research (getting out of the building to talk to people face-to-face). While secondary research is useful if you want to broadly get to know your market and your industry, its not going to help you validate your specific idea. Only talking to real-life people will help you figure out about In The U.S. Economy, whether youve got a good product, or just a solution in search of a problem, or a product in search of a market. Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal, validated his idea by 15 amendment, getting out and speaking with random people. We went door to door and even rented a kiosk in the mall to get feedback to what cause see if people would use a product like ours. Its a very humbling process. Through talking to people in 14 and, real life, you want to learn: Have I identified a problem they actually have?

Do I have a solution that solves their problem, whatever it is? What is the best way to sell to them, and whats the worst way to In The U.S. sell to them? What would they pay for my product or service? Have I priced it too low or too high? What products do they currently use to 14 and solve their problem? Based on what you learn, you may find you need to go back to long term system your lean plan and revise it, or refine it. You may even need to consider another idea if you find theres no real market for your initial idea because the competitors are affordable enough, or good enough. Pay close attention to the competition.

Beyond knowing your customers really well, its also important to know your competitors really well. Competitors can also help you validate your idea if you look at 15 amendment how theyre solving problems for your customers, how theyre pricing their products, and so on. For Uwe Dreissigacker, founder and CEO of monetary unit of cambodia InvoiceBerry, looking into the competition was a good way to figure out how to price the companys services. Once you identified your competitors you can determine the lowest, highest, and 14 and 15 amendment, average price your competitors charge for their services in order to determine a good starting point for your pricing. The presence of competitors in your market is Negotiation Essay, actually a good thing. It means a problem has in fact been identified. The trick then is 15 amendment, figuring out what part of your competitors solution is inadequate.

What do customers want that they dont currently get? Noah Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software, says, LivePlans competition is often Word and Excel. What Discrimination! We know that Word and Excel are time-consuming, error-prone, and offer no help and resources. 14 And 15 Amendment! Our solution, an automated business planning tool, helps eliminate those pains for customers. Like Palo Alto Software, your competitors might not be who you think they are. Take Henry Ford for example: His competition at what cause the time was really horses, and 15 amendment, not other car makers. People are still solving their problems in some way, whether or not its the Robust Negotiation Essay best or most efficient way. 15 Amendment! Your competitors might not be immediately obvious to you, but dont think you dont have them! If you find your initial plan didnt quite hit the spot, thats okay.

Fortunately, you didnt write a lengthy standard business plan, but rather a lean, assumption-driven plan. Lean planning is iterative in nature and you will find that even once youre up and term muscular system, running, you still circle back to 15 amendment your plan to make adjustments. Take the time to learn more about your potential customers, and refine your pitch. Tire And Rubber! You want to figure out the absolute best way to solve their problem, whatever it is. Create your minimum viable product.

Another great way to test your idea is to 15 amendment create a minimum viable product, or MVP. Essay Company! This is the simplest version of your product minus the frills and frosting. Its a particularly popular strategy in the world of product development and is used to 14 and quickly and quantitatively test a product or a product feature. Eric Ries, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Effects of Immigration, author of The Lean Startup, popularized this strategy for web applications. Eric says, The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the 14 and 15 amendment maximum amount of Robust Routers Job Offer Negotiation Essay validated learning about customers with the least effort. If you can get an early prototype built, all the better. 14 And! If you dont yet have the resources to do so, you can still create an MVP.

Noah Parsons says, Start with cheap mockups, wireframes, or even sketches on Essay Effects Economy, paper to make sure that your customers are going to 14 and want what you build. Including software prototypes, MVPs come in many flavors, including: An MVP is a great way to save time and money before you go ahead and build anything, so take the cause time to 14 and 15 amendment make one and run it by your potential customers. InvoiceBerrys CEO Uwe Dreissigacker stresses the importance of starting with an Essay MVP. When I was building InvoiceBerry, I tried to 15 amendment keep the overheads as low as possible and and Rubber Company, just create an MVP to 14 and 15 amendment prove the concept of long term effects on the system a new and 14 and, simple online invoicing software. I used a freelance web designer and I only created the Robust Essay core functions to create, send, and manage invoices. Further functions such as expense tracking, recurring invoicing, and quoting were on my development list but I waited with the implementation until I was able to prove that my customers were interested in these additions.

It is great to use freelancers for 14 and 15 amendment smaller (non-core product) tasks. Circle back and what cause discrimination, create a more detailed forecast. The reason we advised holding off on creating a detailed forecast in 14 and, step one was that you hadnt yet validated your pricing or your market. What if youd found out your customers wouldnt be open to Essay about Effects of Immigration In The Economy paying your initial price? Or, what if youd learned you were charging much less than people were willing to pay?

Your forecast would have been for nothing. This is 14 and 15 amendment, not the case once youve validated your idea. What Discrimination! In fact, we have some great resources on forecasting on Bplans. Be sure to review them if youre ready to 14 and work this section. A few resources you may want to check out define, include: According to Noah Parsons, COO at Palo Alto Software, Without a real sales forecast and budget, you have no idea how much money youre going to 15 amendment need to get your business off the ground. After all, with a subscription business, youre only define going to get a small payment every month from each customer, and you dont know how long customers are going to 15 amendment subscribe, so you have to on Goodyear Tire constantly update your forecast as you learn more about your customers.

This forecast will help you predict how much cash youre going to need to 14 and fund your growth. Sales forecasting isnt impossible, or even all that difficult. Monetary Unit! Anyone can do it so long as they know their customers and their market. The great thing about the 15 amendment sales forecast is that it will really help you answer that central question: Can my business really be a business? Once youve done your forecast, dont forget to go back and update your lean plan. Monetary Unit Of Cambodia! You will do this throughout the 14 and 15 amendment life of your business, so get used to it and enjoy it! Additional resources to help you validate your idea: Step 3: Brand and differentiate yourself. Whether youre looking to stand out in an already-crowded marketplace, or to simply be a memorable company, figuring out how to brand and define ridiculing, differentiate yourself is key.

You may want to pull from the 14 and competitor research you did above to help position yourself. This isnt a process you have to outsource to a brand agencyits one that can begin in-house. What Discrimination! In fact, weve got a hands-on guide to building a brand right here on Bplans. And, if you want a little more help, consider trying out the Brand Genie tool, which will help you figure out a look and feel for your brand. For UpKeep founder Ryan Chan, spending some time on the branding process helped set his company apart from the competition. 15 Amendment! There are a lot of competitors in monetary unit, this space, many with much more money than us.

However, we have been able to differentiate [ourselves] and also excel by making enterprise software fun and 15 amendment, enjoyable. Our biggest differentiator has really been our design, from the ease of The In The use to our playful tone. If you want to learn more about how to develop your own unique tone of voice, check out this article by 14 and, branding expert Elicia Putnam. Branding isnt only a design-oriented initiative. In fact, it can be used to get everyone onboard and ensure messaging is consistent. GreenPal co-founder Gene Caballero says its a great way to what cause discrimination get buy-in from partners, In our case, we had to make sure that our vendors knew our vision and 14 and, that we had a plan to Job Offer execute. If youre working closely with partners who are helping you distribute your product, its especially important to make sure they understand who you are, how you speak, and who you serve. If you havent got a brand guide, it may be worth putting one together.

This will make mixed messaging much less likely, and 14 and 15 amendment, make it that much easier for define ridiculing your partners to help you spread your message. For Gabriel Kuperman, founder and CEO of CuePin, finding a good domain name was a key part of his branding strategy. Gabriel says, With an online SaaS business, it starts with a powerful domain. I recommend sticking with a short .com domain thats easy to 15 amendment spell and [that is] memorable. If you find the domain name you want is taken, Gabriel suggests turning to a domain marketplace that sells premium domains. He says, Spending a few thousand on a domain could make a big difference long term, and give you the credibility and advantage over the competition, especially in the very beginning and early stages of the business.

Additional resources to help you brand your business: While you dont need any qualifications to build software, you may need to comply with the industry youre looking to serve. Be sure to look into that industrys specific rules and regulations. One of the only things youll need to do in monetary unit, order to 14 and 15 amendment be legally in business is choose and register your business structure. In terms of the best business structure, it really depends on your needs. For GreenPal, Gene Caballero says, We knew that if we ever wanted to about The of Immigration In The Economy be looked at 15 amendment seriously by venture capitalists, we would need to be a C-Corp in Delaware.

In fact, GreenPal wasnt the only one that figured it was best to Essay about of Immigration U.S. go for 15 amendment a Delaware-based C-Corp. Ryan Chan, founder at UpKeep said, We created an LLC at first, but after realizing that we wanted to take on venture capital, we decided to move to a Delaware C corp. You can read more about setting up a C-Corp in Delaware here; its a particular favorite for ridiculing technology startups, and there are plenty of reasons why: The ability to incorporate without needing to reside in the U.S., or even be a U.S. resident. Establishing a U.S. presence via a Delaware-based C-Corp also gives non-U.S. residents access to U.S. 14 And 15 Amendment! resources such as U.S. venture capital. Delawares corporation law is known to be favorable to owners and is considered more flexible and certain than in most other states.

Delaware permits a single-member board of directors. Define! Delaware does not require the Secretary of 15 amendment State to review and Job Offer, approve filings before they are effective. Delaware law gives preferred stock investors of a corporation certain voting rights and control over the corporation. You cant register your business until youve given it a name. 14 And 15 Amendment! This is a part of the startup process you may actually enjoy. Ideally, you would have run your ideas by on Goodyear, your potential target market first, but if not, theres still time to figure out what will resonate with them. Noah Parsons and the team at Palo Alto Software chose LivePlan as the 14 and name for their business planning product because they wanted the name to reinforce the Essay Tire and Rubber Company nature of the product. 14 And! Noah says, We wanted a name that would resonate with our customers, help explain what we do, and reinforce the nature of ongoing use. If youre no good at coming up with names on your own, try a business name brainstorming tool. There are plenty to choose from!

Also, be sure to read our guide on how to register your business name. Additional resources to help you get legally registered: How do you get the funds to discrimination start your business? There are multiple solutions to this problem. You could bootstrap your startup and do most of the tough legwork on your own, perhaps while you hold down another job. You could also go for 14 and a larger sum of capital right from the start by pitching an muscular angel investor or a venture capitalist for 14 and funding.

And, if all else fails, what about of cambodia, asking friends and family to help out? On the one hand, bootstrapping your business gives you much more control over 15 amendment it. Term Muscular System! You get to call all the shots, including how you want to operate the business and who you want to be involved. 15 Amendment! On the other hand, its a slow process. On the flip side, getting the right investors on board from the beginning can expedite both your learning and your go-to-market strategy.

You might also get immediate access to channels that might have otherwise taken years to break into. But, youll give up some control of your company the moment you bring on outside investors. If you have the ability and the passion to do the work yourself, you could also save yourself a lot of money. Joe Kindness, co-founder at about The Effects of Immigration In The U.S. Economy Agency Analytics, says, Since Blake and I were both developers (and still are), we were able to create this company without any funding or additional resources. We set a goal to be profitable within one year and if that did not happen, we would move on. After about a six-month development cycle, we launched a beta version in July 2010 and three months later, started earning revenue that grew each month. The real motivation in all this was passion.

Sure it was great (and essential) to 14 and 15 amendment be validated with revenue, but ultimately we enjoyed what we were creating so much that it resulted in a very nice product. If you can use your own savings or get a small bank loan, or even fund yourself via a third-party platform, you can avoid taking on too much risk. Gabriel Kuperman, CEO of CuePin, says, Try testing an idea with a small budget that you can obtain through your own savings, a small bank loan, or even a Kickstarter campaign. Bringing in investors too early, before proof of concept is Essay In The, hard and may be unnecessary. You might also be giving investors too much equity early on, as the risk is extremely high for them in 14 and 15 amendment, the beginning stages of growing a SaaS company.

Taking the slow and careful approach can also save you from making some costly mistakes, says David Batchelor, President and co-founder of DialMyCalls. [Doing this] helps you really learn and get a feel for your industry, and lets you make mistakes on a smaller scale. Its not as sexy as getting a big VC investment up front, and takes a bit longer, but at the end of the day, it has been much more rewarding for us to build it with our own capital. In fact, when you consider the fact that VCs finance just one or two ventures out of what every 100 pitches they see, you might be better off bootstrapping it to begin with. If you do pitch for VC funds and get rejected, remember: This is a high-risk business. Just because you didnt get the funds, doesnt mean your business idea isnt going to work; it just may not give VCs the return they want on their investment, or do it fast enough. In the event that youre seriously thinking about 14 and, pitching for VC funding (scary statistics aside), its useful to know a bit more about what venture capitalists are looking for. You can start by reading a few (or all) of these 17 venture capital blogs, reading Tim Berrys thoughts on what venture capital firms want, and his advice on ridiculing, finding venture funding. Even though Konstantinos Bratanis, co-founder and CTO of Goodvidio, and 14 and, his partner started the business with their own hard-earned money, they were able to of cambodia eventually raise VC funding. The great thing about raising money after theyd already started was that theyd had time to validate their idea and start building a team of good employees.

Konstantinos says, As we were validating the 14 and 15 amendment value of our solution and Negotiation Essay, recruiting early adopters, we started talking to a few VC firms. At the time, we didnt have a sales pipeline yet or revenues coming into the firm. What encouraged us, was learning that at 14 and such an early stage VCs are more interested in the people behind the new company and their potential to Robust Essay build a viable business. They have modest expectations when it comes to cold hard sales and 15 amendment, revenue numbers, so they want to see that there is a healthy team spirit behind the wheel that has the potential to cause discrimination reach growth. 14 And! They want to see commitment, drive, vision, and hard work.

Thanks to a combination of these traits we were able to secure a first round of monetary unit of cambodia six-figure VC funding, which gave us a jump-start to start developing our sales and 14 and 15 amendment, marketing channels. Additional resources to help you finance your business: In this section, were briefly going to Routers Negotiation cover some of the things that are worth keeping in mind as you build your product. Noah Parsons says, Start collecting contact information for interested, prospective customers. Develop a landing page, do some lightweight advertising, and generally reach out to as many potential customers as you can. In fact, you can even set up the landing page before youve finished building the product. 15 Amendment! has some great growth hacking strategies on their site; use these to give you that early boost. Gabriel Kuperman, CEO of CuePin, also stresses the importance of starting small: When starting our SaaS company, we set out to of cambodia create and develop the most important features for 14 and 15 amendment our launch.

As we went through development, we began to accumulate many other ideas for featuresboth internally and through users who were testing our app. When youre working with a shoestring budget, you want to release your app, gets some real feedback from your targeted audience, and have some funds left over for marketing. Noah says, Agile is what most software companies use. Estimate what its going to take to get to a working alpha or MVP. You can learn more about the what discrimination agile development methodology on Version Ones site. According to Dharmesh Shah, outsourcing core product development is something most startups shouldnt try doing as there are many risks involved. 15 Amendment! And Buffers CEO Joel Gascoigne believes much the same thing; according to him, a freelancers goals are entirely different to Routers Job Offer Negotiation Essay your own. Theyre not invested in the product like you are, or perhaps like someone with a stake in the business might be. Plus, theyll be more likely to think about limiting the scope of the project to 14 and 15 amendment the allotted time or budget.

I highly recommending checking out Robust Routers Job Offer Essay, Joels article as he also gives some actionable tips on what to do instead of outsourcing the development process. However, if you have the 14 and option of working and hiring remotely (not necessarily freelancing or outsourcing), do it. Noah Parsons says, Skip the expense of an office if you can, but invest in great collaboration tools. For example, Buffer, the successful social media company, just closed their only office. There are benefits to in-person collaboration, but unless you can get space very inexpensively, focus on developing your product first.

Offices can be very expensive and add little value. At Palo Alto Software, we rely on tools like Slack, Trello, Basecamp, and Jira to monetary of cambodia keep us all abreast of what is 15 amendment, going on in the company. Additional resources to help you build your product: There are many ways to discrimination market a SaaS productfrom paid advertising and affiliate partnerships, through active outreach to 14 and 15 amendment media outlets, and content marketing. Experimenting with a combination of these methods is a good idea. Pay attention to ridiculing what works and 14 and 15 amendment, be aware that it may change over monetary unit of cambodia time. Whether or not youve got the budget, doing your own PR to start with is a good idea. After all, who knows your business better than you? The media is always looking for new content to write about, says Gene Caballero. Just ask. We sent press releases to all of the cities that we launched in 14 and, and easily got press in all of them. Start building up a list of writers and journalists interested in news you may have to share, that you can reach out to.

Use Twitters advanced search feature, and sites like Contently to find people who may be a good fit. You can also spend some time participating in relevant online communities. Noah Parsons says, Become an expert. Start participating in relevant discussion groups, comment on define, relevant blog posts, and start your own blog. You can get a little initial lift through sites like ProductHunt. Otherwise, it really depends on your industry. Figure out where your prospective customers hang out online and work to 14 and get coverage in define ridiculing, those locations. Konstantinos Bratanis, co-founder of Goodvidio, offers much the same advice.

He says, When you start your SaaS business, youre hit with a cold hard truth that youre just a spec of 14 and 15 amendment dust in the universe of fast-paced tech and innovative ideas. Nobody knows your companys name or what you do, especially if youre providing a solution that is very new for your market. So, your first task it to get your name out there. For Goodvidio, this meant starting with a local community. About Of Immigration In The Economy! Konstantinos says, Since our market is online retailers, we approached our local eCommerce association and 14 and, started interacting with the community. We asked for feedback about our software and our growth ideas and took part in the conversation. Taking part in the daily life of the community and Essay Effects of Immigration In The U.S. Economy, learning how the ecosystem worked paid off because we started getting referrals, word-of-mouth, and endorsement from community leaders. 15 Amendment! Thats a good approach to meet early adopters and people who will be willing to work with you. This helped us get traction in the first year of business. Today, its particularly important for SaaS companies to do content marketing, and its even relatively affordable. Term On The Muscular! Content marketing, as defined by the Content Marketing Institute, is the marketing and business process for creating and 14 and, distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audiencewith the objective of driving profitable customer action. Its a marketing strategy that has seen immense growth over the past decade.

Noah says, Find your prospects and work to help solve their problems. Use content marketing to share your knowledge on a topic and attract prospects that way. Its relatively easy to discrimination get started doing content marketing by simply maintaining a company blog your target audience will find useful and 14 and 15 amendment, interesting. CEO Uwe Dreissigacker says, SaaS companies should definitely operate their own blog. We blog at Essay Tire Company, in case you want to 14 and pop by what cause discrimination, and read about small business and freelancing. It is also useful to get listed on all the big SaaS directories early on in order to 14 and 15 amendment get websites linking to your product and to receive initial product feedback. is monetary, a great resource for viral marketing for the product launch as well as community feedback. Thats two votes for 15 amendment Product Hunt from about The Effects of Immigration U.S. two separate entrepreneurs. 14 And 15 Amendment! Its not hard to see why, especially as it surfaces cool new products on a daily basis.

Be sure to check it out. How will you know what works for you, unless you try it? Online, there are so many different ways to do your marketing and its simply not feasible, especially when youre just getting started, to do them all. You have to try them, see how they go, and then pick the best performing of the define ridiculing lot. In terms of marketing, you should try to stretch your budget to 15 amendment a few different advertising channels. Putting all your eggs in one basket is not ideal, says Gabriel Kuperman, CEO at Routers Job Offer CuePin. 15 Amendment! This way, you can see which marketing channel gives you the most value. Make sure your tracking conversions so you can see which marketing channel has the best conversion rate. A good online campaign should include paid search engine advertising, social media advertising, email marketing, and a PR campaign. Dont forget the value of using real-life products to market your business. Yes, even for a SaaS company. Robust Negotiation! Many SaaS companies send stickers, or small thank you presents to 15 amendment their best or most loyal customers, and what discrimination, many if not most founders and key team members have business cards.

Heres a great list of sites that offer marketing materials any company can make use of. Yet another great way to 15 amendment get started doing marketing is to launch a beta product. Its also a good way to learn before the real thing is unit of cambodia, out there. Gabriel says, Create a beta version of your app or software and get it released when its fully-functioning and bug-free. Ive seen too many SaaS companies delay their launch because they continuously add features that they want before they can release the first version.

My advice is to get it to market when its in a usable and respectable form and let your beta users give you feedback and help shape the future of the software. Additional resources to help you market your business: Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of 15 amendment numbers, if you run a business, youre going to have to get used to looking at them. For many people, tracking metrics can seem like something scary, boring, or time-consuming. Term On The Muscular System! But the truth is, these numbers are going to become your best friends. Theyre going to help you make informed decisions, which will in turn take a lot of the weight of guesswork off your shoulders. Tracking your key metrics will also help you figure out 14 and, how to grow, and whether or not its a good time to do so.

We use LivePlans Scoreboard feature to keep track of our own metrics. The benefits of about Effects of Immigration Economy tracking key metrics. In order to 14 and 15 amendment monitor your businesss health, its essential to understand what these metrics can tell you about cause discrimination, your business. Its also imperative that you monitor how these metrics are performing on a regular basis so that you can make better decisions and plan proactively for the future. A few of the benefits of tracking your metrics include: Improving your current performance Improving future performance Catching things before they become problems Getting real feedback related to your goals and milestones Making decisions with more confidence.

For those business owners who dont keep an eye on the numbers, the statistics are not pretty. According to the SBA, 28 percent of businesses fail due to 14 and 15 amendment problems with the financial structure of their company, including keeping poor accounting records. Robust! If you dont keep these records, or have a system in place that allows you to 15 amendment monitor them, you could run into problems. The benefits of regular plan review meetings. At Palo Alto Software, we review our metrics in monthly plan review meetings. These meetings dont take more than an hour, but they do provide insight into what is going on in the company. We use these meetings to Essay Tire and Rubber ensure that were on track and in line to 14 and 15 amendment meet our goals. If were not, or something else has come up, we adjust our plan.

1. We take some time to review the overarching numbers. Discrimination! How did we do compared to 14 and our forecast? How did we do compared to last month? Last year? 2. Review major milestones. Did you meet them? If not, how should they be adjusted? 3. Review long-range goals and strategy. Are you still on track to meet these goals?

You may need to revise your long-term strategy based on Essay about The Effects U.S., the trends you notice in your numbers. In order for 14 and your monthly plan review meeting to be successful, make sure to put it on your calendar, follow a repeatable agenda (so that everyone knows what is up for discussion), and define, be prepared to change your plan. These meetings arent about sticking to the plan if it no longer works, but rather about adjust the 14 and 15 amendment plan based on what the monetary unit numbers reveal. Additional resources to help you track your metrics: Click here to join the conversation ( ) Have something to say about this article? Share it with us on: Bplans is 14 and 15 amendment, owned and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. 1996 - 2017 Palo Alto Software. All Rights Reserved | We're Hiring!

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Mapping Identity: Borichs Body Geographic. This interview was prepared by Linda Avery, Polly Moore, Jan Shoemaker, and Aimee Young (current nonfiction students in the Ashland University MFA program, Bonnie J. Roughs Spring 2013 section) with questions exploring the memoir, Body Geographic. PM : Your voice in this book is so wise, so at peace with all the different parts of you that make up you. I marveled at your ability to 14 and 15 amendment, be transparent when you could have chickened out or glossed over details. Theres fairly vivid lovemaking with Linnea, your beloved role of Auntie to Adria, a conference threesome, hanging with the drag kings, falling down drunk, and also Barrie the daughter, the granddaughter, the sister. Effects Muscular System. Did writing this book feel like an act of courage?

Did you have conversations with loved ones prior to publication, and have you encountered issues resulting from 14 and 15 amendment, your transparency since the book came out? Borich: For as long as Ive published, readers have asked if my writing feels to long term effects on the muscular system, me to 14 and 15 amendment, be an Essay about The Effects of Immigration In The Economy act of 14 and 15 amendment courage. The question sometimes pleases me, as it suggests Ive succeeded in reaching at least some readers in a primal or urgent manner, but in truth I rarely feel particularly brave while writing. Im often afraid, especially if failing to engage with the page. Or frustrated. Essay Company. Or on 14 and, better days, intensely, intuitively focused. I might feel bold, or funny, or furious.

But courageous feels to long on the muscular system, me a word that doesnt quite fit the writing process, perhaps because when Im really writing the 14 and 15 amendment work itself is leading the charge. Some of this is cultural in effects on the that many of the subjects you list herelovemaking or drinking or gender performanceare part of the daily parlance of worlds Ive been a part of for 15 amendment, many years. I came of age as an monetary unit of cambodia artist in both the queer arts world and 14 and 15 amendment, the queer sober world of Essay on Goodyear Tire and Rubber Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, so transparency, as you put it, about issues of sexuality and identity and addiction is normal to me. Even though the presence of these worlds is more common in mainstream venues than it once was, still these subjects are much less muffled in the LGBTQ worlds and I can think of a dozen queer artists off the top of 15 amendment my head whose works are more explicit than mine.

What you notice in my work is likely the symbiosis of my communities, my particular voice and my own quirky ways of executing craft. When Im actually writing Im not thinking about courage or edge or consequence, and I dont check out what Im doing with anyone but my spouse Linnea (who is usually my first reader) and even she doesnt have veto power, just an open invitation to challenge me. Define. More to the point, as a writer, whatever my subject, I value precise and 14 and 15 amendment, embodied language. When Im working Im thinking first about bringing experience to what cause discrimination, language, about visceral rendering, about surprising myself by what I discover on and from the page. As with any writer, this all comes to 14 and, me one word at Essay Tire Company, a time. LA: What stood out 14 and most to me as I read Body Geographic was the originality of its structure and your ability to connect your own life story and family history with the long term muscular geography of maps and places. About the project, youve written: I came to consider my book a variety of map artmy own quirky attempt at counter-mapping my American body against 14 and the true and accurate atlas any woman of Essay my place and generation was supposed to follow. Your use of maps and geography to do this is extremely unique. What were your difficulties in translating maps into language? BJB: I wouldnt say that in Body Geographic Ive translated maps into language but rather that the process occurred the other way around, that I translated language and 14 and 15 amendment, story into maps. At first all I meant to do was braid story fragments about place and the body that I felt belonged togethermost significantly, my familys immigration story and effects on the muscular system, my own migration to queer identity story.

My first title for this book was This New World from a line in the Philip Levine poem The New World Full-figured women in their negligees/streamed into the streets from the 14 and 15 amendment dark doorways/ to demand in cause Polish or Armenian/ the ripened offerings of this new world . I wasnt thinking of maps at the start. Im not sure moving from form to subject works very often; in 14 and 15 amendment my experience form rises out of subject. From the start of what this project my aim was to bring these two personal migration narratives together, to intertwine them in some way around the ideas of place, movement, and change. The map form came to me in 15 amendment process (I dont remember precisely when) after Id come to the idea of the book being a kind of female geography with place as my primary lens through which to look at interlocking kinds of American experience. The first move toward maps came with the inclusion of the insets. Somewhere along the effects line, in 14 and the process of revision, I tried to reconfigure the fragments as a main text interrupted by these close-up views. I wish I could recall what led me to this move, but the moment of invention is lost to me. All I remember is that I was so attracted to and inspired by the structural shift that I followed the impulse, eventually realizing I considered each essay a kind of map, and then challenging myself to make sure my use of the Essay The In The Economy map-as-form was not too facile. So what then, I asked myself, do I mean when I call these essays maps? What do I need to research, discover, and 14 and, revise toward in order to make this map form meaningful and integral to the project?

PM: I loved how you were able to interweave your love of geography and your strong connection to place in Body Geographic by structuring your story as a map with overlays, underlays and insets. What Cause. As a writing student, this feels to me like a real creative risk that you took. As writers, how do we know if the 15 amendment nontraditional, quirky idea will pay off or fall flat, preventing a beautiful story from getting out there? BJB : I wish I had better news here, but the about The Effects Economy truth is we never know if a risk will pay off. If we did, then risk wouldnt be so risky, right? All we can ever do is attempt. I remember clearly the moment when one of my writing professors revealed the Montaignian root of the word essay meaning to attempt or try , a lesson Ive repeated in 14 and 15 amendment every nonfiction writing class Ive taught since.

This understanding may be the single most important motivator of anything Ive written, this permission to long term, attempt what I dont yet know how to do or feel or think. Structure is 15 amendment, simply part of monetary unit of cambodia this larger essaying endeavor for me. I will attempt, and most of the time I will fail, but I attempt again, and hopefully (to borrow Zadie Smiths language) I will fail better the next time, until finally I find the movement or change within the work that, to my ear, justifies the form. Plenty of publishers passed on this book because they found the nonlinear form an unnecessary distraction. They said they liked my prose but wanted a more direct telling set on a redemptive linear arc. Such books sell better and are more widely read; I get it.

And familiar chronological structure can be beautiful if executed with skill and avoidance of cliche and 14 and 15 amendment, sentimentality. And Rubber Company. Sometimes I wish I did write that way because then perhaps Id get to stay home and write all day everyday and make lots of 15 amendment money, but alas, I just dont have any fire to write those kinds of books. This seems to be a born-this-way situation for me; narrative risk is cause, a requisite part of my process. AY : In The Craft of Writing Queer,( Brevity , September 2012) you urged the synthesis of queerish content with queerish form. Will you discuss what this meant for you as you wrote Body Geographic ? Weve sensed that Body Geographic resides in a space between memoir and extended essay. Do you see the book sitting nearer to one form or the other?

What does this in-between space allow a writer to do? What are its risks? As you wrote, did you envision a particular audience? BJB : I often think the most queer thing about my work is not content but form, in 14 and 15 amendment that I can only seem to write in ways that break the normative linear mode. Not that one has to be a queer to write a nonlinear narrative, but I do think my ways of inhabiting form and voice are related to my life in that I dont inhabit a socially normative community, family, or marriage and thus the forms within which I experience the world are themselves not the long term effects on the muscular system formal norm. 14 And 15 Amendment. Queers are now less queer than we were when I wrote My Lesbian Husband in some American states and on Goodyear, cities at 15 amendment, leastbut I still live in an unorthodox manner, and am part of what might be one of the unit last American generations to experience queerness as a profound outsiderhood, a coming-of-age that will always form me, no matter how social worlds change. But that times are changing matters here, in that Id like to see those of us who have lived outside of what has been the American norm to have an influence on what American form is, and will become. Id like all of 15 amendment us to better embrace Americanness itself as a hybrid, multiple identity and resist singular ways of defining ourselves.

Thats the fluid, queerish part of the equation. As for genre, I understand my work to and Rubber Company, reside in the space between memoir, long-form essay, and 14 and, poetry. I started writing as a poet and in many ways I still think like a poet, in terms of Robust Routers Job Offer Negotiation sound, breath, white space, and image-based structure. The gift and the risk of hybrid nonfiction form is its potential for breadth and complexity. 14 And. At the same time, invented form is unfamiliar form. Unfamiliar forms scare readers who prefer the comfort of disappearing into the apparent real of what cause discrimination linear narrative over 15 amendment the more active style of navigating forms that mimic the confusing palimpsest of actuality. So where does this form sit? I dont know. Wherever she damn pleases? In the bookstore that seat might be with the memoirs or essays but also might be on the LGBTQ and define ridiculing, Feminist Studies shelf.

I consider myself more essayist than memoirist in that subject tends to come before story in my process, but Im OK with the memoir tag, especially if that descriptor invites more readers to brave an unfamiliar narrative structure. AY: Ive been wondering about the possibilities of shifting point-of-view in writing about the self. In Body Geographic , I noticed that you created a 19th-century version of 15 amendment yourself arriving in Routers Negotiation Chicago for the Worlds Fair. You wrote in third person about this self, as a way of 14 and 15 amendment describing one side of your own character. What did this help achieve that couldnt be accomplished in Essay The the typical first-person voice of memoir writing? BJB : I dont suppose its for me to say what any move I made in the book achieved.

I can only speak to 14 and, what I wanted in the moment of making, which was, in Essay The of Immigration In The U.S. Economy the case of 15 amendment creating that 19th century woman fairgoer, another way to define, inhabit history in 14 and 15 amendment a womans body. I wanted a counter to long term effects system, the bland interior of the 14 and 15 amendment statuesque symbol of monetary unit of cambodia Columbia. I wanted the desiring woman to reach out from the past and include me. I wanted to be a part of what I connect to so strongly in 15 amendment the literary version of that 19th century woman, such as that of Dreisers Sister Carrie, who comes to unit of cambodia, the city to change herself. I love studying the history of places, and in particular cities. Reading about what was here before brings me great intellectual and 15 amendment, imaginative pleasure. Moments in the book such as the one you describe are my way of Essay on Goodyear Tire attempting to create embodied history. JS: I find Body Geographic to be a fascinating, therapeutic (in my case), and very complex book.

Its insets are marvelous for magnifying the people and events that dominate portions of your characters lives and so shape your characters identities. As I struggle to organize my own collection of essays, I would like to know how you kept track of the characters, events, images, and themes that occur and 14 and 15 amendment, recur throughout Body Geographic. Did you lay them out in what some visual way (as I am trying to do with Post-It notes on a white wall) to check for balance, forward movement, repetition? Did you diagram the book? Did you try any strategies that didnt work? BJB: Im extremely intentional about the symphonic echoes and visual image design balances of all my books, but with Body Geographic this is 15 amendment, my third book after many years into writing, I was able to see and hear the whole thing well enough to work without much of a visual map. Robust Routers Job Offer. I used to 15 amendment, need a great deal by way of visual form props; in previous books Ive made charts, graphs, color-coded tables of Robust Routers contents.

I made what I called form wheels where I used something like post-its to do exactly what you saytrack visual balance, repetition, echoes, and so forth. But with this book I found I was able to keep more of the design in 14 and my head. Mostly what I did this time was keep these echoes in mind as I listened for on Goodyear Tire, where I needed return, repeat, and balance. I did keep the table of contents hanging on walls and bulletin boards wherever I worked, which functioned as my diagram, but I was never wed to this plan. I changed the order and chapter focus more times than I can remember. The details and echoes came to the page this time by ear and memory and intuition, and 14 and 15 amendment, with occasional guidance from draft readers who noted Id lost hold of monetary unit of cambodia a thread. Also, I cut quite a bit of over-repetition in later drafts.

What Ill say in 15 amendment general about form-mapping activities is that they often work for awhile and then stop working, seemingly mysteriously. We may just outgrow them as we move toward finishing a book. My best advice is that the writer should devise the monetary of cambodia best way of working for 14 and, her/his way of thinking and imagining, but never hesitate to abandon a process thats stopped working. As writers, we have to be as creative and flexible about our processes as we are about the form of the work itself. LA : As you tell your story, you skillfully weave the theme of water throughoutfrom the three tiers of spouting water at Buckingham Fountain; to Helen Kellers bodily encounter with water and her thrill of connecting it to its name; to asking the reader to imagine what it would be like if their own city flooded. You write: Water pulls the body forward. Water hems the body in. Nothing feeds longing like uncertainty, and nothing is more uncertain than a horizon line where the wide haze of monetary unit of cambodia water swallows the hard border of sky. This made me especially curious about the question you posed in the caption for 15 amendment, the illustrated map, Mississippi River Meander: For dont we all live on waterfront property? Could you offer your answer to cause discrimination, this question and/or elaborate on this theme?

BJB : I was attracted to that map of the many shores of the Mississippiso deeply attracted that I have a version of that map tattooed onto 14 and 15 amendment my right armbecause the monetary unit image looks to me like human life. Our shorelines shift. 15 Amendment. Change reroutes us. We cant control time; we cant control the earth turning and recalibrating. I started writing this book thinking Id be able to pin down my understandings of identity, ethnicity, and the meaning of place but instead I found out there is no fixed meaning beyond this: places, our bodies, the borders of monetary things just keep changing. Barrie Jean Borich is the author of My Lesbian Husband , winner of the American Library Association Stonewall Book Award. Her new book, Body Geographic was published in 14 and 15 amendment the American Lives Series of the University of Nebraska Press.

Shes the recipient of the 2010 Florida Review Editors Prize in the Essay and Robust Routers Job Offer Essay, the 2010 Crab Orchard Review Literary Nonfiction Prize, and her work has been named Notable in Best American Essays and Best American Non-Required Reading . She was the first nonfiction editor of the Water. Stone Review and a longtime faculty member in 14 and The Creative Writing Programs at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is currently a member of the cause creative writing faculty of the English Department and the MA in Writing and Publishing program at Chicagos DePaul University and splits her time between Minneapolis and Chicago. 2017 Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction.

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10 Resume Tips From A Legal Recruiter. Ed. note : This is the latest installment in a series of posts on lateral partner moves from 15 amendment, Lateral Links team of expert contributors. Abby Gordon is a Director with Lateral Links New York office. Abby works with attorney candidates on law firm and in-house searches, primarily in define, New York, Boston, and Europe. Prior to joining Lateral Link, Abby spent seven years as a corporate associate with Cleary Gottlieb, focusing on capital markets transactions for Latin American clients in New York and for 14 and 15 amendment, the last five years for European clients in Paris.

A native of define, Boston, Abby holds a J.D., cum laude, from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. in 15 amendment, government and romance languages, magna cum laude, from Dartmouth College. Abby also worked with the International Rescue Committee as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain. She is a member of the New York Bar and is fluent in French and Spanish (and dabbles in Essay and Rubber, Portuguese and Italian). As a legal recruiter, I review numerous resumes each week in an effort to assist my candidates with the substance and 15 amendment, presentation of their one-page life summaries. Robust Routers Job Offer! Here are ten tips based on the most common problems I see and questions I am asked: 1. 14 And 15 Amendment! Assume no one will read your resume word-for-word. Picture your interviewer pulling your resume off the printer and reading only on the muscular, what he can in the time it takes to 14 and, walk back to his office. Define Ridiculing! You need to make the most important stuff jump off the page.

Use bold. Use bullet points. Use headings. Give some thought to the format that will convey the necessary information in 15 amendment, the most logical way. 2. Be concise and make every word count. This is Essay about In The related to Tip #1. You want the most important stuff to jump off the 14 and 15 amendment, page, but every word on your resume should serve the purpose of what cause, showing that you are the best candidate for the specific job. Its just one page. 3. 14 And 15 Amendment! Tailor your resume to what cause, the specific job. Keep in the forefront of your mind that you are applying for 15 amendment, a legal job.

Do not view updating your resume as merely adding to the same document you first created 20 years ago. What! Delete information that is 15 amendment no longer relevant #8212; remember, every last word should serve the purpose of getting you this job. If you are applying to 10 general litigation openings, one version may be just fine. Essay Effects U.S. Economy! But if you are applying to some general litigation spots and 15 amendment, some patent litigation spots, you may want to have two versions of your resume, with each tailored to the specific opening or category of monetary, opening. 4. 14 And! Be sure you can talk intelligently about every last thing you include on Routers your resume. If you can no longer remember the main argument of your senior thesis from college, delete it from your resume or refresh your memory before any interviews. You also must be prepared to 14 and 15 amendment, talk about the any legal matters you claim to unit of cambodia, have worked on, including about the underlying legal issues. 5. When describing your legal experience, give concrete examples . Instead of merely asserting that you are a capital markets lawyer, note that you Drafted the underwriting agreement as lead associate representing the underwriters in the offering of $300 million in floating rate notes by 14 and, a large U.S. manufacturing company. Even if you have a separate representative matters sheet, it may be helpful to include a few bullets points showing this experience in your actual resume as well. Essay Effects Of Immigration In The U.S.! And remember from Tip #2, every word counts.

Dont use neutral words where a more positive word could convey more meaning. For example, which is 14 and more powerful, stating that you worked on a project or that you successfully implemented a project? 6. Unit Of Cambodia! Be sure all information is up-to-date. If you are no longer on a committee, delete it from your resume or indicate the proper dates. Change the verbs (represent, draft, negotiate) from the descriptions of your prior jobs to the past tense (represented, drafted, negotiated). No longer fluent in French? Be accurate in the assessment of your language ability as of 15 amendment, today, not as of mid-way through your junior year abroad. 7. Essay About The In The! Additional Information: Space is a commodity, but you should still make room for two or three lines that show you are a human being and not just a robot. Include a few interests (but be sure they are real interests of yours and not aspirational hobbies). Maybe you and one of the interviewers will find you have a hobby in common.

If nothing else, this fluff gives interviewers some material for a few softball questions to break the ice or end the interview on 14 and 15 amendment a lighter note. Aside from true interests/hobbies, include language abilities, bar admissions, and memberships/affiliations so long as you are an active and not just passive participant in Economy, these organizations. Remember the essential test: Can you talk intelligently about it if asked? If someone asks about your membership in 14 and, an alumni network, will you state proudly that you assisted in raising $500,000 in alumni contributions for a scholarship fund or will you cower in long term effects muscular, your chair and confess that you are on 14 and 15 amendment the e-mail list for the committee but have yet to attend a meeting? 8. Education first or work experience first? This is a common question. Remember Tip #1 #8212; you want the most important stuff to define, jump off the 14 and, page.

So if you went to a top law school, you may want to list education first. If your law school was not as highly ranked but you somehow landed a job at Wachtell, list work experience first. In the discrimination, case of 14 and 15 amendment, a tie, Id go with work experience first. Tire And Rubber! 9. The squint test : It seems a bit unsophisticated but it works. Tape your resume to a wall about 10 feet away or just hold it far out in front of you and squint. Does the balance of black and 14 and 15 amendment, white on the page make your eyes happy? Is there much too much dense text?

Or way too much white space? If youve ever strung lights on a Christmas tree, its the same principle. Squint and then follow your instincts. 10. Proofread your resume carefully. Then proofread it again. Then ask a friend to proofread it. Robust Routers Job Offer! And another friend.

And your legal recruiter. 14 And! Then proofread it again. Nothing screams Dont hire me! like a glaring typo or spelling mistake. 10?. Heres a freebie. Its not the most important tip unless well if it is, you know who you are. You know that photo of you in system, the Bahamas in your bikini?

Shirtless? You remember how you uploaded it to 14 and, your Google profile? And now you list your Gmail address on your resume? Well guess what When I am e-mailing you at Tire Company, your Gmail address, yes, I can see that photo of you in the right-hand sidebar on my screen. If I can see it, so can the recruiting coordinator and so can the partner at 15 amendment, the firm where youre interviewing. Oh, and one more thing: your Twitter feed will also now show up on the right-hand sidebar. What Cause Discrimination! Im not asking you to stop using social media. But if you are indiscriminate about your tweets, think about setting up a separate e-mail address for the job search process. There is not just one right way of designing a resume. But there are wrong ways.

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Free Environmental Studies essays. Pollution is defined as to make something impurein this case, the fresh water in lakes. The pollution of water restricts its use for some human need or a natural function in the ecosystem. Pollution affects the 14 and water quality in freshwater lakes and other resources worldwide. It can take many forms, from industrial sources, agricultural and municipal; some common examples are pesticides, herbicides, wastewater and waste.

Lakes often contain high levels of pollutants in relation to the landscape and environment. Rivers and streams draining the landscape of contaminants are concentrated in lakes and other water bodies. Aquatic organisms such as fish can be extremely high pollution, as some pollutants are not easy to resolve and diluting in water, and Routers Job Offer, instead consist in organisms. Certain species of aquatic organisms are particularly sensitive to pollution; they are used as indicators of pollution and called bio-indicators. 15 Amendment. Lakes drain a large natural landscape, reflecting the process and define, procedures to 14 and 15 amendment, use. If chemicals are spilled, they are near streams flow downhill and can be carried into lakes. Physical water pollutants include particulate materials such as soil erosion landscape or washing paved areas by running water, the.

Once in a river or lake, some particles settle out of the water and bottom sediments. About Effects Of Immigration In The U.S. Economy. Chemical contaminants adsorbed (attached) to the particles are also in the sediment where they are buried or carried out by the floods to other places to 14 and 15 amendment, be installed permanently. Other physical contaminants discharged heat can be a source or output industrial hot surfaces in hot weather. Elimination of shade trees along the shore of a lake or river can also allow sunlight in the waters above the cause discrimination normal temperature range for heating. Fresh natural waters contain chemicals that flows dissolved in the soil and rocks. 14 And 15 Amendment. Major inorganic elements comprise calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, carbon, chlorine and sulfur, and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, silicon and on Goodyear Tire, phosphorus.

Derivatives of biological materials in decomposing organic compounds may also be present. In addition, the soft water contains almost all synthetic compounds, such as pesticides and 14 and, other industrial and cause discrimination, consumer products. Chemicals from human activities that can increase the concentration of 14 and specific compounds over natural levels cause pollution problems. Ridiculing. Too many plant nutrients in excessive plant growth leading, while synthetic organic compounds can physiological changes in aquatic organisms, or can be fatal at 14 and, high concentrations is. The pollutants can be absorbed by plants and Essay Tire and Rubber Company, animals by contacting the contaminated water or directly from sediment. 14 And 15 Amendment. Plants and organisms contaminate these sources of contamination of the food chain spread as predators eat. Although not generally considered contaminants, bacteria and define, plants living organisms, the proportions are increasingly harassment. The accidental release of cyanide from a recovery of precious metals in Romania polluted the Tisza in 14 and, 2000, aquatic and terrestrial animals, as this horse has poisoned drinking water three weeks after the spill killed. Pollution not only downstream traveled through Romania, Hungary and Yugoslavia, but also joined the Danube and ultimately to the Black Sea. The release of about 100 tons of cyanide caused what. Biological contamination may affect the use of fresh water.

These problems often occur when plants die and decompose, when bacterial decomposition consumes oxygen needed by aerobic aquatic organisms. Excessive algae or other plant material provides more decomposition and thereby decompose more oxygen reduction material. The Effects Of Immigration In The U.S.. In addition, non-native plants and animals that are introduced as a result of 14 and 15 amendment human activities alter the basic ecology of a lake or river that often great harm. Pollution is Robust Routers Job Offer Essay, generally categorized by how it enters a lake either point source or non-point source pollution. a) Point source pollution: Point source pollution is from pollutants that enter a body of water, which can be attributed to 14 and 15 amendment, a source, place and specific authors.

The point source pollution is easier to monetary unit, manage compared to non-point sources. b) Non-point sources: Non-point source pollution is from Pollutants that enter a body of water which cannot be attributed to a specific source, place and authors. Rather, this pollution comes from 14 and 15 amendment many diffuse sources and often occurs in small amounts, but can focus on freshwater lakes and other resources. Examples of point sources discharging are industrial waste, sewage from Robust Routers Job Offer wastewater treatment plants, dumping deposit and other dangerous illegal chemical (nuclear waste). Heat can also be a contaminant. For example, the central water often one of the components of the cool overheating. 14 And. Once inserted, hot water is released into Tire and Rubber Company nearby lakes, where the temperature changes from the lake. 15 Amendment. This heat is a form of pollution, because it can be harmful and kill aquatic organisms including fish Species sensitive to temperature change.

Another example of widespread environmental contamination is the legal discharge of Effects In The U.S. Economy waste water and 14 and, other chemicals. Cause. For example, Detroit, Michigan reports available more than 700 million gallons of wastewater per day and 150 million pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), toxic each year in the Detroit River, which serves as a link between Lake Huron and Lake Erie2. Since the origin of the point source pollution is often it is much easier to handle than non-point pollution sources. If the pollution originates in remote locations from water point, or is there a large number of small diffuse sources, it is called non-point sources. No identifiable source such contamination is often difficult to manage; it is difficult to estimate how much pollution is actually happening and what impact. Diffuse sources include agricultural runoff (pesticides, fertilizers), acid rain deposition and nitrate leaching from septic tanks. Diffuse sources represent most of the impurities in the water systems. 3.4 Impacts of lake pollution. Whatever the source of the contamination can affect aquatic life in many ways. In general, the pollution reduces the quality of 15 amendment water.

It can also be the cause discrimination variety of wildlife; particularly sensitive species. Pollution of the 14 and lake has been documented as contributing to a variety of health problems and diseases in humans. It has also been shown to have significant negative impacts on wildlife and the environment as a whole. There are a few different effects of lake pollution, which are essential for humans. The effects of Essay Tire and Rubber pollution of the lake are not always immediate. 14 And. They are not always seen on the contaminated site.

They are sometimes never known by the person responsible for the pollution. A pollution of the lake, however, has a great impact on the lives of what cause everyone. With the knowledge, testing and preparation, water pollution can be reduced. It does not take much effort just a little thought. Lake pollution can pose health dangers to 14 and, humans who come into contact with it, either directly or indirectly. The risk of Essay on Goodyear Tire and Rubber your health being negatively impacted by polluted drinking water in 15 amendment, a developed country is Robust, small in comparison with developing countries. However, it is possible to 15 amendment, become ill from contaminated water. For example, if you are walking, you can get giardiasis, which can cause severe nausea and of cambodia, vomiting as the presentation of acute symptoms to develop.

This infection is caused by water that has been polluted by untreated animal waste in the drinking waterways. In anthropogenic environments such as cities and villages, potential toxins are much more numerous. Another high risk of 15 amendment lake pollution is Mercury contamination. Mercury has been found to interfere with the development of the central nervous system in fetuses and define ridiculing, young children, which could potentially lead to a large amount of long-term side effects. 3.6 Impact of lake pollution on ecosystem. Lake pollution also causes negative effects within the 14 and 15 amendment environment to animals and their habitats.

The entry of pollutants in lakes has a wide range of long effects system effects. It is possible for pollutants, to change the water temperature enough to fish force in search of colder waters. This can even create an ecological dead zone. The pollution of lakes can also significantly increase the rate of algal blooms. These flowers create massive destruction of fish as oxygen is 15 amendment, depleted in water and suffocate fish. Fish can be killed, even if excessive algae get caught in their gills. 3.7 Definition of lake maintenance.

There are numerous reasons to pay close attention to the lake maintenance, including: a) Preventing fish kill; b) Reducing sediment buildup. c) Reducing aquatic weed growth. d) Reducing need for synthetic algaecides. e) Improving irrigation water quality. f) Reducing harmful gases like CO2 and Methane.

g) Reducing mosquitoes. h) Increasing the cause discrimination Ozone content of the water. i) Reduce Bacteria and odor. To maintain a high water quality the lake requires a maintenance plan. Apart from preventing nutrient inflows to the lake from the catchment or surrounding farm land and road runoff, a key element of that plan should be creating plans that will help the lake to maintain clean. 3.8 Contribution of lake maintenance to the future of aquatic system. Fresh water is essential to human life and economic wellbeing, and societies draw strongly on rivers, lakes, wetlands, and underground aquifers to supply water for drinking, irrigating crops, and running industrial processes.

The benefits of these extractive uses of fresh water have traditionally overshadowed the equally important benefits of water that remains in stream to sustain healthy aquatic ecosystems. 14 And. There is growing recognition that functionally intact and biologically complex freshwater ecosystems provide many economically valuable commodities and services to society. Lakes provide people with many services: aesthetic enjoyment, recreation, fish, and transportation, water for irrigation, drinking and dilution of pollutants. Lake degradation results from ridiculing excessive nutrient inputs, toxic substances, habitat loss, overfishing, species invasions and 15 amendment, extirpations. The goal of Tire and Rubber management is to balance the uses of lakes with conservation measures to sustain ecosystem services over 14 and time (Carpenter #038; Lathrop 1999). A degraded lake can have its water quality improved through implementing appropriate management strategies. This process is variously known as lake restoration, remediation or rehabilitation. 4.1 Lake restoration. It is what, important to recognize that the restoration program will take time and will not return the lake to a once untouched condition that it may have had earlier in its life, but it could improve the water quality to 15 amendment, meet a specified water quality goal. The ability to achieve that goal for a specific degraded lake will be determined by the nutrient budget (internal versus external loads), how well the in-lake processes are known, the about The Effects degree of restoration required to achieve the goal and the funding available to implement the management strategies required to achieve that degree of restoration.

Other than cost, there are few limits on the size, shape or depth of lake that can be restored. While there is an implicit expectation that restoration will return the lake to 14 and 15 amendment, its original condition, the reality is that some processes on the way to degradation are irreversible (Carpenter #038; Lathrop, 1999). Of Cambodia. Consequently, the expectation of restoration needs to be tempered with the knowledge that the lake may never reach its original state and that the objective of a restoration project will be to rehabilitate the lake to improve the water quality and lake conditions to an achievable level. This rehabilitation level then becomes a management goal. The goals need to 15 amendment, be realistic and both socially and culturally acceptable. Restoring a degraded lake to a new desirable condition is an adaptive management process which must include a monitoring program to Essay Tire and Rubber, assess the success of management strategies employed to reach that goal, and 14 and 15 amendment, the flexibility to adapt the management strategies based on those monitoring results. Figure 4.1.a. shows the maintenance flow diagram for what cause discrimination the rehabilitation of a lake. The issues, goals and measures of success can be filled in and additional sections listing the tools to be used can be added.

The role of the environmental consultant at key points indicated by red arrows is optional depending on the competence of the lake manager and the size of the lake. A certified engineering consultant is 15 amendment, mandatory for any structural changes to a dam. 4.2 Practical maintenance goals in Lake Restoration. Practical maintenance goals for that lake would include: a. To reduce or eliminate the occurrence of nuisance cyanobacteria blooms. b. To improve the water quality of the lake from hypertrophic to super trophic or eutrophic. c. To reduce the unit abundance of aquatic macrophysics in the lake to enable unimpeded use of the lake for contact recreation, and.

d. To maintain or enhance the fishery in the lake and its tributaries. These goals are essential to restoring of the lake. They are closely linked that changes made to 14 and 15 amendment, achieve one goal will interact with and affect the other goals. The following is a range of maintenance tools that have been used for the restoration of degraded lake. The most recent tool Computer modelling uses environmental, climate and water quality / biogeochemical monitoring data from the lake to build a simulation of the lake to term effects on the system, estimate the 14 and likely benefits to the lake of applying one or more of the maintenance tools. These tools are including:

The weight of evidence indicates that the key to restoring the water quality of lake and The In The U.S., its fishery is the management of the lake weed. There are four approaches to this issue: (1) Mechanical weeds harvesting; (3) Bio manipulation and. (4) Changing water levels. Before undertaking any strategy to control lake weeds, there needs to be a clear understanding of the 14 and goal and the consequences of Essay The Effects In The each action. The weight of evidence of the importance of 15 amendment lake weeds includes the Essay about The Effects of Immigration Economy fact that the tall weeds remove all the NO3-N from the lake water during spring when there are high inflows of NO3-N enriched stream water. This evidence also suggests that under low flows the weeds become N-limited and, being unable to sustain the amount of biomass with the nutrients available, they senesce releasing the nutrients in the plants back into the water. Waste water treatment uses holding ponds and wetlands for reducing the nutrient load before the water is released into an open waterway. 15 Amendment. The main disadvantages of the technique are that, 1) To be efficient they cover a large area to give sufficient contact time for nutrient and sediment stripping,

2) They are less efficient at removing P than N, and. 3) They may not cope with flood flows and the stream short circuits directly to the lake with no renovation. Floating treatment wetlands (FTW) are a new restoration concept where emergent wetland plants are grown in buoyant rafts which are moored in a lake or stream. These rafts are constructed from monetary recycled plastic (PET drink bottles) in various sized sections that could be 2 m by 3 m for ease of handling and joined together later. The plants are grown in recesses in 15 amendment, the raft and long term on the muscular system, their roots extend down into the water where they assimilate the N and P. 15 Amendment. The FTWs are aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the natural lake shore environment (Figure 4.2.a) and provide additional habitat for birds and koura. Onshore management to Essay The U.S. Economy, reduce nutrient inputs to the lake should look at the sources of those nutrients. However, because the lag time between the contamination of the groundwater and that contaminated groundwater reaching the lake, nutrient stripping of the groundwater at the lake edge is also essential. This is 14 and, best achieved using marginal wetland buffer zones (Figure 4.2.b). The surface or unconfined groundwater aquifer is the on Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company most vulnerable to contamination in the catchment as it receives the infiltrating rainwater percolating down through the 15 amendment soil.

It is this surface groundwater layer that enters the lake at the lake edge. This option may be more expensive and less culturally sensitive than entraining the drain flow through a shore line holding zone behind a wall of floating treatment wetlands. Another alternative is to divert the storm water into a spill drain behind the riparian buffer zone. Both of effects on the muscular these options dissipate the energy of the storm water inflow so that it does not move out into 14 and 15 amendment the body of the lake. Dispersing the flow behind the riparian buffer zone will cause all the sediment to remain on Routers Job Offer Negotiation shore and 14 and, the nutrients in the storm water to Routers, be assimilated by the buffer zone plants.

A stream diversion channel is a temporary practice to convey stream flow in 15 amendment, an environmentally safe manner around or through a construction site while a permanent structure or conveyance is Essay, being installed in the stream channel. Flushing external source water. A simple expedient in small lakes overseas is to divert a proportion of a clean stream or river through the lake to 14 and, reduce the residence time and ridiculing, thus flush the N and P in solution and in particulates, such as algae, down the outlet stream. An in-depth analysis of the water quality of the source water would be needed if this option was a serious consideration. Enhanced flushing using fluctuating water levels.

This technique requires manipulation of the weir on the lake to increase and decrease the 14 and lake water level at different times of the long term on the year to take advantage of specific parts of the lake cycle. Seasonal changes in water level are potentially good for fisheries with the most productive fisheries having low water levels in 14 and, summer (J. What. Boubee, NIWA, pers. comm.). Assuming that a suitable storage or dumping area could be found outside of the lake catchment, dredging would remove the sediment that contains the P, N and carbon (C), that has accumulated in the lake over the past few decades. 14 And. It would also remove the seed bank for lake weeds. The advantages of this option are that the nutrient legacy would be permanently removed and the lake would return to near its original depth. The disadvantages of effects system this option are the cost to remove the estimated 3 km3 of sediment, the destruction of the existing ecosystem, and the release of nutrients and other toxic chemicals such as Sulphides during the process of dredging. The release of Sulphide into the lake water would eliminate most aquatic life in the lake. 14 And. The removal of lake weeds seed banks in the sediment would not be selective and desirable species for restoring the lake habitat would be removed along with the undesirable species.

Aeration replaces the oxygen consumed by decomposition processes and prevents the development of anoxic conditions which allow P release from the what cause discrimination sediments. This technique is 14 and 15 amendment, often used in of cambodia, water supply reservoirs to prevent the 14 and anoxic release of what P, which favors cyanobacteria growth, and the release of minerals such as iron and manganese, which would stain baths, toilets and hand basins in homes and would cause black marks on washing as the water re-oxygenates and these metals precipitate. 14 And. The advantages of the technique is that it is of cambodia, relatively cheap, requiring an air compressor, connection hoses and an aeration bar with anchor blocks, and only needs to run in summer when low oxygen concentrations develop. In shallow lakes, giant discs pulled through the lake sediments open up the sediment allowing deep penetration of oxygen from the water column. The concept behind this tool is that the P will be bound to the iron and 14 and, manganese oxides in the sediment.

This process can work where the bed of the lake has been smothered with organic matter such as the collapse of a weed bed. Modelling of this option (White #038; Gibbs 1991) indicates that the beneficial effect for P binding is short lived because as soon as the sediments go anoxic once more, the P is released. The technique does introduce oxygen into effects the otherwise anoxic sediments. This can enhance nitrification and denitrification effectively reducing the 15 amendment N load in the lake. Discrimination. More importantly it supplies oxygen to the decomposition processes so that organic carbon content and thus the sediment oxygen demand are slowly reduced. High sediment oxygen demand is the main cause of bottom water anoxia which drives P release. However, to achieve a significant reduction in sediment oxygen demand, the dicing would need to be repeated frequently. There are three major disadvantage of dicing through weed beds:

1) The organic matter could be driven into the sediment raising the organic carbon content, 2) Every leaf node of most aquatic macrophysics can grow so the dicing would most likely spread the weed more widely, and. 3) The dicing would devastate the 15 amendment benthic mussel beds destroying that part of the fishery. In some overseas restoration studies, concentrated nitrate is injected into the sediment with equipment similar to the giant discs to provide an oxygen source for decomposition processes in summer (Hemond #038; Lin, 2010). The advantages of this technique are that the release of Essay about Effects of Immigration In The Economy P is reduced and thus the 15 amendment dominant algal species are not cyanobacteria. Cause Discrimination. The release of 14 and 15 amendment arsenic (As) is also suppressed. Ridiculing. The disadvantages are that the increase in NO3-N concentration drives high rates of primary production and results in high algal biomass in the lake i.e., the lake goes very green. This particular piece of research draws attention to the problems of getting the N and P out of balance i.e., heavy metals such as As and lead (Pb) can be released from the sediments. When a cyanobacterial bloom has developed, it is too late to use many of the 14 and 15 amendment restoration techniques and it is Effects Economy, more appropriate to treat the bloom directly to 14 and 15 amendment, get immediate results. To that end, much research has focused on Robust Routers Job Offer Essay the use of 14 and clay to floc the on Goodyear Company bloom so that it settles out of the water column (Sengco #038; Anderson, 2004; Beaulieu et al. 15 Amendment. 2005; Padilla et al.

2006; Zouet al. 2006; Biyu et al. 2010; Chen #038; Pan, 2012; Pan et al. 2012). While the technique works in the short-term, it does not solve the underlying eutrophication problem and may smother benthic organisms in the sediment. The phosphorus released from the lake sediments is in the form of term effects phosphate which is readily usable by plants, especially algae, for growth. While all plants use N and P in the ratio of 16 N to 1 P (Redfield 1958), the symbiotic bacteria inside blue-green algae, hence the name cyanobacteria, can convert N2 gas in the atmosphere to NO3-N which the algal host can use for growth. This gives cyanobacteria a competitive advantage over all other algal species when there is 15 amendment, a surplus of P and a deficit of nutrient N in the lake water, and unit of cambodia, they dominate the 15 amendment algal species assemblage.

Consequently, an excess of P in Essay Economy, the water column is 14 and 15 amendment, said to favor the growth of cyanobacteria and the formation of nuisance blooms. Phosphorus inactivation is define, used to make that P unavailable for 15 amendment algal growth by binding it to a metal. The result is the reduction in magnitude or elimination of the cyanobacteria blooms (Cooke et al. 2005). There have been many documented applications world-wide and the general conclusion is that this method for treating lakes with high internal P loads can substantially reduce the internal P load. Phosphorus inactivation with sediment capping. The alternative to alum is to cause discrimination, use a granular P inactivation agent. These products are designed to inactivate P either in the water column or at the sediment surface before settling on the lake bed as a thin (12 mm thick) layer. 14 And 15 Amendment. This is the layer referred to Essay about The In The Economy, as the sediment cap. While a combination of these tools can address the internal problems in 14 and, the lake, there is also an overriding requirement to address the sources of nutrients from the catchment.

The Great Lakes form the monetary largest surface freshwater system on Earth. More than 30 million people live in the Great Lakes basin, and the impact of 15 amendment their daily activities, from the ridiculing water consumed to the waste returned, directly affects the Great Lakes environment. EPA leads U.S. efforts to restore and maintain the quality and ecosystems of the Great Lakes watershed. The Great Lakes (also called the Laurentian Great Lakes or the Great Lakes of North America) are a series of interconnected freshwater lakes located in northeastern North America, on the CanadaUnited States border, which connect to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence River. 14 And 15 Amendment. Consisting of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron (or MichiganHuron), Erie, and Routers Essay, Ontario, they form the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, containing 21% of the 15 amendment worlds surface fresh water by volume.

The total surface is Tire and Rubber, 94,250 square miles (244,106 km2), and the total volume (measured at the low water datum) is 5,439 cubic miles (22,671 km3). Due to their sea-like characteristics (rolling waves, sustained winds, strong currents, great depths, and 15 amendment, distant horizons) the five Great Lakes have also long been referred to as inland seas. Lake Superior is the second largest lake in the world by area, and Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is entirely within one country. Routers Job Offer Negotiation. The southern half of the Great Lakes is surrounded by the Great Lakes Megalopolis. 14 And 15 Amendment. The Great Lakes began to form at the end of the last glacial period around 14,000 years ago, as retreating ice sheets carved basins into the land and they became filled with meltwater. The lakes have been a major highway for transportation, migration and ridiculing, trade, and 14 and 15 amendment, they are home to a large number of aquatic species. Many invasive species have been introduced due to trade, and some threaten the regions biodiversity.

Contaminated sediments are a significant problem in the Great Lakes basin. Essay On Goodyear Tire Company. Although significant progress over the past 20 years has substantially reduced the discharge of toxic and persistent chemicals to the Great Lakes, persistent high concentrations of contaminants in the bottom sediments of rivers and harbors have raised considerable concern about potential risks to aquatic organisms, wildlife, and humans. 15 Amendment. As a result, advisories against fish consumption are in place in most locations around the Great Lakes. These contaminated sediments have been created by decades of industrial and municipal discharges, combined sewer overflows, and urban and agricultural non-point source non-point source Diffuse pollution sources (i.e., without a single point of origin or not introduced into a receiving stream from a specific outlet). The pollutants are generally carried off the land by storm water. Common nonpoint sources are agriculture, forestry, urban, mining, construction, dams, channels, land disposal, saltwater intrusion, and ridiculing, city streets, Runoff Water that flows off land into lakes and streams.

Buried contaminants posing serious human and ecological health concerns can be dredged up by storms, ship propellers, and bottom-dwelling organisms. Many of these small bottom-dwellers absorb toxins as they feed in the mud. 15 Amendment. As larger animals eat these smaller animals, the toxins move up the food chain, with their concentrations getting higher, often thousands of times higher. Fish at the top of the food chain, such as lake trout and salmon, can be unsafe to eat in some areas because of the heavy concentrations of toxic substances in their tissues. Monetary. Fish-eating birds, including the bald eagle, may suffer low reproductive rates or produce offspring with birth defects. While the problem of contaminated sediments persists in the Great Lakes, efforts are being made in the pursuit of remediating these contaminated sediments. In the years 1997 through 2007, 5.5 million cubic yards of contaminated sediments have been remediated in the U.S. Great Lakes Basin. Another primary reason for water pollution in the Great Lake is due to the use of pesticides in agricultural areas.

A large percentage of 14 and all of pollution in Essay on Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, the United States comes from nonpoint source pollution. The source of 15 amendment pesticides in the Great Lakes is called nonpoint sources (NPS) pollution. Can refers to either water or air pollution. NPS source water pollution is more common in the Great Lakes. The pollution from the Company pesticides is caused due to the agricultural areas around the Great Lakes.

The NSP pollution is transported into the Great Lakes when water from 14 and rainfall, snowmelt or irrigation runs through the ground into the soil that was exposed to pesticides. The water from the runoffs takes the excess pollutants (pesticides such as: fertilizers; herbicides; insecticides; etc.) lead the pollutants directly into of Immigration Economy the Great Lakes. The pollutants are very concern to the drinking water supplies, recreation, fisheries, and wildlife. Many toxic substances tend to bio accumulate as they pass up the food chain in the aquatic ecosystem ( Another problem faced in Great Lakes is the 14 and invasive species. An invasive species is a plant or animal that is foreign to an ecosystem. During the past two centuries, invasive species have significantly changed the on the muscular Great Lakes ecosystem. These changes have greatly affected the economy, health, and 14 and, wellbeing of the people that rely on the system for food, water, and recreation. Once established, it is extremely difficult to control their spread.

At least 25 invasive species of fish have entered the Great Lakes since the 1800s, including: ? Alewife, A small silver-colored fish that is Essay, not native to Lake Erie. ? Spiny water flea. The Great Lakes have also been troubled by 14 and fast-growing invasive plants, which displace the what discrimination native plants that support wildlife habitat and prevent erosion. These include: ? Reed canary grass. o Ballast Water Regulation. Ballast water is 15 amendment, taken onto or discharged from a ship as it loads or unloads its cargo, to accommodate the Essay Tire ships weight changes. Thirty percent of 15 amendment invasive species in the Great Lakes have been introduced through ship ballast water. In the early 1990s, the U.S. Coast Guard began requiring ships to exchange their ballast water, or seal their ballast tanks for define the duration of 14 and 15 amendment their stay. Discrimination. The Coast Guard later used their success in the Great Lakes to develop a ballast management program for the entire nation.

The Coast Guard is in the process of developing ballast water discharge standards. o Preventing Potential Invaders. Based on the problems caused by invasive species, scientists are also closely watching other species that have invaded nearby ecosystems. Asian carp are of particular concern because they have been found in nearby waterways that eventually connect to 15 amendment, the Great Lakes. Term Muscular System. In 2004, EPA and other state and local agencies began construction of a permanent electric barrier to 15 amendment, prevent the fish from entering Lake Michigan. EPA is also studying how existing invasive species have become established in Robust Job Offer Negotiation, the Great Lakes.

These studies will help develop new techniques to predict future invasions. Clean water is fundamental to the health of the Great Lakes. To ensure water quality and 14 and, availability, research conducted on the Great Lakes provides indicators that help to Essay about The In The, develop sustainable solutions to the Great Lakes water resource problems. The Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) coordinates U.S. efforts with Canada under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA) to restore and 14 and 15 amendment, maintain the chemical, physical and and Rubber, biological integrity of the 15 amendment Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, which includes Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. GLNPO brings together federal, state, tribal, local, and industry partners under the ridiculing strategic framework of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) to accomplish the objectives of GLRI action plan which in turn fulfills the aims of the GLWQA. The agenda of these organizations is to: ? Remediate contaminated sediments under the Great Lakes Legacy Act; ? Prevent pollution and work to reduce persistent toxic chemicals, as well as to identify emerging contaminants; ? Identify, protect, and restore important habitats; ? Monitor and report on environmental status and trends; ? Provide assistance for community-based Remedial Action Plans for Areas of Concern and for Lake wide Management Plans; ? Use our funding to 15 amendment, assist Great Lakes partners through grants, interagency agreements, and contracts, and. ? Coordinate and communicate with a wide variety of partners to achieve environmental progress. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative: The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is the largest investment in the Great Lakes in two decades. A task force of 11 federal agencies developed an action plan to implement the initiative.

This action plan covers fiscal years 2010 through 2014 and addresses five urgent issues: 1. Cleaning up toxics and areas of Company concern; 2. 14 And 15 Amendment. Combating invasive species; 3. Promoting nearshore health by protecting watersheds from polluted run-off; 4. Restoring wetlands and other habitats; and. 5. Tracking progress and monetary unit, working with strategic partners. The project was developed to 15 amendment, assist in long term on the, demonstrating community based approach to 14 and, improve quality of Essay The of Immigration In The Economy rivers in Malaysia. This is the first river restoration program in Malaysia that focuses on involvement from communities as a component in integrated river basin management plan.

The Kelana Jaya Lakes are ex-mining ponds in the Sungai-Damansara River Basin in Selangor managed by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).They were initially managed solely as flood retention areas until they were developed as a public park in 1996.The lakes (4 in total) are still functioning as a flood retention basin but form an important feature of the Kelana Jaya Municipal Park. 14 And 15 Amendment. The lakes are also a popular spot for long term anglers. The lakes ecosystem has been altered due to loss of natural wetland plants in and surrounding the lakes. 15 Amendment. They have been replaced with rock, concrete or landscaping plants during the Park development and the catchment areas around the what cause discrimination lakes have been developed for housing and commercial centers. In 1998, the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong was build adjacent to the park. As a result of these changes, the water quality of the lakes declined. The lakes receive polluted water from drains connected to 14 and 15 amendment, the lake system. This has led to major loss of local fish species which are sensitive to unit, pollution. The fishes are now being replaced by 14 and alien species which are more tolerant to pollution. Other pollutant sources in the lakes includes rubbish, organic waste and untreated sewage effluent leaking from sewage treatment tanks from housing as well as commercial areas.

The project has met encouraging local citizen support. Petaling Jaya City Council alongside the local citizen is aiming to achieve these goals in the Kelana Jaya Lake Restoration project: ? To reduce the level of pollution flowing into the lakes. ? To increase community awareness. ? Rehabilitating biodiversity of the lake. ? To stop the Essay about The of Immigration U.S. pollution source from entering the lake system by Informing the community about the importance of re-establishing a more natural ecosystem which can provide better habitats for wildlife. To achieve these goals they have begun phase one of the restoration in 2002 and phase two of restoration in 2008. The restoration activities in phase two consist of: 1. Aquatic Vegetation restoration.

2. Non-native animal species control. 3. Decaying vegetation removal. 4. Litter control and floating vegetation management. Tangible impact of these activities result in solid waste and wastewater from storm drains were reduced by 60 percent and 14 and 15 amendment, the quality of discharge from oxidation pond improved after refurbishment work was carried out. Water quality in the lake improved, with consequent benefits for fishing and Lake Ecosystem, and Essay In The U.S. Economy, health benefits were observed in the lakeside communities. One of the biggest ways that lake pollution can be prevented and stopped is 15 amendment, through public education. This includes more than just cleanup days where rubbish is removed from rivers, although such events are very successful and necessary.

Prevention is the most powerful tool in the resource against lake pollution. Learning about harmful chemicals and how to properly dispose of them is vital to Essay, ensuring fresh lake remains usable. In order to manage pollution effectively, several questions must be answered: a) What is the source of the pollution? b) How much pollution is occurring? c) What is the 14 and projected lifetime of the pollution? d) What are the expected effects of the pollution? Point source pollution can be easier to manage than non-point source pollution because the source, volume, and impact of Routers Essay pollution can be easily identified. Further, point source pollution impacts are often focused in one location, making remediation easier. The level of impact from 15 amendment a pollutant is dependent on several properties of the particular pollutant.

First, its level of toxicity is an important consideration; some pollutants such as PCBs are highly toxic, meaning only a small amount is enough to harm humans and other organisms. On the other hand, some pollutants are toxic only in high concentrations, such as the pesticide Atrazine. The amount of a particular pollutant in the environment is also an important factor regulating its effects. For example, if a particular chemical is what cause discrimination, only mildly toxic to fish, yet is found in the environment in high amounts because of a widespread application, it can be very harmful. Finally, the lifetime of a pollutant the length of time it is expected to 14 and, stay in the environment is another vital factor. Some chemicals break down or are diluted in water quickly, while others are highly persistent and resistant to breakdown. Examples of long-lived pollutants include chemicals DDT, PCBs, and mercury; these chemicals are highly resistant to degradation and can remain for decades after their release has stopped. Ridiculing. For example, studies from the Great Lakes in the U.S. and other important lakes show that while the 15 amendment release of Essay on Goodyear and Rubber these toxic pollutants had decreased their levels in 15 amendment, fish and other aquatic organisms have actually increased because they stay in the environment and define, accumulate in fish over long periods of time. Essentially, once these pollutants enter a lake they tend to stay and are extremely difficult to remove.

Once lake is contaminated, it is difficult, expensive, and sometimes impossible to remove pollutants. Preventing pollution is 14 and 15 amendment, obviously important. Drinking water suppliers have discovered that lake protection is muscular system, cost-effective because it reduces pollution and cuts the cost of drinking water treatment. Through a combination of government intervention and increased awareness of the importance and 15 amendment, fragility of freshwater resources, pollution can be effectively managed in the future. There are many difficulties faced while observing the results of lake restoration projects and basically lake restoration also includes a high proportion of trial and error, in which the Essay about Effects of Immigration Economy means for 14 and 15 amendment a successful recovery is still largely uncertain. Restorations are often performed mainly to improve the water quality and what, not intended as a scientific experiment, (Mehner et al., 2002). This implies that several remedies are often used more or less simultaneously, making it impossible to completely disentangle the effects of all measures. A new challenge to future restoration projects is future climate changes and the extent to which increased temperature or changed precipitation patterns may affect the 15 amendment choices and plans for restoration. There are several signs that climatic changes will increase the risk of Essay about The of Immigration In The U.S. Economy eutrophication and thus counteract restoration measures and destabilize the 14 and 15 amendment macrophyte-dominated clear-water state in coastal north temperate lakes (Mooij et al.

2005; Jeppesen et al. 2007): higher precipitation will increase the external nutrient loading and higher temperatures might improve the conditions for Zooplanktivorous fish species such as carp Cyprius carpio and other cyprinids, and in combination this may reduce the possibility of obtaining top-down control of phytoplankton. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Environmental Studies essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of Routers us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. 15 Amendment. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Environmental Studies work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This Environmental Studies essay was submitted to us by monetary a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of 14 and 15 amendment this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows:

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