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Factors affecting rate of diffusion

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List Some Factors That Would Increase the Rate of Diffusion | Sciencing

Factors affecting rate of diffusion

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List Some Factors That Would Increase the Rate of Diffusion | Sciencing

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Factors affecting rate of diffusion - YouTube

Build Your International CV/Resume. Resources for career growth and CV building in international development, justice and factors rate of diffusion peace. Describing your professional experience. Changing In Elie Night Essay? Try grouping, or 'clustering', your achievements under keyword headings - transferable skills and competencies - which are used in the target job or field. Avoid long lists of unconnected achievements - find a way to connect them to well known and factors affecting rate widely used competencies or areas of expertise. There is nothing more off-putting then a random list of bullet points. There are also personal advantages in having a 'long CV' which is for your eyes only. It gives you an opportunity to find out who you are professionally without the shakespeare pressure of rate of diffusion, completing an two personalities, application. What have you done? What have you achieved? What have you learned?

What have you contributed to? What are your key skills? What do you want to affecting rate do next? This preparatory thinking is essential in career planning and management. * Many or most applications are 'screened' first for keywords and basic qualifications which appear in the job advertisement. Make sure that these words appear in your application. Remember that useful keywords might appear in the screening questions as well as the vacancy announcement. Before adapting your PHP for an application, study the vacancy announcement and note the 10-15 most important keywords which should be included in your PHP and cover letter.

If you have any experience working in the field, even for a limited period, make sure this is Charles A Tale Cities, clearly described in your PHP and rate cover letter. Such experience is Report, increasingly valued in the UN and related organisation such as UNICEF, who direct over 85% of their resources to field operations. Work in conflict zones, emergency situations and highly challenged development contexts warrant significant mention in your PHP. Also, indicate if you are currently on any 'stand-by' rosters for rapid deployment such as the Justice Rapid Response (JRR) roster or a national reserve corps. Mention also any training you have received about working in factors rate the field, such as security training or negotiation skills. Most UN activity takes place through programmes or funds with particular mandates to economy theory provide technical assistance, humanitarian relief or specialised aid, or a professional service such as legal advice or capacity building. Project/programme management skills are increasingly valued and affecting of diffusion sought after. If you have any experience managing or coordinating a project which involved needs assessment, resource planning, budgeting, implementation, and evaluation, make sure that you describe this experience in your PHP.

If you have lots of project experience, choose the ones which are most relevant to the target job and Charles Dicken’s A Tale which have the clearest outcomes. Factors Rate? Fund-raising is an increasingly valued area of expertise throughout the non-profit and civil affairs sector, but especially at the international level where donors play such a major role. Skills in this area, including bid and proposal writing, are increasingly desirable in vacancy announcements. Shakespeare? Look out for rate keywords in vacancies such as 'Donor Relations' and 'Stakeholder Management' and use them to structure achievements in of Two Cities Essay your PHP if you have the right experience, however small. All organisations place great value on 'communication skills'. But what do these skills actually mean in practice? In each job there will be particular communication demands.

Identifying these in factors affecting of diffusion each job might give your PHP an edge. All international organisations, from the smallest field office to two personalities the largest UN agency, involve teamwork, usually in multi-cultural, multi-faith and often multi-disciplinary teams. Factors Rate Of Diffusion? Examples of successful teamwork and collaboration can prove to be useful additions to your PHP. In practically all jobs, there will be required technology. This may be a basic set of Essay on Italian, tools such as 'Microsoft Office' or something more technically specific such as analytical or accounting software. Depending on the job, make your IT knowledge clear in factors of diffusion your PHP and avoid general statements such as 'I have good ICT skills' or 'I am able to shakespeare mother learn new technology'. Remember that some specialised software and databases may be custom-made for organisations, but in reality are similar to systems available elsewhere. For any jobs involving administration and data management, always indicate the software you are familiar with, even if it is not exactly the same as that listed in the vacancy. Factors Affecting Of Diffusion? Consider creating a cluster under certain jobs in your professional history titled 'Technical Knowledge' if the application form does not give you space to Essay on Italian describe your IT skills, as with the UN Inspira. If you are just setting out on your career, make good use of factors rate, your studies and any projects which involved teamwork and collaboration, especially in an international sphere.

Give examples of Wiesel’s, skills which you were able to learn quickly to show your flexibility and factors affecting rate ability to Essay on Italian Education Report adapt. If you have done an internship, focus on the skills and knowledge you developed through your experience, and affecting mention any positive feedback from Essay Education, supervisors or mentors which highlights particular contributions. The UN and other international organisations are popular employers and receive hundreds of thousands of applications for jobs and internships every year. When considering working at factors affecting rate of diffusion, the international level, remember that you will always have rivals, including people who are equally - or better - qualified than you. This is a fact of life. The market for UN and IO jobs is potentially the whole world. As the UN and IO job market becomes more mobile and flexible, with regular upsizing and compromise of 1850 downsizing of operations meaning short-term contracts rather than permanent jobs, international careers will become more fluid and less predictable. Maintaining good links with your 'home' country (or countries) may become essential in developing your career. * Most PHP job history sections include separate boxes for factors start/end dates (sometimes including months), names of of 1850, employers and supervisors, official job titles, salaries etc.

Make sure that these boxes are filled in affecting of diffusion and are accurate. Keep a record offline of the data. Keep your list of references updated (check email addresses and phone numbers regularly) and two personalities let your references know that you are applying for jobs.

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What are some factors that can affect the rate of diffusion? | Socratic

Nov 25, 2017 Factors affecting rate of diffusion, order essay paper -
List Some Factors That Would Increase the Rate of Diffusion | Sciencing

IELTS Tips: Conclusion or Overview for Writing Task 1? Watch this video to learn excellent tips about whether you need a conclusion or an overview for writing task 1 academic paper in IELTS. This is a common question asked by rate, students and also a very common mistake to make in your test. Knowing whether you need an overview or conclusion can make all the difference to Changing Relationship Book your results. Transcript. Hello my names Liz. In this lesson Im going to rate of diffusion look at if you need a conclusion or an classical overview for IELTS writing task 1. This is affecting rate of diffusion, a very important question and many students ask me about Charles of Two, it. If you do the rate, wrong thing then that will affect your band score: so Im going to look at 5 different questions. Do I need a conclusion for task one? What is an overview? Is the overview important?

Can I write an overview and a conclusion? and classical where can I put the overview? Lets have a look at the first question. Do I need a conclusion for task 1? Well the answer is no, you dont. In fact, its a bad idea to have a conclusion for task one. You have an overview for task 1 and you have a conclusion for rate, task 2 for for your essay. Now a conclusion is a paragraph that repeats and restates the main points and of course in a short report you shouldnt be repeating any information. So dont have a conclusion. But you do need to have an economy theory overview.

So thats question two: Well overview is a paragraph and factors affecting it contains all the key features of the chart or graph or whatever you have for your task 1. So all the of Two, key points are collected together and put in a overview paragraph. It is so important it is affecting, critical for you IELTS writing task 1 this is for Essay, the criteria, task achievement. Thats 25 percent. of your marks and if you dont have an overview, it will be almost impossible to affecting of diffusion get above band score five for Essay on Italian, that criteria. So very important indeed. And number 4:

Can I write an overview and a conclusion? Please dont. Again the overview contains all the key features and factors affecting rate of diffusion the conclusion is two personalities, a repeat. We dont want repetitive information. Also when you have an overview and a conclusion together, it means that you are dividing your key features into two different places and this will affect the criteria of coherence and cohesion, which is all about paragraphs. So its very important that all your key features are collected in one paragraph, in the overview, and theyre not again repeated anywhere else in that report. So definitely you cannot have both. And the last one : The overview statement usually goes after the introduction but it is affecting rate of diffusion, possible to put it at shakespeare, the end of your report after the body paragraphs. Which is the best place? For me, I prefer it after the introduction.

I like to read all the main points before I read the details but again thats up to you. Both places are logical. Now if you want some more lessons here are some links to help you prepare for you IELTS test see you soon. Conclusion or Overview: Video Tutorial. Note: This video replaces the reading video which will now be published next weekend. Hi mam liz good day. I just want to ask maam if do you have a model sample for writing task 1 academic for TABLES, DIAGRAM and factors mixed maam thank you in classical economy theory advance. Hello Liz, I want to ask when in Task 1 we are givn things like Gardens and affecting Lawns, Domestic sector, Science, English, Coal, Housing, Clothing, Fish, Burgers and Chips, Rugby, Cricket and on Italian Education so on then while writing should we put first letter capital. You should not use inappropriate capital letters in a sentence. All English grammar follows the same rules for using capital letters in a sentence.

Thanks a lot Liz O?. Hi mam! where should I write overview.on second paragraph or at last ?plzz suggest me which one is better for good scoring.thnks. Mam I want to factors affecting rate of diffusion get clarified one doubt that most of tutors on YouTube recommend to end task 1 with a conclusion but your suggesting to include an overview. Which one to classical theory choose? A conclusion repeats main points.

You cant repeat anything in a short report for task 1. The examiner is looking for an overview this has been published by IELTS in their band score descriptors. Yesterday was my speaking exam and i got the factors affecting rate of diffusion, topic regarding historical event in your country? Folowed by questions. When and where it took place? Who took part in compromise it?

What were results so far? It was on 2nd september. Thanks for sharing #128578; Your scripts are so useful, and i wish i could have seen them earlier. However, the videos are not available and factors of diffusion I could not watch them. Do you have any suggestions on that?

All the mother, best wishes, The problem is factors affecting of diffusion, that Youtube is blocked in China. You need to find a way round it. Hey mam,,please tell me overall can be put in of Two Cities diagram or flow chat also ? Dear friends I had my ielts exam on 29 of July. My Cue card was. describe an occasion when u need to b on time. N follow up questions was. How u manage your time? How can you manage your time?

Why time management is important? N questions was on time management. Part one was on house. Thanks for sharing #128578; Can I write my overview in factors rate of diffusion the last Paragraph?

Today was my speaking exam , Talk about Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Essay, a place where there were lots of people . Where is the place ? Why you went there ? Like dislike of the place ? Thanks for sharing #128578; Thanks , very helpful. But an factors rate Examiner in British Counsil course says that you should have a conclusion in Task 1 . You will get reduced mark if you didnt. You can ask your friend if they mean the conclusion is the overview. Some teachers use the word conclusion instead of the word overview. Classical! Of course you need an overview it is stated by factors affecting rate, IELTS in their band score descriptors. Let me repeat this IELTS have stated this very very clearly in their band scores for writing task 1.

Dear Liz, as you stated that, overview contains all the main key features.How much bigger the overview shall be?I mean how many words shall I include to write an classical economy theory overview? It is not about word count. It is about selecting the factors affecting rate, key features. Charles Dicken’s Of Two Cities Essay! Each type of task 1 is different. Of Diffusion! See my model answers: Hi Liz today i had so good test, the only thing in writing i mention conclusion as it suppose to shakespeare mother be not. Any idea that will affect my score band.

Thanks. I presume you are talking about writing task 1. Factors Affecting Rate Of Diffusion! If you had both an overview and a conclusion then you have separated your key features into two different locations and shakespeare this will affect your score for CC which is 25% of your task 1 marks. However, you can still do well in the other criteria and in task 2. Do i really need to do planning before writing task2. Yes. Factors Rate! You should spend at least 5 mins planning your ideas, supporting ideas and of Two structure.

first of all special thanks for your kindest to make this website, I really appreciate that, I need some one to check my writing , before I sent a msg for you ,and u sent me just the of your website but unfortunately its not clear . I do not offer essay correction services, but you can find a teacher to factors affecting help you here: Can I write word called Conspicuous instead of OVERALL? No. This is an academic report. The examiner is looking for Charles Dicken’s A Tale Cities, an overview so the linking word Overall is the most logical and most appropriate. Hello Maam: may I inquire if the factors affecting, video regarding conclusion vs overview is updated. We have been informed in our review center here in Philippine to place an overview and conclusion. Be careful.

This is a short report, you dont want a paragraph to report key features and another paragraph to repeat them. Always check with IELTS official band score descriptors: I want to Dicken’s A Tale Cities know about task 1 that can we start the second paragraph of task 1 with a comparisons instead of overview or highlighting feature and give the overview in the end of the task? Does this effect my band score #129300; Its fine to put the overview at the end. Thanks for your help. Rate! How long can be the overview? Usually it is one or two sentences long.

It depends how many key features there are. First of all thank you for creating this website of yours. It is Report, so helpful for us. Factors Of Diffusion! I just want to clarify one question, because my previous instructor in IELSTS told me it is mother, not allowed for us to use all capital letters in writing, is is true that we might penalize for doing it? Thank you Liz!! #128578; You can write all capitals for writing if you want. You can find this information on the official IELTS website: However, I dont recommend it.

You will be marked on your use of factors of diffusion, punctuation which is not always easy to Wiesel’s Night Essay see using capital letters. Thank you for your advise. I want to ask that is it okay combining the introduction and overall paragraph in a one paragraph? It is possible but I only factors affecting rate of diffusion do it for diagrams when the intro sentence is very short. If you do put them together, make sure you use a linking word to highlight the overview statement. In Elie Wiesel’s! The intro statement and overview statement must be separate even if they are in the same paragraph. Many thanks for your useful website. I would like to ask you how many paragraphs we need to factors affecting of diffusion have in Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2?

Do we also need to have an overview paragraph if the diagram we have to present is great compromise of 1850, describing the different steps of a process (e.g. manufacturing yogurt)? I dont really see the point of an overview paragraph in this case. Yes, you MUST have an overview. Heres an example: Overall, yogurt is made after raw milk is passed through pasteurisation and various temperatures before being inoculated with starter cultures.. So, you can see, that we are choosing the key features to affecting rate put in the overview. Another possible and simpler overview is: Overall, raw milk is passed though 5 stages before becoming yogurt. The overview is the most important paragraph in academic writing task 1. Should we mention and write about two personalities, all given data in two body paragraphs or its not necessary. Which is better way to affecting do? Thank you in advance. Your task is to select information. You are being marked on your ability to highlight and in Elie Book Essay report.

See this page: Dear Liz, First of all, thank you for your excellent tips in the lessons: I have few questions regarding the IELTS Reading and Writing: 1. Should we use pen or pencil for the writing tasks? 2. Is lower case writing (all are written in small letters) affect the score? 3. Is few spelling mistakes (two to four words in total) in rate of diffusion writing affect the Essay on Italian Education, score by too much? 4. Does IELTS center provide more answer sheets for affecting rate, Task 2? Thank you Liz, its really a nice way to Changing Relationship in Elie Wiesel’s learn.

You have a very clear voice. do the affecting, words enclosed inside braces count for the number of words in the writing task 1. I did IELTS before 6 months and got score band 6 in writing 5.5 I had the mistake of in conclusion in task 1 does this mistake decrease my score 1 band or more. If your conclusion contained the same content as an overview, then it wouldnt affect your score too much. Writing task was same for both IPD and BC same or different.pls tel me.Because i am taking ipd exam. All the questions are similar as BC.

Liz, you are awesome, thank you very much #128578; Is it OK to Relationship Essay write Overall as the graph shows . or after overall simply state the key information without as the graph shows. Its not going to help your score writing as the graph shows but it also isnt a problem if you decide to add it. Hi Liz, First of all, thank you for your helpful lessons. I have a question about overview part, is it right : we must not write any number in overview part ? for example: x experienced the greatest increase by 27% while y had the least growth by 5% is it better I dont write the numbers ? Usually you dont write numbers in the overview. However, for tables, you might consider adding any totals given. thank you for factors affecting, your answer. then I will have to repeat the key points in body paragraph and add numbers.

You are presenting details in the body not highlighting. Hi Liz, in the official Cambridge IELTS books, the overview is always in the end (in the model answers). Then why are you preferring to put overview after introduction? Please explain. There is two personalities, no right or wrong place to put the overview. It is usually best to rate present the key features because writing about Essay, detail.

However, it makes no difference to the score. What a wonderful and fantastic website for all ielts candidates! I feel like I have found the factors, right medicine for my ielts test wound . Your lessons are very helpful for us . Thank you so much for your hard work and generous effort . What is the different between overview conclusion please. A conclusion summarises main points already written. An overview contains key features not previously highlighted. So overview and summary is different from each other. Education! If use both..will it hamper or increase my band score? You dont repeat information in a short report.

The overview contains the key features you dont summarise them again later. I would like to factors ask about the summary. Is it possible to write both the (Overview) which is after the theory, introduction and the (Summary) which is at the end of the of diffusion, report ? There is no summary, only an overview. Can you tell me the differences between an overview and body part? i dont know how to avoid repeating the key features in the body part. And if the task have 2 pie charts that i cant compare information between them, what should i organize my report? do i need to have an overview for both or just move directly to body parts for each chart? Highlight key features in your overview and then report detail in Essay Report the body paragraphs. Hi Liz! First of all, thanks for the great lessons!

I got an overall 7.5 on of diffusion, my test. With 8.5 in speaking, 8 in Listening, 7.5 in reading, but only 6 in mother writing. I watched all your videos, and i followed all your steps. I cant figure out what i did wrong, other than the fact that both my essays were shorter than 150 and 250 words, and maybe some grammar mistakes. Ill have my IELTS exam again in factors rate of diffusion a few days. Any recommendations? Writing under the word count will reduce your score. Never write under the word count.

Start learning more about the in Elie Book Night Essay, band scores: and consider my advanced writing task 2 lessons: I wrote ielts exam in last month . Factors Rate! I got 6.5 in listening and reading ,6 in speaking,very less score in Charles Cities Essay writing;5 . In which part should I focus more to get band score of 7.In which way I have to practice ??i am not getting enough ideas to write task 2 topics.Even I dont have much knowledge about the of diffusion, topic as exam date is 28th May. Firstly, get trained in economy how to write an IELTS essay correctly: Secondly, develop ideas for factors, topics. You can google ideas online or use model essays to Essay on Italian Education Report develop ideas. Here is rate, a list of common topics: and in Elie Wiesel’s Essay here are some essay questions:

Thirdly, to get band 7, you need to produce English with FEW errors. This means you aim for accuracy and avoid errors in grammar and vocab. i got 6 overall band but 4.5 in reading ,6 from listening and writingand 6.5 in speaking. Really you are amazing .I like your way to factors affecting of diffusion explain the steps. Thank you so much, it is very useful. Report! You are amazing. Hello Liz, I completely understand the choice of overview over a conclusion in task 1, nevertheless, Im not sure if I should include also data in the overview paragraph or to provide it in factors affecting the body paragraph? I mean to say if I should include for instance, data about years, currency etc as the economy theory, case maybe? The units and factors categories on the graph or chart should be put in Changing in Elie Wiesel’s Night the introduction.

The selected key features should be in the overview. The only data that usually does in an overview is when you have totals, such as in a table. Hello!! I have a doubt. In task 1 when we have a map or a life cycle do we need to have an overview?? Thanks a lot.

All academic writing task 1 must have an overview. See my model answers on the main writing task 1 page. All of your videos and tutorial tips are very useful for factors of diffusion, preparation. Thank you very much for your Yeman service. How to Calculate the band score in Essay on Italian IELTS exam. Mostly in factors affecting rate Writing parts. I am Little bit confuse on Task 2. Two Personalities! So can you please helping out to me. Factors Affecting Rate Of Diffusion! My exam on 9th Jan 2016. I wrote IELTS 2 times, But I couldnt get band score more than 6 in writing both the Changing in Elie Night, times In which part I have to focus to get 6.5 or 7.

See my advanced writing task 2 lessons: and review my models for task 1 (focus on your overview for task 1). Hi angel,just want u to know that u r amazing and generousi am sure universewilpay you backbless u xx. Thank you very much for clearing the affecting, doubt between overview and conclusion. You said that overview is mother, important in Task 1. Factors Of Diffusion! Conclusion is on Italian Education, not a good idea for this task. Factors! But in Road To IELTS I have found that the sample task 1 uses conclusion. Since that free materials are suggested by British Council, I am little bit confused now.

To me an overview is way better than a conclusion in task 1. Would you please tell me why sample passage in Road To IELTS uses conclusion? There are many teachers and authors that tell students to write an great compromise of 1850 overview. Factors! However, you will not find one ex-examiner or any person who has completed the IELTS examiner training course who will tell you to do that. However, this is your choice. The band score descriptors published by IELTS clearly show the examiner is looking for an overview in Relationship in Elie Wiesel’s Essay order to give any score over band 6 you decide if you want to factors rate of diffusion write one or not. you are very helpful but I am kind of confused, I am taking the test in mother one month and I have never heard that conclusion is not needed for writing Task 1. I was watching your video about writing Task 1 and I was waiting for affecting rate, the conclusion all way long.

Then I was readdressed here and found out theory that the conclusion is factors, not necessary as I was used to believe. Moreover, I have made quite a lot of practice tests, now I am starting to watch the videos to fill the gaps do you think thats the advantageous approach? Thanks in advance, Is there difference between overview and conclusion? Do you think when I read more half an hour each day my writing skill will improve? Is there difference between task1 task 2?

Please read my lessons on the main writing pages for your answers. All these questions have already been answered. Hi Liz.This is my first time to take the Dicken’s A Tale Cities, IELTS test. What are your advices? Watch my IELTS preparation video on affecting rate, the home page and then start reading IELTS lessons. Hi Liz, Thank you for classical economy theory, your reply. I have watched most of your videos however Im still having a hard time to compose a sentence in writing an essay in terms of paraphrasing the introduction. The way I understood about rate, paraphrasing the introduction is to literally paraphrased the whole sentence according to what has been written. (word for word) considering the task 1 and 2 of great of 1850, essay writing are very time limited. Please help. Factors Rate! Thanks.

To rephrase something doesnt mean writing it word for word. You paraphrase the meaning which means write it again in two personalities your own way. hi liz. Factors Affecting Rate! I can not write task 2 well. what should I do exactly? pls help me with this. I have a problem with the overview . In this video I know that its important to write a overview but when I read some exemples on Ielts Write Right book I didt see any overview . But all of these exemples was graded over Essay Report 7 band . So can you tell me why is it ? I cant tell you why authors write what they do. Has the author of the book completed the IELTS examiner training? hi Liz, i really had a problem with my Writing Skill.. When it was explained, it seems very easy to me. But when i had to affecting of diffusion write on my own, i got nothing to say anymore..Can you please help me on this matter? thaNks #128578; You need to shakespeare mother develop ideas for topics that you can use in factors your essays. Of course, you cant predict all topics but you should have a good store of ideas for common topics.

Here is a link to Essay my essay ideas: You can also gain ideas from factors affecting rate of diffusion, model essay you find online. Start making a list of ideas to use. To learn more about essay writing, you can try one of my online lessons from my writing course: Here you mentioned about not writing the coclusion in short notes .However, when i was going through a book Cambridge ielts 8 , I found an answer with conclusion in economy it ( at page 168 ) .so, I am confused what model to follow . also , do the examiner reduce the marks for handwriting and rate poor presentations ( like crossing the mistaken words here and there) Sorry, I dont know what you mean by short notes. There is no such type of of Two Essay, task in writing task 1. sorry for not writing the question clearly , Here is what i mean. In this video ,you have mentioned about not writing the conclusion in short reports ( 1:10 secs in video ) ,as you mean to say not to write conclusion in writing task 1 . But when i was going through a page 168 of cambridge book 8, i found a answer with a conclusion . so i got confused as iam following your classes for of diffusion, preperation. Hope you will clear me out on this.

The IELTS Cambridge test books are written by IELTS not by teachers. They make their models as different as possible to ensure the exam remains challenging. A Tale Of Two Cities! It is always best to follow models from teachers who have been trained as examiner by factors affecting of diffusion, IELTS. You should also follow the band score descriptors published by IELTS which clearly show that an overview is needed for task 1 and a conclusion is needed for task 2. I will Follow you.

Thank you for your ielts lesson scripts and shakespeare videos. They are helping me enormously a lot since I am reviewing by myself. I wish Ive seen your site before I took my first ielts so I might not have need to retake it again to have better scores. Anyways, more powers to you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Your voice is factors affecting rate of diffusion, strong , clear and pleasant . Your method of teaching is Book Night, very easy and new style.

Please give us more and more video lesson that is most useful. Dont forget to of diffusion check my youtube channel (IELTS Liz). I have my tutor assessed my writing task 1 yesterday. after watching your lectures on writing task 1, I used Overall to start my overview but my tutor said that this is great, definitely a No No in Task 1. now im confused. The examiner is looking for an overview and the word Overall indicates an overview. Affecting! It is two personalities, essential that the factors affecting, examiner can locate your overview quickly and easily. In Elie Wiesel’s Book Night! Using overall helps the examiner find your overview. Current IELTS exam topics and questions: Share your IELTS test results.

Answer to Reading Paraphrasing Lesson. Reading Skills for IELTS: Paraphrasing. Useful Links for IELTS Line Graphs in WT1. WT1 Table 30th Sept: To be completed. IELTS Model Essays for September 2017.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth (Liz). I'm an factors rate experienced IELTS teacher from the UK and a graduate of the University of London. I have been teaching for over 16 years and for the last 9 years I have specialised, exclusively, in great of 1850 IELTS. Factors Rate! I have taught in a number of Changing Relationship Wiesel’s Book Night Essay, countries: England, Spain, New Zealand, South Korea, China and affecting rate of diffusion Vietnam, where I taught at the British Council.

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Factors that Affect Rate of Diffusion Diffusion and Osmosis

A headhunter locked me out of affecting of diffusion jobs for 6 months. Home A headhunter locked me out of jobs for shakespeare mother, 6 months. Affecting Rate Of Diffusion. In the of 1850, April 14, 2015 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter, a reader says getting referred for a job by affecting of diffusion, a headhunter cost him the job #8212; because the employer didn#8217;t want to pay the fee. Two Personalities. I applied for a job on at factors rate, a medical facility. Theory. A person called representing herself as w orking for factors affecting rate, the facility. She did a five-minute pre-screening interview, and set me up for a phone interview with an HR representative.

The short version of this long story is that the organization wanted to hire me, but wasn#8217;t able to because of a recruiting fee of $12,000. I#8217;ve been informed that this recruiting company has put a six-month #8220;lock#8221; on my name. Is this legal? This kind of thing has never happened to me before. I#8217;m appalled that they can get away with it! Do I need to contact the state attorney general#8217;s office? I never signed any documents stating any agreement for them to represent me. Please help! This is a deep crack in Dicken’s the law that you#8217;ve fallen into. Employment agencies and third party recruiters (a.k.a. headhunters) are not regulated everywhere.

The recruiter has submitted your resume as one of her referrals #8212; and if the employer hires you as a result of that referral, it may owe the recruiter a fee. (Of course, the recruiter serves a purpose. Without her, you may not have gotten the interviews with this employer. But her intervention should not cost you a job!) I#8217;d do two things. Call the employer#8217;s HR office.

Don#8217;t tell them what happened. Just ask whether they have a contract with that recruiter. Factors Of Diffusion. My guess is they do not, but the recruiter#8217;s referral may be interpreted by the employer as an obligation to pay a fee to hire you. Changing Relationship Book Night Essay. That#8217;s the affecting, crack in the law. Recruiters will sometimes find and shakespeare, use resumes like yours as an entree to a company they don#8217;t have a contract with. Factors Affecting. They will threaten the employer with a lawsuit to great of 1850 collect a fee, because they were the source of the referral. This may not stand up in court, but the easy way out for the employer is not to hire you. So you lose.

My guess is that#8217;s what#8217;s going on here. Factors Rate Of Diffusion. The loose interpretation of the law might be that if the hospital hires you within six months of the on Italian Report, referral, it owes the fee. After that, there#8217;s no fee. That#8217;s what the #8220;lock#8221; refers to. But all this is questionable. What recruiters like this one bank on is an factors, HR department#8217;s unwillingness to risk legal action #8212; which is silly. What#8217;s important for you to realize is that #8212; I#8217;m sorry to say #8212; you are at on Italian, least partly responsible for of diffusion, all this: Have you ever put your resume on compromise an online job board?

Then you may have slimed yourself because anyone who has access to rate of diffusion that resume can do exactly what that troublesome headhunter did with your implied blessing. Youd have a hard time convincing a judge or jury that the headhunter did anything wrong if your resume is already widely available. The second thing I#8217;d do is call your state#8217;s department of commerce. Find out Changing in Elie Wiesel’s Night, whether the recruiter is factors of diffusion, licensed. Not all states require licensing.

If yours does, and she#8217;s not, she#8217;s out of Changing Relationship Essay luck. I#8217;d explain that to the employer #8212; and I#8217;d turn her in to the authorities.. Factors Affecting Rate. Of course, it#8217;s possible the recruiter has a contract with the two personalities, hospital. In that case, what the lock means is the hospital has agreed to factors affecting rate pay a referral fee for up to six months after a referral is made. Thus the lock is not on your name, but on the employer. You are not bound by a contract you are not a party to. But here#8217;s the Changing Relationship in Elie Essay, risk you face, and it#8217;s significant: If this recruiter circulates your resume to lots of employers, under her letterhead, such referrals may be construed by those employers as an obligation to pay a fee to hire you #8212; even if you later apply directly. A good headhunter or recruiter would never refer you to any employer without your knowledge or consent. An unsavory recruiter will plaster your resume all over kingdom come #8212; under her letterhead. There are two sections of factors affecting rate of diffusion How to mother Work With Headhunters#8230; and how to factors affecting rate make headhunters work for great of 1850, you that you#8217;ll find helpful in the future. Of Diffusion. #8220;How should I judge a headhunter?#8221;, pp.

26-27, defines a set of standards that good headhunters adhere to. #8220;How should I qualify a headhunter?#8221;, pp. 28-33, goes into great detail about how you can separate the good headhunters from the unsavory ones. Some of the book is great of 1850, about how to protect yourself, but most of it is about how to leverage headhunters and affecting rate of diffusion, recruiters to your advantage. Changing Relationship In Elie Night Essay. Assert yourself protect yourself. Factors Affecting Rate. I would immediately send the recruiter a certified letter, with a return receipt, stating that she is not to refer you to any employers, and demanding that she notify you what companies she may have already referred you to. Again, recruiters like this one bank on people not fighting them legally. It can be a nasty game.

Depending on what you learn, you may want to contact your state#8217;s department of two personalities labor and employment. Explain what happened and rate of diffusion, ask their advice. If the recruiter misrepresented herself as an employer, I#8217;d consider filing a complaint of consumer fraud and possibly identity theft, citing the of Two, recruiter#8217;s misrepresentations, and for her failure to rate of diffusion tell you that it would cost a fee to hire you. Much depends on whether the employer is great, willing to stand up to the recruiter. Factors Affecting Of Diffusion. I doubt the employer or the recruiter would want to see an article in the newspaper about a job seeker in a tough market finding out he got screwed out of a job because of Changing Relationship Night Essay all this. Factors. I#8217;d love to great compromise know what you learn and decide to do. This is a murky situation because much depends on who did what, and on rate of diffusion whether the economy, employer has a contract with the recruiter. Keep this in mind: None of factors affecting these agencies or recruiters work for you.

Their client is always the economy theory, employer. They have no contractual obligation to you, or you to them. Yet many such firms will use phrases like, #8220;We will represent you#8230;#8221; They do not represent you. The employer pays them, and their fiduciary duty is to the employer. Factors. But it#8217;s an two personalities, odd business, because they can imply that they represent you #8212; with the result that employers might lock you out of rate jobs due to the fee they#8217;d have to pay.

Finally, remember that posting your resume or profile online makes it easy for shakespeare mother, anyone to #8220;refer#8221; you to an employer and to factors affecting rate of diffusion claim a fee. You can fight this, of course #8212; but good luck, because employers are more likely to protect themselves than fight to hire you. Has a recruiter or headhunter ever cost you a job? What would you do if you were the job hunter in this week#8217;s QA? Yes, a long time ago (and I#8217;m not sure I would have taken the job). An oil field services company I interviewed with in college turned me down because a recruiter had given them my resume. I can understand why they did not want to on Italian Report pay a fee, since in looking at the employers brochure they bragged about being the largest hirer of engineers in affecting rate the USA; looking deeper they hired as many engineers as they employed each year! You could expect to be transfered within the first 6 months of hire, and about every 3 years after, as new oil fields opened. Good morning Nick! Wow! Am I ever glad I read this today.

Plan for the day was upload my resume and post on sites for job-seekers. Glad I had a change of plans! After reading this wow I had no idea this kind of stuff went on. Of 1850. That#8217;s pretty slimy some whack job claiming to be your agent (whatever) and rate, asking for 12 grand? Who does that? It#8217;s legal? Scary! Your friend, Carol. What about LinkedIn? Is it safe to post resume-like data there and check the box that you are interested in a new job? Can that data be claimed by a headhunter in the same way?

Is not the issue that the recruiter represented themselves as working for great compromise of 1850, the medical facility? If one pursued a legal action I would believe that this fact would yield the most ammunition for sanctions against this individual. Personally, I would exhaust all legal options against this person just to create as much grief and hassle as possible. I#8217;d be calling the local DA (theft of service) and well as any and factors, every professional society this person my belong to, not forgetting the BBB. On Italian. Retribution? You betcha. I believe this tale only reiterates not to use job boards and not to post resumes online, to ANY venue. If a recruiter contacts me, and refuses to factors affecting of diffusion discuss a specific position without me #8220;forwarding my resume first#8221; if I am very interested in the company, I send a document that had headers and footers in bold red that state #8220;Recruiter Copy Only Not to be Forwarded Without Express Written Consent.#8221; I then make an IMAGE of each page and on Italian, copy/paste that into a new document, so that it may not be easily altered. You could even include a background image with #8220;Recruiter Copy#8221; plastered on it if you liked. I then get one of two responses: 1) #8220;Boy, you really are concerned about your privacy, aren#8217;t you?#8221; or 2) crickets (i.e. never hear from them again.) This has worked for me several times, and I#8217;ve never been submitted to a company behind my back AFAIK, as it appears that performing an OCR on my document is just too much of a pain. Factors Rate Of Diffusion. Many years ago, I saw what looked like a perfect job for compromise, me.

I talked to the company at a job fair, and gave them my resume, but then I made my mistake. I also talked to a couple of factors affecting of diffusion #8216;recruiters#8217; and in Elie Wiesel’s, mentioned that I had seen this job, and I had already submitted my resume. So, what did they do? They ALSO submitted my resume. I guess they figured that they could get an factors affecting, easy commission on a #8216;client#8217; already going to get a job. So, what happened? I lost the Education Report, job! The employer did not want to have to affecting rate of diffusion battle two different #8216;recruiters#8217; and have to fight them over why they wouldn#8217;t get the commission. It was easier to just not hire me.

Good question @Diana. I see no barrier to two personalities someone grabbing your linked in profile, formatting it into factors of diffusion a resume, using a number to Relationship in Elie Night Essay make it anonymous, and submitting it on recruiter letterhead to Avogadro#8217;s number of clients as a potential candidate. Affecting Rate Of Diffusion. The justification would be that by great of 1850, checking the box, you have identified yourself as being available. Factors Of Diffusion. Of course, an unscrupulous recruiter could take your info and do this if they are connected to you, so be careful to whom you connect! Nick is two personalities, 100 % correct that the factors affecting rate of diffusion, insidious nature of this practice is that you the candidate will always lose to a possible HR suit. This captures the essence of the ATH methodology of seeking a hiring manager at mother, a company rather than splashing yourself into factors of diffusion the Internet as a strategy. @Diana: Not all recruiters grab and distribute online resumes, and not everyone is victimized by this. But the very nature of the online jobs industry stimulates and enables these practices. Would I post my resume online?

No. Should you? You must decide for yourself. The truth is, personal referrals are far and away the #1 source of in Elie Night hires and always have been. Pretending the job boards do a good job isn#8217;t going to improve their abyssmal performance or eliminate the problems they cause. Anyone can copy/paste info from affecting of diffusion your LinkedIn profile to Essay Report create a #8220;resume#8221; for you. @Hank: The cost and hassle of taking legal action stops most people from doing what you suggest.

And that#8217;s what unsavory recruiters count on. Factors. Even employers won#8217;t engage legally most of the time. It#8217;s why this continues. I love your approach: Play ball when you want to, but make it difficult and economy theory, costly for a recruiter to mis-use your information. Your key tip for others: Do not send in your resume unless the recruiter discloses who the employer is. When they #8220;scrape#8221; your resume from an online site, that#8217;s one thing. But when you GIVE them your resume, they can stand on affecting rate of diffusion the presumption that you want them to #8220;find you a job.#8221; @CharlieE: Lesson learned. Essay Education. #8220;Fee fights#8221; are common and employers will just walk away from the candidate rather than fight. @VP Sales: That#8217;s a nice summary! What this recruiter did#8230; wow. As if we didn#8217;t already have enough obstacles keeping us from a job.

Just starting a LinkedIn page for affecting of diffusion, the first time now, and want to economy make sure my eyes are wide open#8230; after reading about this, I see that my eyes need to be opened wider still. Affecting. How do we keep our online presence itself from becoming this kind of #8220;consent#8221; to shakespeare mother recruiters to blast our resume out there? Will a disclaimer asking that they not do it without our permission work, or maybe a message saying resume talk will only occur after a personal meeting? If a company wants you, and rate, some recruiter had already submitted you, I recall that they used to negotiate fees. One, world#8217;s different now, but HR for all their bluster doesn#8217;t know how to on Italian negotiate beanbag. And hiring managers just knuckle under. Do you really want to rate of diffusion work for an organization that is intimidated by some recruiter? @Hank, you find that recruiters can break into PDFs? A couple of thoughts: I would contact the BBB and see if you can get a lawyer to write a strongly worded letter in the event that there was no written contract/agreement between the shakespeare mother, recruiter/head hunter and the employer. IANAL, but I believe many lawyers offer free consults and could probably point to factors some sort of misrepresentation laws. I would assume that writing a letter pointing this out wouldn#8217;t be expensive and may put the fear of God into someone. Charles Dicken’s Essay. Nick more of a question for you#8230; I know that the fee that a recruiter does not come out of the salary directly, but it has to come from affecting rate of diffusion somewhere probably some sort of recruiting/hiring budget.

So, if you find that you have two equal candidates, that whoever controls that budget will give some push back? In other words, I would need to make up the recruiter#8217;s fee in profit off of the candidates work to make it worthwhile, so unless the on Italian Report, candidate with the fee blew my socks off, I might be less inclined hiring someone with the fee. Factors Of Diffusion. What an awful experience. Two Personalities. As a recruiter, I am both angry and sad to see how unscrupulous recruiters tarnish our industry, and hurt the job prospects of candidates. Every time I speak with a candidate I do so because I have a specific job, with a specific employer, and factors rate, a contract to fill that job. For over a decade I have repeatedly told novice candidates (new to working with search firms) not to share their resumes unless the recruiter is able to classical theory tell them quite a lot about the job/hiring manager/team/why the job opening exists. If a recruiter does not know anything about the job, be wary. It takes time to build up a relationship with a search firm, and factors of diffusion, I think it is on Italian Education Report, worth the effort to get to know those who work in your field. Most of affecting us find great satisfaction in matching candidates with their next jobs, and of 1850, helping them over factors of diffusion the years. It is equally rewarding helping clients find people who will do a great job and Essay Report, who will stay with them. Turnover is expensive!

Nick is factors rate, also right to caution people from posting Do not post a resume on job boards! Both unscrupulous recruiters and ID thiefs are rampant! Getting a new job requires huge effort on your part, so either find search firms who recruit in your specific field, and spend time speaking with them/checking out their website, or go to great compromise the employer#8217;s website directly. Affecting. Do not PLEASE just send your resume to a search firm UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THEY RECRUIT IN YOUR SPECIFIC FIELD. 10 times a day I get resumes from people who think that just because I recruit in the pharma/biotech industry I recruit for people with their background. All search firms specialize. Be careful with your personal information. And#8230;never ask a recruiter to share your resume with other firms, ever. Contact the recruiter, see if they will rescind or lower their fee. If they were responsible for putting you in contact with the company then you owe them something.

If they lied to you about their representing the company, you owe them nothing. Unfortunately, being right won#8217;t get you the classical economy, job. Try to find a way to that place if you really want that job. Rate. Lots of good advice here on legal rectifications you could look into. My best to ya. I don#8217;t post resumes but I do use LinkedIn with little restraint. As a contractor I#8217;ve gotten 5-10 good leads on jobs that fortunately I haven#8217;t needed as I#8217;ve been finding jobs ok on my own usually. That being said, it#8217;s good to have options.

As far as full time work, LinkedIn has been almost no help in that respect. In the end it goes back to two personalities those actual network connections you#8217;ve made over of diffusion the years. I#8217;ve never used Nick#8217;s targeted approach to job hunting with companies I don#8217;t know but I suspect that would work for you also if the classical economy, original job hoped for doesn#8217;t pan out. Keep on truckin#8217; partner. @Nick, What exactly constitutes #8220;uploading your resume to a job board#8221;? A common scenario is that the recruiter places an affecting rate of diffusion, ad there and uses an online form on the site to get your resume rather than give out his email address, presumably so as not to classical economy be spammed. @Dee There is plenty of of diffusion software to work with PDFs, even if you are not a programmer. Even images can be OCR#8217;ed if they are readable by Relationship Wiesel’s Night Essay, a human. Affecting. @Dee To alter a resume with a header/footer or watermark warning, all that#8217;s required is some time with Paint on your computer if you use Windows. However, people looking for easy shortcuts will be likely to move onto the resume without warnings before investing serious time. Report. In the latest Source of Hire survey from (released September 2014), 8% of the of diffusion, employers surveyed reported that searching resume databases played a role in their recruiting efforts. So in addition to being dangerous, posting resumes doesn#8217;t work! The actual #8220;resume#8221; is a compilation of JPEG files taken from my real document. Mother. Yes, they could retype the whole thing, use OCR to of diffusion try to extract it, and Changing Essay, even gamble that I won#8217;t go after them if crossed.

The scumbags generally won#8217;t bother as they are wholesale delivering resumes en masse, and it#8217;s just too much trouble to deal with me individually. So, as stated, I generally never hear back. I wonder if any of these #8220;Low Hanging Fruit Picker#8221; recruiters ever get the big fee. It#8217;s fairly obvious, even to me, that the recruiting firm put about 12? worth of effort into this, not $12,000. Talk about $0.12 of effort#8230; Last week, I got 5 phone calls and 4 emails from affecting a single recruiting firm. The voice mails that they left were in on Italian Report a thick Indian accent but the emails were sent under a more American sounding name. It was for a local job. The irony is that I currently work for the largest employer in town in this particular space; and the company they were recruiting for was started by people that use to work for us. The VP they are hiring for factors affecting, I know quite well, I mentored him a bit when he worked here. In other words, if I wanted a job there I could pick up the phone. You think these jokers would do their home work first?

Why would someone want to pay a recruiter to hire me to great work for factors affecting rate, them? @Lucy Montrose: While the errant jerks are the recruiters, it#8217;s the employers that make the choice that costs people jobs. Unless they have a signed contract with a recruiter, they should abide by a strict policy: #8220;We accept no unsolicited referrals from recruiters we don#8217;t have contracts with.#8221; When one of Book these situations arises, the employer must tell the recruiter, #8220;No dice! Get lost! Sue us we#8217;ll counter-sue you for fraud!#8221; Employers must step up to the plate and do the right thing for themselves (they lose great candidates) and for the job hunting public. You can of course post a disclaimer on your LinkedIn page about recruiters referring you without permission. But then you#8217;d have to factors rate of diffusion show it to economy theory an employer that rejects you due to such a referral. And keep in factors affecting mind you don#8217;t want to scare off good headhunters who play by the rules. Great Compromise. @Dee: HR is too lazy to factors affecting rate of diffusion do its job to two personalities control candidate flow. Factors Rate. They use a big hammer instead. @Dave: I#8217;ve never had a client reject my candidate in two personalities favor of a #8220;walk in#8221; candidate, when they really wanted my candidate. As you note, the factors affecting, fee comes from an established recruiting budget. Only a fool of a company would hire a lesser applicant to save a fee it had already budgeted.

In companies that use headhunters, search fees are as old as HR. Of course, if the company doesn#8217;t like to use headhunters, good headhunters won#8217;t waste their time sending in candidates who are not likely to be hired. So in a way, this is Report, self-regulating. What Dave is of diffusion, referring to are the (seemingly zillions) of Indian body shops out Essay Education, there that skim off CareerBuilder, swap resumes, send you emails that say you are a perfect fit for jobs that bear no resemblance to factors affecting rate what you do and shakespeare, thickly-accented #8216;recruiters#8217; who read off scripts from call centers in affecting rate India that come in under US numbers (NJ is very popular). (If your day is Relationship in Elie Night Essay, lacking fun, go off script and play with themyou#8217;ll see they don#8217;t understand colloquial American English very quickly) They pick you off keywords off a bad ATS or other scanning system. They don#8217;t know or care where you live. I believe they get paid by the call. Factors Affecting Rate Of Diffusion. Unfortunately a LOT of US F500 businesses, such as JJ, Pfizer, Siemens, Panasonic and others use them for on Italian Report, contract workers in marketing, project management, strategic sourcing and affecting rate, many other areas because their fees are cheap. So if you want and need that work, you wind up dealing with them because that is the Essay on Italian Report, only way these companies let you in.

They also have bought American-owned companies so they have a US front, play the WEBO game (woman-owned enterprise) etc. Nick C, this is something you ought to be writing about. Their business practices have ruined the legitimate recruiting business. I have to factors of diffusion agree with Dee. Cities. The Indian staffing agencies are especially aggressive in IT staffing, to include IT Sourcing which is my area of expertise. Everything Dee says is TRUE! What she failed to mention is that US and factors affecting rate, international companies operating in great of 1850 the USA DELIBERATELY use the Indian body shops because they #8220;oh so willingly undercut#8221; US owned companies that compete against them. These same flesh peddlers also have some of the most egregious employment agreements in the industry especially as it relates to factors of diffusion #8220;non-compete clauses, non-solicitation, notice periods, etc. One such agency, also Indian owned but located in Cedar Knolls, NJ named ARTECH INFORMATION SERVICES goes so far as to include a clause that states you will be paid just $10/hr. for the first 30 days of employment.

They do this they claim because they blame on theory it on their clients#8217; payment terms. Obviously, the payment terms they agree to with their clients is their business but it should NOT be used to undercut the rate negotiated between the contractor and staffing agency. I successfully negotiated this clause OUT of my Employment Agreement. Many of the rate, techies, less familiar with contract terms conditions simply sign the agreements which does LOCK them in. Shakespeare. As a Sourcing and Contracts professional, I ALWAYS demand to of diffusion see the E.A. in Word format to review before signing and mother, I have yet to find any that I signed on the first look. Another fave of the Indian agencies, my last one tried this, is to try to demand that you provide two weeks notice or FORFEIT your last two weeks pay. As we all know, notice periods are customary and considered to be good professional behavior, but they ARE NOT required under NJ law. When employers, especially clients of factors affecting rate staffing agencies terminate contingent labor, I feel ZERO obligation to provide notice to shakespeare them; it#8217;s a two way street. The Indian staffing agencies appear to of diffusion find the scummiest, bottom feeding lawyers to do their employment agreements and it shows all the time. Contract employees need to read EVERY word of these agreements to protect themselves; the Indian agencies have no qualms about Night playing fast and loose with business practices although I must say I have also seen US owned staffing agencies pull the same stuff to #8220;get over#8221; on contractors. Between the large companies using these bottom feeders and factors, the bottom feeders themselves, contingent work has become increasingly more frustrating and I absolutely detest having to of 1850 deal with the Indian recruiters, whether they are in factors affecting Mumbai, Parsippany, NJ or the central part of the state in the 609 and 732 area codes. @Clare Powell: Thanks for sharing the perspective of a good headhunter.

It#8217;s important for people to see how you operate. Shakespeare Mother. The contrast to unsavory headhunters/recruiters is stark. I tell people that staying out of trouble is easy: Don#8217;t give any information to an unknown recruiter that you would not give to a telemarketer. Verify any recruiter, just as you would a business that you give your credit card number to when you buy something. The sad truth is, the affecting rate, Net makes it too easy for shysters thus, most contacts you get from #8220;headhunters#8221; are not from good ones. Compromise Of 1850. Please take Clare#8217;s advice, and also realize that when you do connect with a good headhunter, good things can happen, so don#8217;t lock the door on all. It#8217;s up to you to do your due diligence. @Patrick: Your suggestion to negotiate with the recruiter is factors affecting, a good one, if the employer is willing to compromise. As you point out, the objective is to on Italian get the job offer. @Olivier: #8220;What exactly constitutes #8220;uploading your resume to a job board#8221;?#8221; That#8217;s a very good question. Affecting Rate. Some sites just want you to literally upload the two personalities, file. Most job boards, as you point out, give you a form to fill it.

This is for their convenience, so they can easily scrape keywords to do the rate, matching. But in either case you#8217;ve provided your information, and any employer or recruiter who finds it can use it any way they like. My own lawyer tells me that once you post your resume this way, it#8217;s very difficult to great claim there#8217;s anything proprietary or confidential about it, because you chose to factors of diffusion release it into great compromise of 1850 the wild. So the challenge is, how do you apply for jobs online without giving your resume to a job board? Other than giving your resume only to employers directly, via their own websites, the only online jobs service I know that does not ask for or store your resume is (Keep in factors mind that some employers turn their own jobs pages over to companies like to manage.) What#8217;s unique about Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two LinkUp is factors, that it#8217;s not a job board; it#8217;s a job search engine, like Google is a search engine.

You enter your criteria, and it finds jobs on employers#8217; own websites. It does not send you to Wiesel’s job boards and it does not scrape job listings from factors affecting other job boards (like Indeed and others do). LinkUp says it has over 2 million real jobs from 50,000 employers, and no duplicate jobs or job scams, because it doesn#8217;t #8220;scrape#8221; indiscriminately like job boards do. Two Personalities. LinkUp does sell job ads to factors rate of diffusion employers, so you#8217;ll see paid listings at the top of results, just like you see paid ads at the top of great compromise of 1850 Google results. It#8217;s very up front about how it makes money. The key is, LinkUp doesn#8217;t collect your resume to sell, rent, or trade with job boards.

Is your information safe if you apply via LinkUp? Only as safe as the site you then share your info with. But no recruiter is going to go to LinkUp to buy your resume; it#8217;s not available unless you go to the employer#8217;s site to provide it. If this sounds like a promotion for factors, LinkUp, it#8217;s not. I have no connection to the company, but I like how it operates.

Not perfect, but better than any job board including LinkedIn. @Paul C: You wrote that some agencies #8220;demand that you provide two weeks notice or FORFEIT your last two weeks pay.#8221; I don#8217;t believe that#8217;s legal. In fact, I believe it#8217;s illegal for any employer to withhold pay for of Two Cities, any reason. As for factors, Indian staffing firms, the bad ones fall into Charles Dicken’s the larger category of employment industry carpet baggers. They don#8217;t have to be Indian to qualify. The bigger problem is the employers that use them, thereby corrupting the employment market at factors, arm#8217;s length. This last point is important. In an effort to legally shield themselves from great compromise illegal or distasteful employment practices, some employers hire #8220;at arm#8217;s length.#8221; They don#8217;t want to know, or pretend they don#8217;t know, how these agencies operate.

That#8217;s the problem, and factors affecting, US legislators should get on this practice by investigating the main employers themselves. There#8217;s always someone willing to go steal a Mercedes when there#8217;s a market for cheap, stolen Mercedes. We need laws to stop employers from outsourcing crooked hiring practices. While demanding the forfeiture of two personalities pay may be illegal, the practice shows up time and time again in many of the E.A.s that staffing agencies send to candidates. Affecting Rate Of Diffusion. Perhaps they are assuming that candidates will simply roll over Changing Night and sign. However, as someone who deals with complex contract documents on a daily basis, especially NDAs, Master Service Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements and so on, I am accustomed to reading each and every word, paragraph and affecting rate of diffusion, clause and negotiating everything. Essay Education. I have been told several times that I am a hard-ass when it comes to these things, but given how over the top many of them are and how much I believe in protecting myself, I point out to affecting rate of diffusion the other side that I am not there to become their best friend, I am there to work and provide my talent and shakespeare, services, but I will NOT do so while being placed in affecting an untenable contract position. As you mention, too many of the client and hiring companies want to maintain the legal fiction that they are unaware of these hiring practices, yet the continued use of great such bottom feeders is tacit or de facto consent to the way they behave. The other side of the coin is that many client companies that choose to deal with the Indian owned and operated agencies do so because they KNOW that the Indians will grovel and beg for rate, business by agreeing to rate cards that are significantly below market for various types of labor and this behavior undercuts US owned agencies that would be more inclined to pay a reasonable rate for the role solicited. Here in NJ, PSEG is notorious for paying well below market rates. In my own career field, IT Strategic Sourcing in the Newark HQ, they will only pay between $40-45/hr. for of 1850, a role that should be paying no less than $70/hr.

Of course, that role has gone begging now for more than 6 weeks and factors, I have personally received at mother, least 10 calls from 10 different agencies that I reply #8220;Not Interested!#8221; to. Another phenomenon I have noticed of late is that hiring companies are now driving down contractor rates in may disciplines to BELOW what they would pay an rate, FTE. These roles are easy to two personalities say no to as well. Rate. The Indian agencies are parasitic and shakespeare mother, while they may attractive and quite elaborate websites, at the end of the day check them out and they are nothing more than sleazy body shops and the reviews on Glassdoor for companies like Collabera, Mindlance, USTech Staffing all bear this out. Like many other Americans, when an Indian recruiter calls me and if I can#8217;t understand them, I immediately hang up. I never thought of this. This is factors affecting rate, yet another reason not to post your resume data online. I#8217;ve never been a fan of posting resumes online anyway. I prefer to choose the prospective employer instead of the other way around. @Nick, @Paul C, @Dee.

What I have started to see is in Elie Wiesel’s Night, that US owned recruitment firms have outsourced some of the back office functions of factors rate of diffusion making initial contact with potential candidates to call centers in India, while #8220;account managers#8221; here in the States deal directly with the clients themselves. Changing In Elie Wiesel’s Book Essay. It seems that the company that contacted me in the story I told operates this way based on some reviews I read online. I also had something like this happen to me a year ago as well, Indian contacts me for a local job and I eventually get a call from the account manager whose branch office is in the same office park that I work. Again, begs the rate, question#8230; Why not come up to me when I#8217;m eating lunch at one of the picnic tables when the weather is nice? Would save yourself some money and not make you look quite as bad#8230;. Two Personalities. @Paul C: Like you, I read every word in factors affecting a contract, because the attorneys in a lawsuit will, too.

I tell the other party that good contracts make good relationships. I#8217;ve found ridiculous terms, and illegal terms. We strike them, or I say goodbye. Essay On Italian. In general, I think many people are afraid to rate of diffusion do that for on Italian Education, fear of factors losing a deal but those aren#8217;t deals. Classical Economy. They#8217;re disasters. The sad bottom line is, much #8220;business#8221; is crooked and to be avoided. In the factors, end, companies that choose to work with questionable vendors who promise ridiculous terms wind up ending their outsourcing when projects keep going south.

You can#8217;t save your way to prosperity. Our job is to keep saying no, and to two personalities keep our standards high. @Dave: In the same office park?? Managers don#8217;t recruit any more. They#8217;re lazy bound to their pcs. Factors Affecting Rate Of Diffusion. It#8217;s springtime. Great Of 1850. Go outside and meet people! :-) @Nick Yep#8230; Same office park, couple of factors affecting buildings down#8230; Again, it was for a job that I already knew about and could have easily made a phone call directly to the manager. Also, what particularly is ironic about recruitment agencies like the one in my office park#8230; They bill themselves as #8220;cutting edge#8221; or #8220;innovative,#8221; yet talent is literally right next door. I think we all know what they are full of and where the real talent shortage is#8230; ;-) No shortage of natural fertilizer down on the farm, eh? Recruiters can be so strange sometimes.

I once had a recruiter contact me about a job, and then screen me out/blow me off#8230; only to have the hiring manager contact me directly about the position. I didn#8217;t end up interviewing for the position, but thought this was a weird situation. Was the hiring manager trying to save the company money, or did he actively search for Essay on Italian, and stumble into candidates like me? @Carl: There#8217;s no telling. The manager may wind up stuck owing the recruiter a fee if he hires you and factors affecting rate, the recruiter finds out. I understand what is happening but I#8217;m surprised that the recruiters, especially the ones you request help from, don#8217;t have to disclose whether they have an existing relationship/contract with the potential company because if not, they are just copying an existing job description, submitting it to classical economy theory you for approval/interest, (maybe now always) and affecting rate of diffusion, then submitting it to the hiring company and at two personalities, that point, that company can#8217;t hire you even though you weren#8217;t aware that there was no relationship, only something found on a job board that you just didn#8217;t see first but now if the company doesn#8217;t want to pay the fee, you are not getting that job. Joe: Any recruiter you deal with should disclose to you whether they have an of diffusion, agreement with the employer. If they won#8217;t do that, why waste your time with them? It#8217;s an A Tale of Two Cities Essay, easy test. Factors Rate Of Diffusion. Those guys are dialing for dollars, relying on your gullibility. Just move on Night and warn them that if they dare to rate of diffusion send your resume to compromise any employer, you will disavow it and file a complaint with your state#8217;s department of consumer affairs #8212; and then do it if you must.

Joe, 95% of #8220;recruiters#8221; and #8220;headhunters#8221; aren#8217;t worth spit. I can say the same about affecting personnel jockeys. You#8217;ll know the good ones when you meet them. If you have any doubts, move on. The problem here is that people are so desperate for jobs, they#8217;ll believe anybody that tells them anything.

Use your good sense.

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clarity resume v 14 years of factors affecting rate Professional IT experience including Project Management, Delivery, Application Support Maintenance and People Management. v Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Scrum Alliance. v PRINCE2 Project Management certified (Foundation and Practitioner) AXELOS. v HP PPM Professional Certified and CA Clarity PPM Certified Technical Consultant . v Managed large Enhancement, Maintenance and A Tale, Migration projects involving multiple technologies (.Net, Oracle, Unix, Mainframe) with end to end managed service experience, handled a team size of 40+ for factors affecting rate 20+ applications. v Done Oracle Database migration and mother, configuration for 3 critical customer applications. v Installation and rate, upgradation of Windows servers 2003/08/12 for two customers. v Experience in working from Client location and handling Client facing roles. v Leveraged Project management capabilities along with functional expertise and quality processes in executing multiple projects in Insurance, Banking, utilities, Food and Drink, Retail Service domains. v International client handling/management experience with Demonstrated record of persuasive communication and assertive negotiation with strong abilities to deliver results.

v Played roles in various stages of lifecycle including, Project Manager , Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Design, Testing across various domains. v Expertise in Changing Relationship in Elie Night Essay consulting, solution system architect , analyzing and designing business requirements and provide solutions. v Experience in factors rate hosting application on HP Cloud . v Experience in great compromise of 1850 presales activities, RFP responses, customer presentation and demos. v Handled Steering Committee meetings with Customers and factors, conducted various trainings sessions for compromise of 1850 key business process owners and rate of diffusion, end users. v Extensive experience in compromise configuration customizations of all modules in HP Project Portfolio Management, and CA Clarity Project Portfolio Management. v Expertise in factors affecting rate of diffusion Installation and two personalities, Upgrading of HP PPM from various versions to HP PPM 9.22 and factors affecting rate, integration with EMC Documentum (Enterprise Content Management), LDAP, Web SSO, HP ALM/QC. Theory. On windows and factors affecting of diffusion, AIX servers. v Expertise in installation and Upgrading of CA Clarity and classical economy, integrations with CABI 3.2 (BOE XI 3.1 SP3). Master of Science in Information Technology ( M.Sc. I.T ) from Madras University scored first class with distinction.

Bachelor of Computer Applications ( B.C.A. ) from Andhra University scored first class with distinction. Brief Look of Experience. HR P and factors affecting rate of diffusion, FR Projects - UK Leading Bank , MS SQL 2005/2008/2012, Win XP/Win 7. Senior Project Manager. MS SQL 2005/2008/2012, Win XP/Win 7, Mainframes, Unix, Oracle. Leading UK Bank engaged HCL as the strategic partner for Corporate Core. Shakespeare. BANK consists of Interchange / Non-Interchange applications. HR P Projects and other small projects. u As part of SQL upgrade, all application databases which currently lies on SQL Server 2005 is upgraded to the SQL Server 2014. u As part of Desktop Transformation Program, we are migrating from WinXP/IE6 environment to Win7/IE11 environment.

u TSB Migration from SQL 2005 to SQL 2014. u Auto Audit upgrade. u E-Mail Phishing. My role in the project as Offshore Manager: Team Size : 40+ Delivery Owner for multiple projects being executed simultaneously with all project management activities. Strategic Planning with strict revenue and margin targets.

Address customer escalations and closure of complaints, if any. Participate in weekly reviews and monthly governance calls with customer. Prepare and present weekly and factors affecting rate of diffusion, monthly project status reports to Dicken’s Essay customers. Plan for Value creation innovations for customer with good ROI. Ensure continuous improvements.

Provide effort estimations and create work orders / change requests. Resource ramp up and fulfilment. People Management to resolve the conflicts, to understand and fulfil the career aspirations etc. Build strong relationships internally and externally and manage expectations of stake-holders, and client partners and executive management. Project Portfolio Management implementation - NetApp, Oracle 11g, HP PPM 9.22. Oracle 11g, HP PPM 9.22. The project is to implement resource management module in HP PPM 9.22 to affecting of diffusion replace existing Resource Planning Management Tool (RPM) which is A Tale of Two a home grown tool configured by NetApp for managing Resource Management Processes due to lack of factors rate complete visibility of the resource capacity, planning and utilization. My role in Relationship in Elie Night Essay the project as Onsite Business Analyst and Offshore Technical Architect: Team Size : 5+ Conducted workshop sessions at client location to Directors and affecting of diffusion, VPs of various departments. Created solution design, project master schedule and oversee project specific requirements.

Build Windows 2008 R2 server and installed HP PPM 9.22 along with Oracle 11g database. Study existing Resource Management processes in home grown RPM tool. Oracle Database migration from classical economy RPM tool to PPM Oracle Database. Requirement gathering and providing the factors affecting solutions as per business requirements. Co-ordinating with offshore team and Creating pilot project of the proposed solution.

Developed custom code to integrate HP PPM with PeopleSoft database which will create resources, and Resource pools and manage allocation of resources in HP PPM automatically. ERIC - Deutsche Bank, HP PPM v 9.10 SP2, Oracle 11g, EMC Documentum, IBM AIX 6. Oracle 11g, HP PPM 9.10, Documentum, IBM AIX 6. ERIC process aims to streamline vendor resourcing and create a golden source with one system. Shakespeare. Before ERIC, Vendor resourcing processes varied across functional areas and business lines due to which there was inefficient utilization of resources and numeral approval steps increased the lead time.

Earlier we had fragmented systems like BRF, RCP, which were not integrated. So, consolidation of data was manual and time-consuming. So, monitoring and factors of diffusion, ensuring compliance was difficult. Relationship In Elie Wiesel’s Book Night Essay. ERIC Process has been incorporated in affecting order to streamline and standardize vendor resource process across various Silos of Global Technology and on Italian Education Report, Operations (GTO) and optimize approval process. Of Diffusion. With ERIC we have one vendor resource system, downstream processes/ data systems with full functional capability. ERIC is theory well integrated with LDAP server for authentication.

Configure High Availbility (HA) server and Upgrade PPM 8.2 to PPM 9.14 and of diffusion, Migrate all attachments /documents from EMC Documentum to HP PPM DMS. My role in the project as a Technical Project Manager/System Architect was: Team Size : 9+ Creating project master schedule and oversee project specific priorities are be completed on-time for full product releases. Analyse the client requirements and great of 1850, designing the solution as per business requirements. Proactively managing issues forecast and resolve issues by working closely with business users and technical support team. Design the application and server architecture of affecting of diffusion ERIC system. Played AIX server administration and Oracle DBA role for 7 months. Interface with several areas of IT business support including Divisional Finance teams, Application teams to gather requirements and data collection for successful implementation. Proactively managing issues forecast and resolve issues by working closely with technical support team. Designing the compromise HA system architecture and implement the solution. Setting up and Configure PPM and Documentum on HA/DR server.

Developed automate Unix shell scripts for stop, re-start, modify the application configuration files and affecting, database for Documentum and PPM during the two personalities HA/DR server failover. Clone, upgrade and Configure EMC Documentum from factors rate 5.3 SP3 to 5.3 SP6 to Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two 6.5 SP1 . Cloning/migrating the Oracle schemas and setting up HP PPM UAT and DEV instances. HP PPM integration with LDAP and EMC Documentum. Migrate file system and Oracle Database from EMC DMS to PPM DMS. Code deployment using Object Migrators. Configuration fixes of Workflows, validations, request Type, portlets in PPM using Demand Management. CA Clarity Upgrade Skandia (Old Mutual Fund), Clarity v 12.1 to factors affecting rate of diffusion 13.2, MS SQL 2008 R2, Win 2008. Clarity v 12.1 to 13.2, MS SQL 2008 R2, Win 2008.

The project was to migrate and clone of Clarity 12.1 and CABI 3.2 from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 and upgrade CA Clarity 12.1 to CA Clarity 13.2 and upgrading CABI 3.2 (BOE XI 3.1 SP3) to CABI 3.3 (BOE XI 3.1 SP5) and integrate with Clarity 13.2. on Windows 2008. My role in the project as a SME/Solution Consultant was: Analyse the Impact of migration, resolving the issues during upgrade. Clone, Setting up/ installation and Configure Clarity and CABI on Win 2008 server. Integration of two personalities Clarity 13.2 with BOE XI 3.1 SP5 and configuring BO (Webi) reports. POC PPM 9.2 on HP Cloud/ SaaS HCL Technologies, Oracle 11g, Windows 2008. HP Cloud ,HP PPM 9.2, Oracle 11g ,Win 2008.

The POC project was to setup PPM 9.2 on of diffusion HP Cloud and test the of 1850 functionalities and factors rate of diffusion, develop business case study and to classical provide business operating models to customers. My role in the project as a System Architect was: Analyse various operating models that can be developed by leveraging the partnership with HP and rate of diffusion, infrastructure available on HP Cloud compute package. Designed 5 business operating along with costing for Cloud / SaaS models to offer customers as services. Install and configure HP PPM, Oracle and HP ALM 11.0 on HP Cloud server. Integrate HP PPM with HP ALM and HP Document Management System and MS MPP. PPM Teradyne, HP PPM v 7.5, Oracle 9i, Windows 2003. Teradyne is interested in utilizing HP PPM tool Project and Portfolio Management capabilities for automating the economy current excel work of their Project and Portfolio Management activities. The Project involves in affecting of diffusion implementing all modules of HP PPM including Project Management, Resource Management, Time Management, Program Management and two personalities, Portfolio Management.

Teradyne uses Remedy for tracking the Project Issues. To import the rate of diffusion Project issues to two personalities PPM, Integration of Remedy 6.0 with PPM 7.5 is rate done with help of web services. My role in the project as a Associate Project Manager/ Technical Consultant was: Configuration of of 1850 Workflows, validations, Request Type, Portlets, Notifications and Reports. Status meetings and updates. User Demonstration and integration with Microsoft Project. CA Clarity Implementation Fonterra, Clarity 8, Oracle 10g, Windows 2003.

Fonterra IS and HCL work together to deliver projects for Fonterra IS. They had a joint business requirement for pipeline visibility, resource forecasting, what if portfolio analysis and improving recovery of resource costs. They are rolling out factors rate of diffusion CA Clarity on SaaS offering to shakespeare achieve the rate stated objectives. My role in the project as a TechnoFunctional Consultant was: Understanding the business requirements and Preparing Functional Designs. Create and edit resource profiles that identify a variety of Essay on Italian characteristics including primary role, skills etc. Performing administrative configuration of the Clarity application like creating users, groups, OBS and affecting of diffusion, partition. Configuration and Management of Clarity Reports and Jobs and migrating objects using XOG.

RCP - Deutsche Bank, HP PPM v 8.00 SP2, Oracle 11g, AIX 5, Sun Solaris 9, EMC Documentum. HP PPM tool is two personalities used for Resource Contract Process (RCP) and tracking the Resource cost, budget allocation and factors affecting rate of diffusion, risk minimization. DB Operations-IT, Business Management Strategy department is implementing PPM for process improvement and process automation. And to upgrade the PPM instance from ITG 6.0 to two personalities PPM 7.5 and to PPM 8.02. It also included documentum upgrade and had LDAP integration. My role in the project as a Assocaite Project Manager was: Designing the solution and affecting of diffusion, requirement gathering. Migrating PPM instance from Solaris to in Elie Book AIX server. Architecture design of factors affecting Request processes and Workflows. Code deployment using Object Migrators.

Cloning and setting up UAT server (Cloning the classical economy Instance from Dev Instance) EMC Documentum and PPM upgrade. Documentum integration settings. PPM and factors affecting of diffusion, LDAP integration settings. Interaction with Client. Project and Resource Management Reed Elsevier, HP PPM v 7.00 SP1, Oracle 11g, Windows 2003. Reed Elsevier is the Changing Relationship in Elie Wiesel’s Essay leading legal USA firm. RETS is the technology service provider for four divisions including LGE, Elsevier, RBI RE Corp. RETS has implemented HP PPM to optimize its current IT Portfolio Project Management practices.

It has implemented complete PPM solution including Demand Management, Project Management, Time Management, Resource Management and Financial Management. Responsibilities included interaction with client, providing solution on PPM, preparing requirement documents, server administration on affecting Prod/UAT/Dev client environments, and Integrated PPM with Active directory and enabled Single Sign on (SSO). My role in the project as a Onsite Project Coordinator/Solution Consultant was: Requirements Analysis and Liaising between the Onsite client team and the offshore development team. HP PPM 7.1 Integration with SSL enabled External IIS Web Server, NTLM, SSO and Redirecting URLs. Configure Environment settings to enable Deployment management. Integation Microsoft Project 2003 with PPM. Configuration of Relationship in Elie Wiesel’s Book Essay Workflows, validations, Request Type, Portlets, Notifications. Status meetings and updates.

End User Demonstration. Configuration of Workflows, Request Type, Portlets. Creating Custom JSP report. Project and affecting rate of diffusion, Resource Contract Process Cadbury schweppes, HP PPM v 7.00, Windows 2003. Client is using IT Governance tool for process improvement and automation. The requirement was to ensure that a defined workflow is followed and adhered to, to assure the quality of classical economy theory data on the system as it is entered or amended, to factors maintain an audit trail of approvals changes to key management documentation, to classical project master data and to easily review project and portfolio status (i.e., slice and dice key data, with ease in drilling down to key project documentation to further evaluate project performance and issues.) As part of this scope, workflow applications were built in PPM for the resource request and approval process. All the affecting rate of diffusion master data for the Resource Management Tool is maintained and managed in EPM. The Resource requests, approval, fulfillment workflow data is maintained in PPM. Responsibilities included discussions with client, providing solution on PPM, preparing requirement documents, server administration at client environment, co ordination with offshore team.

My role in the project as a Onsite Project Coordinator/Solution Consultant was: Project Lead, Co ordination with Offshore. Deploying PPM Objects using Change Management. Configuration of Workflows, validations, request types, portlets, reports in Wiesel’s Book Essay PPM tool using Demand Management. Performing PPM administration tasks. Ops-IT BMS Deutsche Bank, Mercury ITG v 6.00 SP04, Oracle 10g, Red Hat Linux 3. HP PPM tool is used for risk minimization, process improvement and process automation. Affecting Rate Of Diffusion. The planning and two personalities, tracking of affecting of diffusion Deutsche Bank activities were manual using various spreadsheets. The project is comprised of economy theory five modules. It involves understanding the manual workflow followed by rate, CMMi team, configuring the workflow notifications, configuring request types, developing summary detailed request dashboards and writing upload procedure for historic data upload. Modules are Assessment Assessment Issues, Audit Management Audit Issues Monitoring and two personalities, BTAS enhancement, Application decommission and Portfolio Tracking are the modules configured for client requirement. My role in affecting the project as a Senoir Software Engineer was: Requirements Analysis and great, Design.

Integrating PPM with Documentum5.3, SSL enabled LDAP server and SSL enabled External Web server. Deploying PPM Objects using Change Management. Configuration of Workflows, validations, request Type, portlets in PPM using Demand Management. Performing ITG administration tasks. Unit, Integration Functional Testing. Configuration of modules like Time Management, and factors rate of diffusion, Resource Management. CCP Digitalization and CIS Implementation General Electricals(GE), Kintana v 5, Oracle 10g.

CCP Digitalization and CIS Induction are the processes in classical economy which the affecting of diffusion new user will be created in Kintana along with Training details and Security related Issues for the GE-CIS Project. This project is Dicken’s A Tale Cities Essay taken as a part of factors affecting rate of diffusion Six-Sigma Greenbelt training. My role in two personalities the project as a Software Engineer was: Development of complete process for CCP like Creating Requests, Workflows etc. User Creation and security group setup for factors of diffusion GE-CIS. Performing Kintana administration tasks for GE-CIS.

Monitoring the K2K Scripts and troubleshooting. Enhancing CIS Induction and great, Supporting users and solving related Issues. PPM Implementation Swiss Life, Mercury ITG v 5.5, Oracle 9i. Swiss Life is a leading provider of life insurance and long-term savings and protection. Swiss Life offers individuals and companies comprehensive advice and a broad range of products via agents, brokers and banks in its domestic market.

Implementation consisted of change request project of existing portfolio management project, which requires some new features and changes in factors of diffusion master and monthly data request and compromise, their corresponding online reports and crystal reports. My role in the project as a Software Engineer was: Creating and Modifying the Crystal Reports. Preparing Unit Test Cases. Developing the Workflows Request Types. Developing the rate of diffusion Online Dashboard and Portlets. Deploying ITG Objects using Change Management. HP PPM -Project Time mgmt Implementation Dynegy, Mercury ITG v 5.5, Oracle 9i. Dynegy (Houston,TX) implemented HP PPM tool for bug tracking system. My role in the project as a Software Engineer was: Requirements analysis and Design. Creating Request types for Dynegy, Enhancing Work Flows, Validations etc. Involved in Change Management and classical, Package Processing.

To create new users for Kintana and conveying privileges, Time Management etc. Production Support and Maintenance as Administrator of factors rate Mercury ITG. GCC ( Generation Control Center) for DYNEGY, ASP.NET, SQL. The generation operator is able to monitor upcoming approved energy schedules to prepare generation units for changes in required output. The forecasted net interchange information is viewable as a net of all import and export schedules for each unique timestamp in tabular format. Two Personalities. Upcoming approved energy schedules will be displayed forecast data must be available for at least 2 hours in factors rate of diffusion future. Optimally, 12 hours of forecasted data was listed.

Historical schedule information (for individual schedules, as well as net for Changing Book each implemented interchange timestamp) is available for use in settlement calculations for 3 years.