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My Code of Ethics Essay

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My Code of Ethics Essay

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Blood: Composition, Functions and Other Details (with diagram) William Harvey (1578-1657) was discoverer of process of the blood circulation in 1628. The blood is thick and bright red fluid. It is alkaline (pH 7.3 7.45), salty viscous and heavier than water (sp. gravity 1.03-1.05). An average adult person contains 5 to 6 liters of blood in his body. William was an English medical doctor, born in 1578, in Kent, England. He was voracious student earning bachelors degree from Cambridge University in My Code of Ethics Essay 1597. He proposed that blood flows through the heart in the separate systems, one system is pulmonary circulation, connects circulatory system to the lungs, and the second system is systemic circulation through which blood flows to the vital body organs and tissues.

Harvey also observed that blood flows through the Holocaust veins towards the heart, but not in opposite direction. My Code Of Ethics Essay! Harvey eventually developed an oxford v moss, accurate theory of how the of Ethics heart and circulatory system operated. He published his theories in The Jewsih Holocaust 1628 in his famous book #8220;On the motion of the Heart and blood in Animals#8221;. Blood is bright coloured, fluid connective tissue, which consists of Essay, two main parts. 2. Corpuscles (40%). (Liquid part). It is straw coloured alkaline fluid which contains 90 to hitler childhood facts, 92% water, proteins 7 to 8%, inorganic salts 1%, glucose 0.1% and Essay other substances in negligible amount. Glucose, amino acids, hormones, fibrinogen and urea are other substances, while sodium chloride, potassium hydroxide, calcium sulphate and sodium-bi-carbonate are inorganic salts present in plasma.

When fibrinogen protein is removed from plasma it is called serum. Illegal And Recorded Music Essay! (Cellular part) Corpuscles form living part of blood. There are following types of corpuscles (Fig. 1.16). Erythrocytes (Red Blood Corpuscles) are minute, biconcave circular structure, flat in the centre, thick at the periphery. They are with a diameter of 7 microns and Essay thickness of 1-2 micron. Mature erythrocyte has no nucleus, no mitochondria and no ribosome. The life span is of only 120 days. Number of erythrocytes in male is 5.5 million/mm 3 , in female is 4.8 million/mm 3 . These corpuscles contain haemoglobin. The erythrocytes are produced in marrow of long bone such as ribs and breast bone, but in embryo, liver and spleen also. The process of their formation is called haemopoiesis. Erythrocytes disintegrate in Illegal and Recorded Music spleen, liver and bone marrow, this process is My Code, called haemolysis.

A Red coloured substance is present in Erythrocytes, it is called haemoglobin. It is Conjugated chromoprotein. Haemoglobin forms 95% of the solids present in the RBCs. Haemoglobin has two main parts, globin and Schemes Essay Haem. Haem in turn; is composed of Iron and porphyrin. Each molecule of Haemoglobin has four ferrous atoms. Porphyrin is a pigment of four pyrrol groups, it is a protein. It is water soluble and insoluble in alcohol.

The main function of My Code, haemoglobin is oxygen carriage from lungs to body tissues and carbon dioxide transport in blood. On breakdown it forms important bile pigments Blood gets its colour from trillions of Erythrocytes in plasma. Oxford V Moss! The blood of lobsters and My Code of Ethics other large crustaceans is blue due to adolf childhood facts, the presence of oxygen carrying pigment known as hemocyanin, as contain copper molecules rather than iron molecules. The main function of erythrocytes is to deliver oxygen, as they lack mitochondria they cannot use oxygen and transport full absorbed oxygen to the tissues. These are produced in red bone marrow, lymph nodes average life is about two weeks.

These are large irregular or oval colourless nucleated structures. These corpuscles do not contain haemoglobin. Number of leucocytes are 7000/mm 3 in My Code Essay an adult. When number of leucocytes increase, it is called leukaemia. There are two types of Leucocytes: (a) Granulocytes and. Basophils, acidophils and neutrophils are the types of granulocytes. Lymphocytes and Paint monocytes are the types of agranulocytes.

Production of anti toxins, formation of antibodies, help in fat metabolism, phagocytic action against infecting organisms, help in tissue repair and help to maintain plasma concentration are the main functions of My Code Essay, leucocytes. Monocyte is the largest WBC and smallest WBC is lymphocyte. (c) Thrombocytes (Blood Platelets): These are oval, round or rod like cytoplasmic structures with granules but no nucleus. Number of platelets is 2, 50,000/mm 3 . These are formed in red bone marrow. Their life span is 3 to 5 days and Color Essay are destroyed mainly in My Code the spleen. Protection of inner lining of blood vessels due to adhesive property and initiates the process of blood clotting are the main functions of Schemes Essay examples, thrombocytes. 1. Blood transports digested food materials such as glucose, amino acids and fatty acids to various body parts. 2. Blood regulates body temperature. My Code Of Ethics Essay! 3. Blood transports oxygen from lungs to the tissues, oxygen is carried in Illegal Music two ways 98 per cent travels as oxy-haemoglobin and My Code Essay remaining two per cent is dissolved in plasma.

4. Paint Color Examples! Leucocytes of blood protect the My Code of Ethics Essay body from diseases. 5. Blood helps in wound healing. 6. It transports excretory materials from the tissues to the respective organs. 7. Blood transports various hormones and other chemicals from one region to another to keep chemical co-ordination. Oxford V Moss! Dr. James Blundell (1791-1878) Dr.

James Blundell was an English (British) physician. First of all in My Code Essay 1818 James blundell determined that a blood transfusion would be appropriate to treat a severe hemorrhage. He also discovered the importance of letting all the air out of a syringe prior to Paint Color Schemes examples, the transfusion. When patients undergo surgical operations they need blood, then it becomes necessary to inject blood into the body of patient. This is called blood transfusion. [Fig. 1.17 (a)]. For this process, blood is introduced into the body of patient from a healthy person called donor. It is necessary for this that the My Code blood of both acceptor and donor should match. The blood of donor may not always match the blood of the patient who receives it, as a result, the blood of the patient clumps or agglutinates, proving fatal to The Jewsih Holocaust, the life of the patient.

Mismatching of blood takes places due to the reaction between antigens present in the RBCs cells of donor and antibodies present in the plasma of the receiver. Karl Landsteiner was born on June 14, 1868 in Vienna, Austria. In 1891 he received his medical degree. Essay! In 1901-1903 Landsteiner discovered that during a blood transfusion from human to human, different foreign bloods tends to clump and cause shock or jaundice. In 1909, Landsteiner categorized the modern system for human blood into A, B, AB and O groups. Landsteiner, along with A.S. Weiner, identified the Rh factor on 1940. Oxford V Moss! In 1930, Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize for medicine for his work on differentiating the blood groups. The human blood is divided into four types of blood groups. A, B, AB and O according to which, RBC antigens they have [Fig. 1.17 (b)].

O type blood can be given to My Code Essay, persons of all types of blood groups, such as O, A, B and AB. The person having blood group O, is called universal donor. The person of blood group AB can receive the blood from oxford v moss all type of blood groups AB, A, B and My Code O, and is therefore called universal acceptor. Besides the regular antigens, there is one antigen called Rh factor that determines the compatibility of blood transfusion. Depending upon the presence or absence of Rh factor a person is called Rh positive or Rh-negative.

Rh-negative persons do not have an antibody in the plasma against Color examples Rh factor. Blood is fluid connective tissue, when the Essay blood comes out through injury, the platelets come in contact with the air, due to this thromboplastin (an enzyme) is released and it combines with calcium ions present in plasma and converts pro-thrombin into thrombin. Now thrombin acts on fibrinogen present in blood plasma and converts it into insoluble fibrin. Fibrins is solid substance and form a fine network around the wound. Oxford V Moss! Blood cells are unable to go through this network. Through the network of fibrin, when it contracts, a light yellow fluid comes out called serum. Blood does not clot in vessels due to some factors such as: (1) Constant flow of blood in vessels if velocity of circulation decreases it leads to clotting. (2) Smooth endothelial lining of blood vessels prevent clotting. Essay! (3) Presence of natural anticoagulants in the blood such as #8216;heparin#8217; and protein #8216;C#8217; (Fig. 1.18a 1.18b).

Blood pressure is pressure which is exerted by the blood on the walls of blood vessels. Upper limit of blood pressure is called systolic pressure and responsible for movement of fresh blood in the arteries. Normal blood pressure (for upper limit) in conflicts internal adult is 100-140 (systolic) and the lower limit 60-80 (diastolic) when a person is having 140 mm systolic and above 90 mm diastolic pressure, the person is My Code of Ethics, said to be a case of hypertension. Blood pressure is measured by an instrument known as Sphygmoma­nometer (Fig. 1.19). Welcome to BiologyDiscussion! Our mission is to provide an Paint Schemes Essay, online platform to help students to share notes in Biology.

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Online Essay Generator Essays and Research Papers. ? Online Education Benefits COM/155 Online Education Benefits Online learning is a relatively new . process that enables people to obtain a college degree. Of Ethics? New technology has opened the doors to conflicts internal and external obtaining a college degree through online education programs. Obtaining a degree through an of Ethics Essay online education program is an alternative option to the traditional educational environment. The online learning environment is allowing more people throughout the world, a new opportunity to obtain. Academic degree , Education , Higher education 1057 Words | 3 Pages. Online Environment and the Law Essay. Online Environment and the Law Essay Jay Baldwin Jennifer Riedthaler BUS 225 December 8, 2009 . I have read and understand the plagiarism policy as outlined in the syllabus and the sections in Paint Color Schemes Essay, the Student Bulletin relating to the IWU Honesty/Cheating Policy. By affixing this statement to the title page of my paper, I certify that I have not cheated or plagiarized in of Ethics, the process of completing this assignment. If it is found that cheating and/or plagiarism. Broker , Cartel , Competition 1118 Words | 4 Pages.

Persuasion Essay Against Online Education. ?Persuasion Essay Against Online Eduation Nowadays, everything about the and Recorded Music Essay, world is My Code Essay, accessible at one’s fingertips. Schemes? Left and My Code of Ethics Essay, . right, technological advancements surge throughout stores, offices, and Downloading and Recorded Essay, schools. Essay? Not only oxford v moss, are schools becoming more technology friendly, but online schooling is of Ethics, also growing rapidly. These online schools are attracting millions of teenagers around the world, but they are not as good as they seem. Adolf Childhood Facts? Many teenagers who attend online schools prefer traditional schooling since online schools. Alternative education , College , Distance education 817 Words | 3 Pages. ?BOYS AND GIRLS ONLINE ESSAY In the short story “Boys and Girls”, Alice Munro portrays the difficulties of the narrator and her . brother. Throughout the story, the narrator faces inequality of being a different sex compared to of Ethics Essay her brother Laird and the effect this has on her as she is growing up.

The narrator goes through many experiences that she has to oxford v moss understand herself as she is My Code, growing up. Alice Munro shows how gender labeling, different relationships within the family and the narrator’s innocence. Alice Munro , Anton Chekhov , Boy 822 Words | 3 Pages. Advantages of Online Learning essay. Dav Online Learning vs. Hitler Childhood? Traditional Classroom Learning Online . Learning versus Traditional Classroom Learning Today, many students are faced with the decision to go to Essay a school where they sit in solar energy, a classroom and My Code Essay, learn from energy essays, a teacher face to face, or go to school online where the teacher sends out assignments through email and of Ethics, discussion boards. Not only do students have this decision for conflicts internal and external, college, but they now have it for high school. Education , Full-time , History of My Code of Ethics Essay education 844 Words | 3 Pages.

Research Essay about Online Learing. ?Research Essay about childhood facts Online Learning 65% of the students in My Code Essay, online learning did not complete the courses while in . Adolf Facts? face-to-face learning, only 29% of the My Code Essay, students did not complete the essays, courses in John Tyler Community College which means the My Code, fulfillment rates in face-to-face courses are 10% to 20% higher than in online courses. Hitler Facts? In addition, the My Code of Ethics Essay, rates of quitting in oxford v moss, online classes are higher than in traditional classes, for the dropout rates in online classes range from 25% to My Code Essay 40% while the dropout. Distance education , E-learning 2519 Words | 7 Pages. create flashcards for oxford v moss, free at Sign In | Sign Up StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays , Term Papers Book Notes Essays . Book Notes AP Notes Citation Generator More Code Napoleon and “Declaration of the Essay, Rights of Man” Comparison By wis2cool, april. 2013 | 5 Pages (1064 Words) | 1 Views | 4.5 12345 (1) | Report | This is a Premium essay for upgraded members Sign Up to access full essay DID YOU LIKE THIS? TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Send Code Napoleon and “Declaration. Age of Enlightenment , Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen , French Revolution 632 Words | 4 Pages. Task 2:Critical Essay IDEAS in solar essays, MANAGEMENT Writing instructions and Marking Rubric This assessment task is an ESSAY . My Code Essay? . The RMIT College of Business requires you to use a particular style of essay writing which involves both the way the essay is and external, structured and the way that you acknowledge other people’s ideas used in your work.

The structuring of an Essay essay is hitler facts, very clearly described in the RMIT Study and Learning Centre Essay Writing Skills Online Tutorial available online at: https://www. Article , Citation , Critical thinking 807 Words | 3 Pages. Essay on Online Communication, the of Ethics, Fame of Its Technology. grown to being mostly wanted in top companies. Generally, companies can make better aspects of the internet technology and making things more available for . their costumers. __________________________________________________________ WE WRITE YOUR ESSAYS ON ANY TOPICS! __________________________________________________________ Video conferencing has widened the opportunities for businesses and students for the better. Illegal? As for My Code Essay, businesses the challenge of getting things done faster quicker and Illegal and Recorded Music, better. Computer , Love , Video Relay Service 1592 Words | 5 Pages. retrieves personal information (name, rollno, address, e-mailed, mobile-no) of student using COM/.NET Develop a stateless bean application Develop a . Of Ethics? calculator component for arithmetic operations. Using DCOM/.NET Develop a State full Session Bean for online shopping system Implement a .NET component to perform the following operations on Illegal Downloading and Recorded Music bank account: (i) Deposit (ii) Withdraw Develop Remote Object for an Employee application having a remote method to Essay find the employee details such as empid, ename. Database , Enterprise JavaBean , Java 678 Words | 4 Pages.

BM 6105 Assignment BM 6105 Managing Change Assignment (3000 words) Essay Due on Monday 14th of January 2013 You are required to write an . essay supported with reference to the academic literature that answers the following question: • You have recently been appointed to your first management post following graduation. You are keenly aware that as part of solar energy your management role you will be responsible for managing change and anticipate drawing on your BM 6105 studies to help you achieve success. Essay , Management , Organization 690 Words | 3 Pages. their motivation was will determine if their act was moral or not. By betraying his own kin Momutu decided to give up his humanity, while on the other . hand, Amoo gave up his own freedom to protect his family.

Testing with success series The Essay Exam Organization and of Ethics, neatness have merit Before writing out the exam: Write down their key words, listings, etc, as they are fresh in and Recorded Music Essay, your mind. Otherwise these ideas may be blocked (or be unavailable) when the time comes to of Ethics Essay write. African slave trade , Answer , Atlantic slave trade 857 Words | 4 Pages. ?Social Media Marketing Note On Smo Marketing Essay Social Media Optimization can be defined as a process of achieving Marketing Communication . and Branding goals through the use of various Social Media Websites. It is a process to optimize web sites, so that they are easily connected or interlaced with online communities and community websites. Primarily the Focus of Downloading and Recorded Music Social Media Optimization is to drive traffic from Sources other than the My Code, Search Engines.

Social media can take many different forms. Blog , Facebook , Instant messaging 1777 Words | 6 Pages. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Related Literature Foreign literature Amateur Radio Exam Generator Software to oxford v moss generate amateur examinations . * a learning aid for prospective amateurs * an administrative tool for accredited examiners Industry Canada is Essay, pleased to introduce an conflicts internal exam generator software package to facilitate the amateur examination process that our accredited examiners have taken on of Ethics our behalf. This software package can produce a unique examination for either a basic or advanced. Answer , Computer software , Graphical user interface 587 Words | 2 Pages. ?Luis Espinoza Professor Wees Composition One 29 October 2014 Writing Process There are many important steps in writing an The Jewsih Essay essay . My Code Essay? . Essays are a significant part of The Jewsih Holocaust Essay any student’s grade in My Code, most English classes, whether in high school, college, or even those studying for hitler childhood facts, Masters and My Code Essay, a PhD. Whether it is a narrative, descriptive, expository or a persuasive essay , each one has the same process as the others. Although depending on the class level one is The Jewsih Essay, at, the writing process might be more or less complex. Citation , Creative writing , Essay 1030 Words | 4 Pages. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This part of the My Code of Ethics, paper consists of Essay various related literature and studies about My Code of Ethics consumer services in adolf, . online processes. It includes articles (both published and unpublished materials), books as well as internet sources.

A. Related Literature The proponents gathered materials in order to get some ideas and information that will serve as a reference to their study. All these information helped the researcher in solving out the problems and. Bank , Bank statement , Credit union 2453 Words | 7 Pages. ?NANO GENERATORS Name: RAVI TEJA Y S SIDDHANT MISHRA Affiliation: Progressive . Engineering college Progressive Engineering College Branch: B tech IInd year B tech IInd year Electronics and Communications Electronics and Communications Author: RAVITEJA Y S SIDDHANT MISHRA Affiliation. Alternating current , Alternator , Electric charge 1192 Words | 7 Pages. Report Online Dating in the Gay and of Ethics, Lesbian Community: A Snapshot of users in Southern California Overview . Online Dating, or OL Dating, which for Paint Color examples, the purpose of this paper includes meeting people and forming relationships online with the intention of meeting face to face, is My Code of Ethics Essay, beginning to receive substantial attention because of its recent surge in oxford v moss, popularity in the U.S., and its potential social implications. In August 2003, 40 million people visited online dating websites. Dating , Dating system , Homosexuality 1842 Words | 6 Pages.

NANO ELECTRIC GENERATOR PAPER PRESENTATION SUBMITTED BY, M.ANANTHA GANESH M.KARTHIKEYAN . 3rd YEAR EEE 3rd YEAR EEE ( ( (Contact No-8870804996) Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering FRANCIS XAVIER ENGINEERING COLLEGE TIRUNELVELI-627001 ABSTRACT: Power, more specifically electric power is very. Alternating current , Battery , Electric charge 1655 Words | 7 Pages. NOTE: This paper explains the theory and uses of the electric generator , and explains the Essay, differences between AC and DC . generators . Color? It also includes a glossary and a bibliography. --------------------------------------------------- ELECTRIC GENERATORS In its most basic definition, an electric generator is a machine that produces electricity. Essay? Generators produce almost all of the electricity used by adolf hitler facts, people. They supply the electric power that runs machines in factories, provide lighting, and operate. Alternating current , Alternator , Electrical engineering 1042 Words | 5 Pages. DISCUSSION 8 REFERENCE 10 INTRODUCTION Synchronous generators or alternators are synchronous machines used to My Code Essay convert mechanical power . to ac electric power. Oxford V Moss? Nowadays, an isolated synchronous generator supplying its own load independently of other generators is very rare. Such a situation is found in My Code, only a few out-of-the-way applications such as emergency generators . For all usual generator applications, there is more than one generator operating in adolf childhood facts, parallel to Essay supply the power demanded by the. Alternating current , Alternator , Commutator 1173 Words | 4 Pages.

people are becoming dependent on the internet for conflicts internal, their daily life style. Online services have been a great support for users by My Code Essay, providing a . more efficient, less time consuming, and a hassle-free way in essays, searching for our unlimited needs and wants. My Code? With just a click, we can access a website that would give us the Holocaust Essay, information that we need and even give us the of Ethics Essay, opportunity to childhood learn things that exist in our generation. The ONLINE ORDERING AND PAYMENT SYSTEM is a world wide web-application used through. Customer , Electronic commerce , Online service provider 1668 Words | 5 Pages.

Free Essays , Term Papers, Research Paper, and Book Report Free essays , research papers, term papers, and other writings on . literature, science, history, politics, and My Code Essay, more. Search Essays - Argumentative Essays - Abortion - FAQs Free Essays Free Essays 1 - 20 - Free Essays on energy essays Free Essays for students. Use our papers to My Code Essay help you with yours 1 - 20. subjects/free-ess. All Free Essays - Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers. David Foster Wallace , Essay , Essays 270 Words | 3 Pages. Online Communities.

To start off my essay I would like to stress on the fact that an online community is not . created online communities evolve and flourish. Most of the adolf hitler childhood facts, well built online communities take time and effort to establish them. In this essay I will be covering topics like how people interact in an online community, also will be looking at how to facilitate a successful online discussion and how to Essay evaluate the oxford v moss, success or failure of an online community. My Code Of Ethics Essay? With the dawn of the new. Community , Community building , Facebook 1879 Words | 6 Pages. at Upgrade | Hi Iamsiddha. Energy? Get Access to - Complete Your Registration Now. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays , . Term Papers Book Notes Essays Book Notes AP Notes Citation Generator More Essay On Eye Donation Wikipedia Essays and Term Papers Search Advanced Search Documents 1 - 20 of My Code 47 Laser Eye Surgery Research essay Laser eye surgery Laser eye surgery The eye is the and external, organ of sight. It is My Code of Ethics Essay, used in almost everything we do, from playing sport to reading. Critical theory , Essay , Essays 1151 Words | 6 Pages. Online learning is an effective educational tool in developing countries.

During the technology development and information explosion of the . 21th centuries, a tremendous transformation has infiltrated the dissemination of knowledge. A vigorous process that may boost the revolution for education in the developed countries is online learning that learners can successfully obtain universal access to Illegal and Recorded Music knowledge through electronic devices without the limitation of space and time. My Code? However the hitler childhood, new teaching. Cyprus , Developed country , Developing country 954 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and Contrast Essay on of Ethics Online School vs. Traditional School. Compare and Contrast Essay Traditional College vs. Online College Convenience Factor A. Travel requirements B. Downloading And Recorded Essay? . Clothing C. Time constraints Financial Aid A. FAFSA B. Financial Aid Advisor Books and My Code of Ethics, Supplies A. Books B. Supplies Traditional College Versus Online College Traditional College Versus Online College Shannan Shaw English 121 English Composition Professor Bernadette Anayah February 13, 2011 Traditional College vs. Online College Traditional. Convenience , Expense , Operating expense 761 Words | 6 Pages. Addiction in Online Gaming to the Selected High School Students in Color Schemes examples, LWAD In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for My Code of Ethics Essay, Research and . Holocaust? Methodology Presented to the Faculty and Essay, Staff of Legacy of Wisdom Academy of Dasmarinas Inc.

Presented by: Jhazelle Icotanim Reizon Calzado Marvilyn Holasca S.Y: 2014-2015 Chapter I The Problem, Rationale and oxford v moss, Background of the Study Online gaming is due today latest technology. The people can easy to access on My Code Essay this Online World because. Addiction , Drug addiction , Game 1064 Words | 6 Pages. Online vs. Traditional Education Compare/Contrast Essay. attend, students must first consider an online or traditional university. With the rising costs of education, more students are choosing an . online university. “In 2007–08, about Holocaust 4.3 million undergraduate students, or 20 percent of Essay all undergraduates, took at least one distance education course.

About 0.8 million, or 4 percent of all undergraduates, took their entire program through distance education” (National Center for Education Statistics). Both online and traditional education have many similarities. Distance education , Education , Higher education 1054 Words | 3 Pages. Log In | Sign Up Essays Book Notes Citation Generator More Essays » Miscellaneous Lord . of the Flies By emmarosex17, September 2011 | 3 Pages (711 Words) | 235 Views | Report | This is Downloading Music, a Premium essay Sign Up to My Code Essay access full essay Emma Kirby Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in oxford v moss, our power.” An interpretation of this quote would be that we cannot control the situation we are put in but we can choose what. Citation , Novel , Pig 612 Words | 3 Pages.

Scholarship Online degree programs, partial . scholarships available. . . For years the Common Application had no length limit, and applicants and counselors frequently debated whether a tight 450-word essay was a wiser approach than a detailed 900-word piece. In 2011, that decision was taken away as the Common. Cash flow , College admissions in My Code of Ethics Essay, the United States , College application 736 Words | 4 Pages. Online Communication—Not a Sensible Way to Build Personal Relationships in conflicts, Citizens The Internet provides a virtual space for users to . converse, overcoming the limitations of distance, as well as the conditions of time. Of Ethics Essay? The convenient for connecting through the Internet is obvious. However, opposite sides claim that visible weaknesses exists in online communication. Paint Essay? According to Cavanagh (2007), Internet users attend less social activities, feeling loneliness and frustration and reducing contact. Internet , Internet activism , Internet Protocol 966 Words | 3 Pages.

Research Essay Online Resources Vs Text. ? Online Resources vs. Traditional textbooks As years have been passing by, technology is becoming more advanced and essential in our daily . lives. The world cannot subsist without it these days, as technology is used in every aspect whether it is in the medical field, schools, or simply in our basic duties. Currently, the world is becoming more modern because of technology, to the extent that it is debated whether or not it should be provided to students at school at a young age. This will result. Attention span , Distraction , Education 1064 Words | 3 Pages. 1. Educational Issue: Behaviour Issues and Classroom Management. Essay? What Is the Best Approach? 2. Part 1 . Identify and explore Behaviour issues and classroom . management.

3. Importance of classroom management Students need to feel a sense of community. Relationships and Experiences. Conflicts And External? Classroom management and behaviour issues are directly relate to My Code Essay how students feel. 4. Issues relating to behaviour and manaegment A teachers beliefs and values influence classroom environment . The teacher models and. Autocracy , Classroom management , Democracy 857 Words | 3 Pages. College on Campus vs Online Compare and oxford v moss, Contrast Essay. College on Campus VS Online Shannon Schillings COM/155 So, you have decided you want to go to college. Of Ethics Essay? Do you know what your options . are? Read on to get a brief look at The Jewsih Essay, what these options have to offer and see what the My Code, pros and cons of each choice are. Every student is different and is looking for the type of college that fits them the energy essays, best.

Learning style and personal study preferences tend to assist in making the right choice. Attending college on a campus or online have similar outcomes. Academic degree , Doctor of Philosophy , Doctorate 1302 Words | 4 Pages. ?1.0 INTRODUCTION E-RETAILING Online retailing (also known as B2C or business-to-consumer e-commerce) is basically a Web-enabled interface . between your company and Essay, your target consumer for selling products and services on the Web with the facility of online payment. Online retailing is the most famous and challenging innovation for the retail industry since the last two decades. It offers a new kind of distribution channel and unique options of collecting customer data and analysing buying. , Customer service , Electronic commerce 1494 Words | 6 Pages. Essays are generally scholarly pieces of writing written from an Downloading Music Essay author's personal point of view, but the My Code of Ethics, definition is vague, overlapping with . those of an article, a pamphlet and a short story. Essays can consist of a number of conflicts and external elements, including: literary criticism, political manifestos, learned arguments, observations of My Code daily life, recollections, and reflections of the author.

Almost all modern essays are written in prose, but works in oxford v moss, verse have been dubbed essays (e.g. Alexander Pope's. Alexander Pope , Essay , Essays 1053 Words | 4 Pages. Online versus traditional education There seems to be a new type of education out there for people instead of traditional education. The . type of of Ethics Essay education I am talking about is online education. You may be wondering what I mean by internal and external, an online education is and how you learn with it.

This compare and contrast essay will talk about the pro’s and cons of Essay each of the Paint Color, types of education and why I prefer to do online education versus doing a traditional education. Throughout this paper I will be discussing. Alternative education , Classroom , Education 930 Words | 3 Pages. The Convenience of Online Courses. document in the syllabus. The Convenience of Online Courses I wish online courses would have been offered in 1998. I . would have graduated by now! On the first day of school paper syllabus were handed out.

Some instructors discussed attendance requirements and went over the syllabus on the first day. Other instructors briefly explained the course and let the Essay, students go after passing out the syllabus. In 1998 there was no option to take online courses and the internet was mainly a research. Adult education , College , E-learning 1384 Words | 4 Pages. probably noticed, essay writing assignments can pop up in any class. An essay is Schemes examples, a literary composition that expresses a . certain idea, claim, or concept and backs it up with supporting statements. It will follow a logical pattern, to include an introductory paragraph (make the claim), a body (support), and a conclusion (summary of My Code statements and support). English and literature teachers use them on a regular basis, but essays are required in many other types of solar energy essays classes. Essay exams are also a. Abstraction , Essay , Fiction 876 Words | 3 Pages. ?Argumentative essay Shopping Online . Are you one of those people who get tired of Essay busy stores?

Well you can actually shop . from the comfort of conflicts your home and My Code, get products even from stores that aren’t even nearby. There are a few common questions when we shop for something on the internet, is it safe? When we shop for clothing is it going to fit me? Does the product have good quality or not? Follow these tips in order to achieve good online shopping. Online shopping is oxford v moss, making things much easier.

Electronic commerce , Film , Human body 1109 Words | 3 Pages. disquisition, monograph; More 2. formal an attempt or effort. a misjudged essay synonyms: attempt, effort, endeavor, try, venture, . trial, experiment, undertaking his first essay in telecommunications a trial design of a postage stamp yet to be accepted. verbformal verb: essay ; 3rd person present: essays ; past tense: essayed; past participle: essayed; gerund or present participle: essaying e?sa/ 1. attempt or try. essay a smile Origin late 15th century (as a verb in the sense ‘test the. Definition , Essay , Gerund 608 Words | 4 Pages. of e-commerce website using PHP, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS. * Development of database management system using Oracle Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, . Nigeria. Jun 2005 - Jul 2009 BSc. Computer Science (2:1) * BSc project: An Online Examination Website Application working at real-time. ------------------------------------------------- Relevant Work Experience Jun 2007– Sep 2007 Web Developer Ivan Templar Ogbake (ITO) Consultant Firm, Nigeria. * Rendered excellent. Amazon Web Services , Computer , Database management system 745 Words | 4 Pages. other way of avoiding plagiarism is by use of plagiarism detecting tools. These are programs that have been built with the main objective being to detect . plagiarized work.

These programs can be easily accessed online such as; Gramarly, Turnitin which is produced by iParadigms and Essay, also Essay Verification Engine. (Gilmore 53) Paraphrasing and use of quotations Plagiarism can also be avoided by proper paraphrasing. Energy Essays? Paraphrasing refers to use of your own words while at the same time retaining the intended. Academia , Academic dishonesty , Andrew Dickson White 744 Words | 3 Pages. ? Essay Instructions You will write 4 essays (double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font). The first essay must . be 1,000–1,200 words, and the following essays must be 750–1,000 words each. Essay one corresponds to the essay one prompt as listed below. Essay two corresponds with the essay two prompt, etc. through all four essays . My Code Essay? Each essay is a separate assignment. Internal And External? In completing each essay , research must be conducted through 2–4 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources in addition to the Bible and the. Bible , Religious text 990 Words | 3 Pages. Bankers Adda How to write Essay in of Ethics, SBI PO Exam? Dear readers, as you know that SBI PO 2014 Paper will also contain a Descriptive Test of . Solar Essays? 50 marks (1 hour duration), which will consist of English Language Comprehension, Short Precis, Letter Writing Essay ). So, here we are presenting you How to My Code write Essay ? and few points to remember while writing an energy essay in the exam, which will be important for upcoming SBI PO exam.

How to write an My Code of Ethics Essay essay ? 1. Analyze the prompt. Note exactly what. Essay , Jawaharlal Nehru , Linguistics 812 Words | 4 Pages. Of Mice And Men Essay Of mice and The Jewsih Holocaust Essay, men essay State of California. essay writers salt lake city research paper . writing chattanooga buy college ruled paper. Of mice and men essay Metis-sur-Mer of My Code of Ethics Essay mice and men essay Columbus, Leicestershire, Palmdale, Bakersfield of mice and men essay san antonio write essay for me, of mice and men essay Alexandria uploading essay to common app, Chester of mice and men essay Norfolk geometry and algebra 1 formula sheet Of mice and men essay State of Essay Rhode Island and.

Creative writing , Essay , Five paragraph essay 2212 Words | 4 Pages. What are the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction when buying online ? Over last few decades, it is My Code Essay, generally . realized that the high-speed internet service has increased significantly, and oxford v moss, it has been deeply into of Ethics, people’s daily life. Outcomes of the applications, the internet technology provides a powerful vehicle for online marketing,it also convenient for internal, people to shopping online . Customers do not need to go to shopping mall, and with computers at home they can buy. Customer , Electronic commerce , Good 1347 Words | 5 Pages. Students Suffer Educationally in Online. Students Suffer Intellectually in Online Writing Classes Jessica E. Miner University of Maryland University College . With over of Ethics Essay 25 years of personal experience in teaching writing classes, Kate Kiefer, examines the answer to “Do Students Loose More Than They Gain in Illegal Downloading and Recorded Essay, Online Writing Classes” with her argumentative essay . With writing this argumentative essay , Kiefer, believes that students of online writing classes can complete an online writing course with little understanding. Classroom , E-learning , Education 989 Words | 4 Pages.

Bibliography of Online Learning Materials. Online Learning Bibliography Education is perhaps the most important determinant on human development, as the great philosopher Durant . proclaimed, “education is the transmission of civilization.” (Rao, 2011, p.128) Therefore the hot topic of of Ethics education is never far from the energy essays, headlines politically, socially and technologically. Blair quoted in My Code, the Guardian (2001) as stating, “Our top priority was, is and oxford v moss, always will be education, education, education.” However while the importance of My Code of Ethics Essay education is. Article , Case study , Curriculum 1105 Words | 3 Pages. Argumentative Essay Social responsibility is an ideal topic for debate; there have been mixed results for companies and individuals who have . pursued social responsibility. There is also the question of whether social responsibility should be motivated by a perceived benefit.This type of conflicts and external essay is of Ethics, based on philosophical theories on the necessity of social responsibility backed up with facts about previous social responsibility efforts. For example, an essay could be about how giving support to disaster. Essay , Essays , Qualitative research 555 Words | 3 Pages. ELEMENTS OF AN ESSAY Preliminary Remarks Following are some suggestions to help you write an acceptable academic- level essay . . Paint Schemes Examples? This is not the only way to organize and of Ethics Essay, develop an essay . Essay? It is, however, a tried and true system and will likely be what your TCC instructors require of you. Audience and Purpose Before beginning, you should consider both your audience and My Code of Ethics, purpose.

For, before you can know how to energy essays approach the subject, you must determine whom you will be addressing, how much they already. 2005 albums , Essay , Five paragraph essay 1430 Words | 5 Pages. Persuasive Essay Online Resources. PERSUASIVE ESSAY ONLINE RESOURCES Revised 1/25/10 MIDDLE SCHOOL DEBATE – IDEAS FOR PERSUASIVE ESSAY TOPICS . This is an excellent help for of Ethics, students when beginning to internal write persuasive essays on different topics, some of which may be rather controversial. Essay? Click first on Topics link to The Jewsih Holocaust find a topic list, then click on My Code of Ethics Topic Research Guide to find links for research on all the conflicts and external, different topics. There is a section for teachers called Curriculum Center in the Resources. Essay , High school , Lesson plan 492 Words | 2 Pages. often within literature and history to produce historical fiction and narrative non-fiction. Literature takes many forms. They range from My Code of Ethics Essay, personal notes to . poems and non-fiction articles. Literature can be presented in a number of mediums including online content, magazine and conflicts internal and external, newspaper articles and in book form.

For a work to be considered literary, it usually requires artistic merit and quality. Of Ethics Essay? What constitutes as literary is Color Schemes Essay, a subjective matter and of Ethics, rarely agreed upon. History at its most basic. Emilio Aguinaldo , Fiction , Literature 1721 Words | 3 Pages. Online teaching: Do you know who is taking the final exam? Qinghai Gao Department of Criminal Justice Security Systems, Farmingdale State . College Abstract: In recent years Distance Learning has been steadily gaining popularity. More and more courses are being taught online . However, one question remains for those who teach online courses: who is doing the real course work? In this paper we will briefly survey the commonly used methods to prevent students from e-cheating, attempt to answer the.

Access control , Biometric passport , Biometrics 2246 Words | 7 Pages. 0.Disadvantages of online games Nowadays, online games are famous. Solar Essays? People prefer to play online games during . their leisure time. My Code Of Ethics? They are attracted by high resolution of solar energy graphic, story plots, and My Code of Ethics, accessibility of the games. These features would definitely amuse them. But, there are lots of disadvantages of solar online games. Playing online games is a waste if time, You may say, Playing online games is an entertainment. Yes, I agree with you, but, most of the online gamers would spend a plenty of.

Game , Massively multiplayer online game , Online game 1923 Words | 5 Pages. ? Comparative Essay John R. Booth and My Code of Ethics, Frederick Weyerhaeuser A wise man once said, “The road to success runs uphill”. This quotation . Oxford V Moss? illuminates that the of Ethics Essay, attainment of success is achievable but must be done with hard work and effort. Paint Color Essay Examples? This paper will shine light upon the similarities and differences between the two North American industrialists, John R. Booth and My Code Essay, Frederick Weyerhaeuser and their triumph in the lumber industry. In order to Paint Schemes effectively acknowledge their different paths towards. Booth , Businesspeople in timber , Canada Atlantic Railway 1533 Words | 5 Pages. com/past_papers/english- essay -1438.aspx English Essay . My Code Of Ethics Essay? Tweet. Internal? Search another past paper . Study Abroad.

Resources. . Interact. Discuss. Fun. Multimedia. Directories. Contact. English Essay 0 . Essay? Essay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Essay The word essay derives from the French infinitive essayer, to try or to attempt. In English essay first meant a trial or an solar attempt, and this is of Ethics, still an alternative . English Essay , Junior English essays www.englishdaily626. Essay , Five paragraph essay , Karachi 466 Words | 3 Pages. such strategies as scanning, skimming, main ideas, contextual clues and inferences.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this subject, student will . be able to: 1. Music Essay? write summaries as well as process, comparison-contrast and cause-effect essays 2. apply basic grammatical concepts in writing 3. answer questions based on of Ethics Essay academic texts 4. give oral presentations Textbook: 1. Adolf? Daise, D., Norloff, C., and Carne, P., (2011). My Code Of Ethics Essay? Q: Skills for Success 4 : Reading and Writing Oxford University. Cambridge , Essay , Latin 401 Words | 3 Pages. symbols which can be understood and manipulated by someone who is culturally literate. Second, being literate can mean having knowledge or competence. For . example, we speak of people being computer literate or politically literate. For your first essay , try to focus on a moment or a period in your life when you realized the oxford v moss, significance of being literate in this fashion. Did you have trouble using a computer to register for of Ethics, classes? Did you fit into Paint Color Schemes Essay, a subculture because you learned to My Code of Ethics Essay speak its.

Essay , Knowledge , Literacy 1120 Words | 4 Pages.

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Understanding Obama’s Auto Warranty Plan. On Monday morning, President Obama announced that the My Code Treasury Department would back the Paint Schemes Essay warranties of new General Motors and of Ethics Essay Chrysler vehicles. “If you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always,” President Obama said during a speech from the White House. “Your warranty will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it’s ever been, because starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warranty.” The administration’s plan to The Jewsih stand behind new-car warranties for G.M. and My Code of Ethics Chrysler is facts, intended to reassure consumers worried about buying domestic vehicles. My Code. And to a large extent, the plan should do exactly that. But people who already own a G.M. or Chrysler vehicle are not covered by this program and it also does not cover safety recalls, which can occur years after the The Jewsih Holocaust Essay warranty expires.

In a nutshell: The Obama warranty commitment program sets up special warranty accounts that will be used only if the of Ethics Essay automaker runs out of money. If that happens, the Holocaust Essay government will “appoint a program administrator who, together with the of Ethics Essay U.S. Adolf Hitler. Government, will identify an auto service provider to supply warranty services.” Those accounts will be funded with 125 percent of the expected warranty cost. The automaker will contribute 15 percent and the government 110 percent. The federal funds will come from the My Code of Ethics Essay Troubled Asset Relief Program. That could be a lot of money (except, perhaps, by the government’s current standards). The Jewsih. For example, G.M. paid $4.5 billion worldwide in 2007 on of Ethics Essay warranties and $3.9 billion during the first nine months of last year, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A Treasury spokesman said the warranties would cover all vehicles, even those sold overseas. Energy. And although the Essay program does not cover safety recalls, he said even an automaker in Chapter 11 bankruptcy would be required to pay for conflicts and external them. In the My Code of Ethics Essay case of a defect, an energy, automaker is typically on the hook for of Ethics a safety recall for a decade.

A major recall could easily cost an automaker $50 million or more, said Clarence Ditlow, the executive director of the Center for and external Auto Safety. General Motors has promised it will stand behind its warranty, although it is not clear how that would happen should it simply lack the funds. Chrysler’s statement –- issued last month and not revised — simply says: “We are committed to serving our customers.” The government backing should reassure consumers, but there are plenty of questions, said Jon Linkov, managing editor of the My Code Essay automobile section at Consumer Reports magazine. For example, he said, if an automaker goes out of business, how well and how quickly would the new-vehicle warranty program work and and Recorded Music who would do more sophisticated repairs? “I guess there are more questions out Essay there than answers,” Mr. Linkov said.

Jeremy Anwyl, the childhood facts chief executive of, said he didn’t think there was much risk over the warranty anyway. “This statement from the government makes the risk even less,” he said. “There is probably more risk for consumers around resale value.” Comments are no longer being accepted. Remember that the My Code of Ethics Essay ‘bumper-to-bumper’ warranty does not cover the bumpers themselves. Adolf Hitler Facts. A dent in your bumper is NOT covered. I love American capitalism. If you buy a car and it breaks down the Essay government will now guarantee to repair it. But if you get sick and you have no warranty (health insurance) – well, you are on Illegal your own.

Can’t let the ailing auto business fail but sick people are expendable. Nothing like getting your priorities right. The same fine folks that couldn’t roll out $40 coupons in Essay time for the digital TV switchover will now “guarantee” your automobile warranty…I guess that P.T. Barnum said it best…step right up suckers, all of you fools that voted for Obama can now buy your GM new cars that will be covered by your Obama warranty…nothing to adolf childhood facts worry about…wanna buy a bridge too chumps? When will America realize that GM (management AND unions) killed themselves long ago and are now a the nightmare of the living dead men walking around looking for bailouts…let’s mercifully pull the of Ethics plug before the zombies kill us too! Or shall we turn America into one big DMV? “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of oxford v moss, facts and evidence.” — John Adams. I agree with John Conlin above and of Ethics Essay Jon Linkov, why and how would you ever expect the US Govt to service your car. Essays. That’s just insane – and Obama’s plan sounds like mumbo jumbo that could not have been imagined even by the best sci-fi writers of our time. With all the great choices world-wide for fuel-efficient (and not) vehicles – considering all those rotting in transport right now – why would anyone consider a GM or Chrysler purchase?

Well, thx for My Code the entertainment NYT! Its kind of a stretch to blame this GM fiasco on Obama. Perhaps you’re trying to get your kicks in solar while everyone else is. If GM / Chrysler go, I guarantee you that the term rust belt will take on of Ethics Essay a whole new meaning, and dimension. Beware what you wish for. just like other statements out of Obama’s mouth, he will say later down the road, Oh that was just first 100 days in office rhetoric just as he now says, oh that was just campaign rhetoric as he reneges on internal and external many of his promises: 1. My Code Essay. US out of Iraq. 3. tax cut for 90 something % of citizens even non-taxpayers.

4. Hillary is not qualified when it comes to foreign affairs. 5. Holocaust Essay. no lobbyists in his administration. 6. My Code Of Ethics. etc. And External. (others feel free to ad to this list) Fine that the government will guarantee the Essay warranty….but if the company goes bust what are the chances you’ll be able to find parts a few years down the road?? Is the government going to guarantee that parts will be available? Detroit is in the miserable shape that it is in due to the reasons I stated — the automobile manufacturer’s management and solar energy their unions. The management caved into the unions, and neither paid attention to Essay the idea of building a better car that people actually wanted to solar buy. Free market capitalism is the goose that created the golden eggs that originally built Detroit and of Ethics America.

But Obama and his team are doing their best to kill it as fast as they can. The concept of government bailing out failed businesses epitomize the energy thinking that has made Detroit and the rest of the “rust belt” into pathetic zombies that want to feed off those businesses and taxpayers that can and of Ethics Essay do want to compete in the free market…pulling the plug on the already dead automakers would be a kindness, and is the only way that once great cities like Detroit have a chance to avoid total collapse. Whatever the government subsidizes we get more of…whatever the government taxes we get less of…take a look around with eyes wide open and you will see countless examples… “The inherent vice of capitalism is the The Jewsih Holocaust Essay unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” — Winston Churchill. the american dream is tarnished,the democracy of american is of Ethics, tarnished, the democracy are breaking the hitler childhood facts rule of My Code, market. need improvement right now! Isuzu, Chris Craft and many RV, Boat makers have gone this route with no problems.

What happens to those of us who purchased extended factory warranties? Are we out of luck? This whole situation is scary! The resale value of conflicts internal, my Dodge will be about five bucks! Guess I should send my repair bills to the white house?? Is this another way for the new government to take away our rights and force us to drive eco friendly cars after there are no parts or service available for our current vehicles? Time to buy a crate engine and put it away until needed! Please don’t let your spite for the unions and US car companies prevent you from seeing the big picture. The US auto industry is My Code Essay, circling the The Jewsih drain, and so is the last of the country’s major manufacturing. Without manufacturing, we will eventually be doomed. Essay. Just a nation of buyers, in debt, who don’t make anything.

Free trade does not work when major industrial powers export millions of Schemes Essay, vehicles to the US and accept no significant import vehicles from us. And if you say it is because our vehicles are inferior, then you don’t really understand cars. We need a long-term PLAN with GOALS for our manufacturing economy and a system of My Code Essay, trade that allows imports only in some measure of equality with the trading partners import numbers. That’s fair. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late. We are headed for higher taxes, higher interest rates, major inflation, and a lower standard of Color Schemes Essay, living due to high quality manufacturing and engineering jobs being replaced by low quality service industry jobs. Our leadership is a terrible disappointment…on both sides of the aisle. Anyone who doesn’t believe this to of Ethics be the strangest thing a sitting US president has ever done is either insane or ignorant.

This is oxford v moss, truly weird. This is getting insane. I never thought I would see the day when the Federal government would be handling my car’s problems. Why don’t the Feds just start making cars and cut out the auto makers altogether? I can see it now. At least, there would be plenty of of Ethics, new car names to go around like the “Congress,” a box-looking subcompact that would get 45 mpg, and the ultimate in prestige and Holocaust modern comfort, the “Senator,” that would get a non-green 12 mpg. Seriously, when do we start getting back to survival of the fittest? So if I read this right, the US government will be guaranteeing the warranty on My Code of Ethics GM cars sold in Russia? Do GM car dealers now become subject to income earning caps since they are receiving TARP funds?

I agree with you and I think Obama is actually trying to fix that as well, but I still agree. The trouble with this entire economic crisis is conflicts internal and external, our business leaders have lost all integrity and have all embraced unethical business practices. They surround themselves with large groups of ‘yes men’ who would agree with their boss to make them feel better so that they keep their jobs, where in all actuality nobody has the guts to tell their boss the My Code of Ethics Essay truth and say, you know what, our company is broken and we have to Paint Essay examples figure out a way to fix it. They all just sit there and My Code of Ethics Essay spin reality no different than the media does within their own organizations. It is pathetic and it is wrong. Somebody has to have the courage to stand up and solar energy tell the truth and our business leaders need to have the guts to accept it and actually do something with the My Code of Ethics Essay information instead of firing someone who speaks it and Illegal and Recorded Music not bury their heads in the sand when they hear it. The truth hurts, but you gotta start somewhere. I just received in the mail a coupon for a free tire rotation – from Joe Biden.

One thing that this issue has brought to mind, is My Code Essay, that ALL companies selling cars in the United States (and probably Canada) should be obligated to pay a small portion of The Jewsih Holocaust Essay, their sales into a fund (much like banks with the FDIC or companies with the My Code of Ethics pension guarantee fund) that would serve as a backstop in future cases where this might arise. Of course the FDIC stopped collecting premiums from banks for a while (because they were collecting too much money. Yeah right). Imagine the Illegal Downloading and Recorded Essay potential for My Code abuse when the US government is on oxford v moss the hook for most of the cost of warranty repairs. It sounds like the gravy train just rolled in for My Code service departments all over The Jewsih Holocaust Essay the world. And who is going to My Code execute a future expensive safety recall? A company that buys the assets of a defunct car company is not required to do safety recalls. #16, you have it backwards: It ‘s not the business leaders that have no integrity, it’s the politicians like The Obamessiah, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, etc… The Commucrats lost all integrity when they took charge in 2006 (Pelosi/Reid/Dodd/Frank) and DID NOTHING to The Jewsih Holocaust fix the banking industry, as President Bush begged them to do. They sat on their collective Commucrat hands and led us down the path to get to where we are now.

It is an OUTRAGE that my 2 year old car will not have it’s warranty honored because the Obamessiah says so. Just another way the of Ethics government is wasting money… Let’s say Joe Schmo walks into a dealership tomorrow to adolf childhood facts get his truck fixed, if he is paying for the work himself he pays the My Code standard labor rate for the dealership which sometimes depends on state, and various things. Now if he is bringing his truck in to energy be fixed, under warranty, the labor rate goes up anywhere from My Code Essay $20-$100 an hour. Joe doesn’t care or notice in some cases, because, he’s not paying for hitler childhood facts it. I always thought that was a crime in itself having two prices for the same work. S.U.V.s in the plural has no apostrophe, editors. Re: # 6 – Anthony in Manhattan… You hit the nail right on the head. Obama continues to pay lip service to Americans looking for real leadership. Instead, while he made impressive speeches throughout the campaign pressing the need to find “change we can believe in”…he has sold American taxpayers down the of Ethics river with his long string of broken campaign promises and outright deceptive lies to solar energy deflect from his real intentions of promoting massive government control over our lives, much like the European Union has overtaken national sovereignty in the name of universal governance. Obama stated in the press conference the White House/Administration did not want to be in management of the car business, but then lays out a plan to “guarantee” car warranties on new purchases?

What is the real truth? And since he has walked away from helping Chrysler survive, pushing the My Code of Ethics company into another foreign car company – like the last “merger of equals” with Daimler worked out Illegal Downloading Essay SO well before…he is effectively trying to kill the My Code of Ethics domestic auto industry by picking winners and losers. That can only create more problems down the road for the network of auto dealers, suppliers, etc that are closely tied to all three auto companies. Does he want to destroy the remaining domestic manufacturing left in this country? Wake up America — Obama is pushing his left-leaning Socialist / Communist agenda on gullible taxpayers in the name of “long-term economic improvement”….How much longer can we afford to play into his Orwellian doublespeak??

I’m patiently waiting to see if Obama will be covering the old Circuit City warranty on my 65 inch DLP TV. Circuit City went out of business and I’m left holding the bag. When I purchased my first Toyota 1981, I asked the salesman about the warranty and Paint Schemes examples the service department. My Code Of Ethics. His answer was. “I don’t know.

No one ever comes back.” I never saw him again. Subsequent Japanese automobile purchases always came with the meeting of the (some sort of) “Manager” who informed me (“Hard Sell”) of the Holocaust Essay available extended warranties along with the necessity of proper maintenance. My Code Essay. My response is. “This really is not for me, I am only conflicts internal and external keeping the car to My Code Essay about 150,000 miles.” Will someone please tell me what I am missing about the joy and The Jewsih Holocaust Essay rapture of these Private Clubs (aka Service Departments) where people meet and wait to have something corrected which should have been built correctly at inception? A team of New York Times contributors blogs about news, trends and all things automotive. Check back for insight, photos, reviews of cars and more. And remember to join the conversation — you can comment on the cars, offer your own reviews, and My Code Essay post questions in our reader comment area. A New Parking Spot for Wheels Coverage. The regular features of this blog, including Monday Motorsports, the Wheelies news briefs and reports on auto industry developments including vehicle recalls and technology updates, can now be found on the Automobiles Web page.Readmore… Video: Acura Brings 4-Wheel Steering to the RLX. You may not be able to tell the difference while you’re driving, but Acura’s new 4-wheel steering system moves the front and rear wheels in concert to improve high-speed steering response.Readmore…

Video: G.M. Tries Diesel Again, This Time With an Efficient Chevy Cruze. General Motors hasn’t offered a diesel passenger car since the diesel-powered Chevette chugged unceremoniously into its lineup in 1986. But the company is back with its efficient Chevrolet Cruze Turbo Diesel.Readmore… Toyota to Recall 803,000 Vehicles for Air Bag Problem. Toyota announced a recall on Thursday of 803,000 Camry, Avalon and oxford v moss Venza models for a problem related to air bags caused by spider webs.Readmore…

Placing Reality on Hold, at Least Temporarily, in My Code of Ethics a Ferrari FF. A journey across sunny Italy, sampling “the most sublime noise ever to enter the ear of man” — the throaty engine of a Ferrari, in this case the FF GT. Readmore…

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100 Easy Causal Analysis Essay Topics. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for My Code of Ethics, over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Causal analysis essays answer the question, Why? Many times, answer to this question can't be proved absolutely, so sometimes this essay is called a speculating about causes essay. To write it, you will describe what happens and internal and external, then state your answer (aka thesis) about the cause, providing support for your answer with reasons and evidence. • Why do people do that? • Why does this happen? • Why is this a trend? • Why does it occur? What causes people to develop phobias? Why do some people become addicted to gambling when others can gamble and not become addicted?

What causes people to rise above a disadvantaged background such as poverty, a single-parent household, or abusive parents? What are the chemical causes of falling in My Code of Ethics love? What causes feeling of romantic attraction to adolf childhood facts, fade? What causes love at first sight? Why do people lose their memories as they get older?

Why do people need to sleep? Why do we develop muscle memory for some repetitive actions? Why do people experience nightmares? Why do some marriages last for a lifetime? Why do we have short and long term memory? Why do people get dyslexia? Why do we respond physically to fear? Why do we yawn (or hiccup, or stretch)? Why can people, who have their eyes closed, sense objects they are approaching but not yet touching?

What makes some people introverts and of Ethics, others extroverts? Why is methamphetamine so addictive? Why do people crave sugar? Why do some families look so much alike, while others don't? Why do first born children tend to be achievers?

Why do people snore? Why do people lie? Why do people blush? Why do people hate? Why do teenagers rebel against their parents? Why do teens get acne? Why do teens sleep so much?

Why do teens cut themselves? Why do people commit suicide? Why do teens engage in sexting? Why do young people start smoking when they know it causes cancer? Why do young people sometimes get cancer? or have heart attacks? Why do teenagers use drugs? Why do college students binge drink?

Why do young people become homeless? Why do young people join gangs? Why do young people make graffiti? Why do fewer young people vote (compared to older generations)? Why don't younger people donate blood? or become organ donors? Why don't teenage relationships last? Why don't teenagers read? Why don't teen marriages last? Why are teenagers more optimistic than older people?

Why are young people better at learning languages than older people? Why do adolescent girls need more iron than adults or boys their age? Why do teenage girls idolize male celebrities? Why do adolescents need protein? Why do adolescent girls mature faster than boys? Why do adolescents need to establish their own identity?

What type of oxford v moss, Why question most interests you? Why do animals have tails? Why do some animals like to of Ethics Essay, be petted? Why do elderly people with pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives? Why are pets good for kids? Why do dogs eat strange things like grass and poop? Why do cats show pleasure by purring and solar energy essays, kneading? Why do cats like to sleep in boxes and other strange places? Why do cats who are well-fed still hunt? Why do birds build elaborate nests? Why do monarch butterflies migrate long distances?

Why do ants and bees live in colonies? Why do wolves howl? Why did humans domesticate wolves and My Code Essay, breed them to Illegal Downloading, become dogs? Why do some insects and jellyfish glow? What causes tides? Or the My Code Essay, wind? What causes insects like crickets and cicadas to make such loud noises? Why are animals used in research?

Why are animals afraid of humans? Why is larger size an advantage for animals in colder climates? Why do small dogs live longer than bigger dogs? Why are some animals becoming endangered? Why is Holocaust Essay nature so therapeutic? Why are insects attracted to light? Why are insects the most successful animals on earth? Why are microbes important to human beings?

Why are so many Americans against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? Why are some Euro countries like Greece in such economic turmoil? Why are rates of AIDS transmission higher in Africa than elsewhere? Why do Japanese couples delay marriage? Why does Japan have higher suicides rates than many other countries? Why are large typhoons and hurricanes like Haiyan happening more frequently? What has caused the unrest in the Middle East which resulted in the Arab Spring Movement and Syria's civil war? What caused the Great Recession of 2008?

Why are random shootings becoming more common in the U.S.? What causes terrorist groups to target certain countries? (You could choose a country.) What caused the My Code Essay, U.S. government shut down of 2013? Why is North Korea so closed to the rest of the conflicts and external, world? Or why is My Code of Ethics Essay it becoming more belligerent toward other nations? Why are more and Paint Essay, more people moving to large cities and away from Essay rural areas? (You could talk about this worldwide or apply this question to Paint Schemes Essay, one country or region of the world.) Why has the of Ethics, neo-conservative movement developed in American politics? Why has neo-Nazism been on solar, the rise in Germany? Why is China going to My Code of Ethics Essay, ease up on the one-child policy?

Why did Donald Trump win in the 2016 election? Why have the police been targeted by gunmen recently in the U.S.? Why are terrorists choosing to use vehicles as weapons? Why did the Arab Spring movement not lead to successful democratic societies? Why is Twitter the medium of choice for Donald Trump?

What caused the French Revolution? What caused the development of American slavery system? What caused the settlement of Australia by the English? What caused the oxford v moss, colonization of Africa? Why does English have so many words of French origin? Why is English the main language used around the world in business and science? Why does India have a caste system?

Why are the Chinese still interested in My Code of Ethics religion after years of atheist communism? What caused the great Chinese famine in the Great Leap Forward? What caused the black plague of the Essay, Middle Ages to stop? What caused Great Britain to adopt the parliamentary system? Why does America have an educational system that is different from the My Code, European system used by most of the solar energy, rest of the world?

Why, according to the 2000 U.S. Census information, did more Americans identify with German ancestry (15%) than any other heritage (Irish was second at 10%, and African American was third at 8%)? Why did Japan attack the of Ethics, U.S. at essays, Pearl Harbor? or Why did America drop an of Ethics, atomic bomb to end the adolf childhood facts, war? Why is it important to study history? (Depending on how you answer, this could be worked into Essay a causal essay topic.) After choosing your topic question, you can research online to Paint examples, get some ideas of of Ethics Essay, possible answers. Title: The causal question makes a great title for your essay. However, you should probably make the adolf hitler, question as short as possible for the title. Your answer to the question will be the thesis of your paper.

Introduction: Start your introduction by interesting your reader in the topic and Essay, describing the oxford v moss, situation or effect. My Code Of Ethics! See the chart for easy introduction and Illegal Music, conclusion ideas. Of Ethics Essay! The end of oxford v moss, your introduction will be your cause question and thesis. Of Ethics Essay! Thesis: Start your thesis by Illegal and Recorded Essay asking your question and then answering it. To make your thesis into a clear roadmap of My Code of Ethics Essay, what you will talk about in your essay, add a because followed by the three reasons you will give in the body of your essay. Body: Be careful to write the The Jewsih, reasons in parallel format. Sample Thesis: Why do people enjoy being scared at My Code of Ethics Essay, a horror movie? Humans enjoy scary movies because they feel an Holocaust, emotional release in watching and talking with other people about the experience, and they get a vicarious thrill in My Code of Ethics seeing the Illegal Downloading, forbidden on the screen. (Of course, you can have more than just three reasons, and you may have several paragraphs on one reason if you have several parts of that reason to discuss.) Topic Sentences of Body: For your body paragraphs, take your three reasons and My Code, turn them into full sentences.

Those are your topic sentences for the body paragraphs of your essay. Gather evidence from your own observations and from research. Conclusion: In the conclusion, you want to either urge the reader to believe your reasons or give a final point. Downloading And Recorded Essay! See ideas in the chart below. Easy Introductions and Conclusions. 100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 42. Essay! Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students. by Virginia Kearney 5. by oxford v moss Virginia Kearney 6. How to Write a Proposal Essay/Paper. by Laura Writes 40. 100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37. Of Ethics Essay! 100 Science Topics for adolf hitler, Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 108. this really helped!

Virginia Kearney 23 months ago from United States. Breathing, I am glad that this post helped you. I have many more articles about writing. Please look at My Code Essay, my How to Write a Cause Essay for introduction and conclusion ideas and Technology Topics for Research Essays for more topics. Sajib 23 months ago from Bangladesh. And Recorded Music! Thanks a lot for posting such a wonderful and helpful post! It will help us a lot who always look to create great casual analysis essays. Of Ethics Essay! Really you have some excellent and breathtaking ideas!

These questions always come to our mind but very few us are able to hitler facts, find the answers. I hope you will also shed some light on the following issues: 1. A few similar questions on the technology niche. 2. A few exciting ideas about the body like the My Code Essay, introductory and conflicts, concluding ideas. Essay! If I get these things it will help me specially and lot of others. Hoping to have some more great things from you! Kathryn Lane 23 months ago. Solar Energy Essays! This was really helpful, thank you! Thank you so much!

Kader 3 years ago from My Code of Ethics Algeria. Nice and helpful tips on which teach rely and conflicts internal, reffer to.Thank you so much. Maree Michael Martin 3 years ago from Northwest Washington on Essay, an Island. Very helpful. Solar Energy! I love all these questions and of Ethics, essay topics, thanks. Illegal And Recorded Music! Dianna Mendez 3 years ago.

Another great post for teachers and students! I always learn to Essay, much from your sharing. Thank you! Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from and Recorded Essay United States. Thanks Hezekiah--I am hoping that I can help people.

So many of the people who teach the beginning levels of college English are graduate students who are just beginning teachers themselves. I know how hard it can be to My Code Essay, come up with good lesson plans and instructions. That is why I've decided to hitler childhood, post my own notes and My Code of Ethics, instructions that I've developed in teaching for over 20 years. Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan. Nice tips there, I wish I would have known these while I was still at Uni or High School. Solar Energy Essays! Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of of Ethics Essay, HubPages, Inc.

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essay on oligarchy Oiligarchy is a playable commentary on the oil industry. The player takes the My Code Essay, role of an oiligarch managing the extraction business in the homeland and overseas and lobbies the government to keep the carbon-fossil based economy as profitable as possible. Oiligarchy can be considered an solar energy, extended business sim/tycoon game since the player makes decisions and performs actions that are not always in the domain of business. This mixed gameplay is meant to highlight the intricate relations between war, politics, and energy corporations. The purely economical activities range from finding new oil fields to building extraction plants and of Ethics Essay, managing resources. As domestic resources decline, the player is internal, forced to expand their business in foreign countries to meet the demands of the of Ethics, market. Adolf Hitler Facts? The overseas operations could require the political or military support from the government and various crisis management actions. This document, written after the release of Oiligarchy, attempts to My Code of Ethics, outline the major game design choices we faced and provide footnotes and additional documentation to the parts that reference real-world situations or events.

Since the facts, inception of the of Ethics, Molleindustria project we argue that game design is never an ideologically neutral process: games, as every other cultural product, reflect the conflicts and external, designers' beliefs and value systems. And this is particularly visible in games that claim to “simulate” actual non-deterministic situations. We want to stress this idea by proposing a sort of politically informed post-mortem in which we describe the odd challenges of producing social commentary into a playable form. Video games are intrinsically opaque texts due to their double nature of source code and playable software. Certainly the source code is the My Code of Ethics Essay, strictest manifestation of the algorithm, but it is Illegal Downloading Music, generally unavailable or unintelligible to the player. On the other hand, the executable software which is “activated” by the player's performance cannot be fully grasped due to My Code of Ethics Essay, the potentially infinite texts that can be generated by the same algorithm (see Lev Manovich principle of Paint Color Schemes Essay, variability in The language of new media p.55) and the complexity of the software's hidden computations. There is no definitive way for the player to Essay, assess that a certain output is triggered by a certain input. Because of this opacity we feel committed to and Recorded Music Essay, breaking apart and My Code of Ethics, explaining in natural language the components of the game that constitute the socio-economic engine. We hope in this way to facilitate the textual analysis and the critique of the energy essays, game, and, possibly push other producers of of Ethics Essay, activist/political games to do the same. Games referencing real-world elements and conflicts internal and external, historical events are problematic cultural artifacts.

Software does not constitute a document itself as a documentary footage or a journalistic report. Games often feature carefully reproduced elements such as characters, vehicles, and My Code of Ethics, weapons, however the way these elements operate and relate to each other via the gameplay is always dictated by an algorithm that cannot be directly related to any actual entity (in the way, for example, a picture or a film have and direct, indexical relationship with objects in time and The Jewsih Holocaust Essay, space). It is possible to create credible representations of phenomena that are already formalized into sets of rules (e.g. physical models), but when it comes to social systems or, more in My Code of Ethics, general, human behavior our programming languages seem to be inappropriate tools. Despite that, mathematical models constituting the Illegal Downloading and Recorded Music, core of a game can be based on documents or derived from well-informed theories. Obviously the goal has not been to produce some kind of scientific, objective representation, but to outline a web of cause-and-effect-relations that can arguably share strong qualitative similarities with the mess we call reality. Oiligarchy’s main mechanic is loosely based on the Hubbert peak theory. The theory can be summarized as follows.

For any given geographical area the rate of petroleum production tends to follow a bell-shaped curve. My Code? Early in the curve the solar, production rate increases due to the discovery rate and the addition of infrastructure. Late in the curve the Essay, production declines due to resource depletion. Peak oil activists (sometimes called depletionists) argue that if global oil consumption is not mitigated before the conflicts internal and external, peak, the availability of conventional oil will drop and prices will rise causing catastrophic chain reactions on the whole economy. Original prediction of domestic production peak by M. King Hubbert. Oiligarchy is meant to popularize Peak oil as a key issue to understand present and future crisis and to Essay, contribute to Illegal Essay, the re-framing of the vague and My Code, deceptive argument of dependency of foreign oil that is dominating the Illegal Music, current political discourse in the US.

We choose to focus on the United States because it is the most oil dependent country, where the relations between politics and the oil industry played a major role in recent times and despite the relative decline of the American global influence, US policies are going to affect the rest of the world for many years to come. As Molleindustria's McDonalds' video game, Oiligarchy places the My Code of Ethics Essay, player in The Jewsih, the shoes of the bad guys in My Code, order to articulate the critique. Our belief is that power structures can be understood more clearly if represented from a privileged position. The player tends to perform actions with both positive outcomes (profits, advancement in the game) and social or environmental costs (a.k.a. negative externalities) dealing with responsibilities in a system that does not really punish unethical choices. The unethical gameplay is designed to oxford v moss, reflect the of Ethics Essay, free market system, which is ultimately, the object of the critique. Moreover, a mirrored point of view can avoid the trap of the “simulated activism”, a cathartic illusion of empowerment and normative “do the Paint Color Schemes Essay examples, right thing” enunciates. Games do not work as Skinnerian conditioning devices: games rewarding (virtual) social change do not produce activists for the same reasons games rewarding (virtual) violence do not produce violent players. My Code? As a result of taking a look at the players’ feedback, it is apparent that pushing the people to explore the dark side, especially if done with abundant irony, does not undermine the overarching game objectives. Although the player is essays, intended to My Code of Ethics, lead a big vertically integrated oil company, the game only oxford v moss, shows the beginning of the production chain, as well as exploration and My Code of Ethics Essay, extraction, which is the relevant part for Essay addressing the issue. The visual representation of drilling and extraction is grossly simplified, but on the other hand, an important and not broadly known technical detail is taken into account: the My Code, extraction rate of energy essays, every single oilfield tends to gradually decline when the reservoir is half depleted. My Code Of Ethics Essay? This is Illegal, one of the factors that determines the typical bell shaped curve of oil production.

Hubbert curve, regional Vs Individual Wells. Source ASPO. The player will probably tend to exploit resources that are easier to reach and gradually move to more expensive techniques like offshore drilling and to invest in politically unstable countries. The bell shaped curve of production is the most counter-intuitive part of the Essay, Peak Oil theory: unlike a car that suddenly stops working when the tank is empty, the global crude extraction (in a business as usual scenario) reaches the conflicts, peak when half of the oil underground remains. Then it declines gradually, but at progressively increasing speed like a roller coaster slope. This factor deeply affects a typical game session that will have an expanding phase (as in all the mainstream strategy and My Code, business simulation games) followed by a contracting phase marked by oxford v moss the struggle to keep up with the demand and the convulsions of the economic system.

Early Oiligarchy prototype representing the peak dynamic. Click to start and click on the black fields to build wells. The red line is the demand the black one is the maximum production. The player's primary objective is to match the market demand of crude. The demand is a function of two variables: the Gross Domestic Product (representing the size of the economy) and an umbrella value called “oil addiction”.

GDP tends to grow at a rate of My Code of Ethics Essay, 3% per year, which is a reasonable rate for the game's time frame. The figure can be lower or even negative (recession) in case of serious oil supply crisis or event-generated crisis (see events in solar essays, Events Appendix). The “Oil addiction” variable is as homage to George W. Bush ghost-writers, who popularized the expression in a rare moment of honesty, and represents the dependency of the entire economy to Essay, fossil fuels. This takes into conflicts internal, account a wide range of factors such as agriculture, public transportation, car-centered urban planning and so on. When at the beginning of the turn/year, the oil production is of Ethics Essay, lower than the demand a supply crisis algorithm is adolf facts, triggered.

This algorithm is probably the most “political” part of the game as it embodies various statements in a procedural form. A supply crisis can occur as a result of resource depletion, bad management or political reasons and the systems can react in three different ways. 1) Somebody in the government proposes a bill that tackles the issue (see oil-unfriendly Acts). Oil-unfriendly Acts generally tend to of Ethics Essay, moderate the demand by Paint Color reducing the oil addiction. My Code Of Ethics Essay? The probability for these types of conflicts and external, acts to be approved, depends on the government “oiliness” (see politics): with a fully oiled government all the “good” acts are basically blocked, while with a fully green government, every year of crisis a new act should be approved.

Every act has a degree of “boldness” that also plays a part in the approval. My Code Essay? For instance, an act that promotes electric cars is bolder and less likely to be approved by an ideologically mixed administration than an act which simply reduces speed limits to save gas. 2) If the internal, bill is not approved or the act is not sufficient to solve the oil deficit, the government popularity decreases and the social body tries to of Ethics, react with initiatives that in Color Schemes examples, the game are classified as grassroot (see grassroot). These initiatives are more likely to happen if the society has a high of My Code of Ethics, environmental awareness (greenness). 3) If, at this point, the demand still exceeds the offer, the oil prices and the greenness rise as the environmentalists have more arguments on their side.

When the prices become dramatically high, they may trigger catastrophic events (see catastrophe), which generally reduce the GDP. Even in the absence of catastrophes, high oil prices tend to reduce the growth of the economy. After a crisis, oil prices will gradually recover to childhood facts, the previous stable value. Affecting the politics is the key to being a successful manager in Oiligarchy. The player is encouraged to keep the government “oiled” by playing the “democracy” mini-game that occurs every 10 years (a 4 year term would have been too disruptive of the main game flow). The democracy mini-game refers to a type of election race, but it does not try to simulate the complexities of the electoral process. The donations during the race should be seen as a representation of the Essay, corporate influence on politics in a broader sense, including lobbying, revolving doors and so on. The initial speed of the two parties reflects the popularity of the last administration which is, in turn, dependent on a generic citizen satisfaction (consent) and environmental consciousness which are visualized in the Washington scenario as demonstrators. Additionally, there are some random thrusts that can affect the race and are meant to solar energy essays, represent variables like the effectiveness of the campaign and the typical scandals and surprises involving the two parties. The ability of the player to affect the election outcome is very limited, but his donations have a fundamental influence on the policies of the My Code of Ethics Essay, future administration.

As a part of the satire, the two parties have no ideological features, in hitler, other words the Republican Party is not intrinsically more inclined to help the oil industry or vice-versa (observing the electoral funding by Essay industry you can notice a general preference for Republican, but oil and gas industries are not amongst the most partisan industries. Therefore, the experienced player would simply choose to “bet” on the winning party to obtain the most influence. Oxford V Moss? These design choices loosely reflect a study by Steven D. My Code Of Ethics Essay? Levitt about campaign spending popularized by the book Freakonomics (excerpt here). As a function of the result of the elections and Holocaust Essay, the donations to the two parties, the government (a stylized rendition that summarizes the many institutions in a 10 people congress) will be composed by three categories of representatives: Oiled: representatives that will vote for oil-friendly bills (see oil-friendly acts) every year and oppose the oil-unfriendly bills. Green: representatives that will vote for oil-unfriendly acts in My Code of Ethics, case of facts, supply crisis. My Code? Gray: representatives that will vote for and Recorded both kinds of bills with a probability of 50%. The number of green representatives is directly related to the greenness: with the emergence of the My Code, environmental awareness (due to global warming or oil crisis) the green representatives will substitute the oxford v moss, gray ones. Big and “wise” donations can affect politics to elect an oil-friendly president. This will grant the player the possibility to access the secret underground room (a reference to the presidential cabinet and of Ethics Essay, the Pentagon) and trigger “Special Operations”.

Special operations are fundamental to promote “national interests” abroad. For instance, they will allow the player to invade Iraq and unblock its resources or to prevent or counter a potential nationalization of the The Jewsih, industry in Venezuela (see special operations). As domestic resources deplete, the player will be forced to My Code, explore and deploy wells in foreign countries. This production will inevitably create anti-imperialist tensions that are distinctive for every scenario. This scenario is intended to represent not only the struggle to autonomy of the Venezuelan people under Hugo Chavez, but also patterns that can be recognized in other countries of South America (especially Ecuador and Bolivia). The Iraqi scenario, unavailable at the beginning can be “liberated” in two ways that are both dependent to the control of the special operation room. The first strategy, available since the beginning, references both the first Gulf war economic warfare and the diplomatic pressures for a regime change.

Two consequential special operations “The enemy of the enemy” and Messing Iraq economy enable the Kuwait invasion event that is likely to happen within a few years. After the Kuwait invasion, a new special operation referencing the mission Desert Storm will be enabled. The second strategy reflects the second Gulf War and will be available after a major terrorist attack in solar energy essays, the US. It requires the manufacturing of of Ethics, a link between terror and Iraq (that is, another special operation called WMD). In case of and Recorded Essay, successful war, both cases will lead to a similar outcome: the unblocking of the scenario action menu.

However, after a period of My Code Essay, relative stability the insurgency movements will start to target oil wells and occupation forces. The Jewsih Holocaust? Attack on of Ethics, wells can be countered by hiring mercenaries (a reference to Blackwater) to protect structures. Attacks to the main base in Baghdad can be contained by sending more troops, and ordering a special operations that, as a side effect, reduces the popularity of the administration. Successful insurgent victories against the occupation forces will block plants and any further action in Iraq until another re-liberation. Oiligarchy is an ambitious game: it tries to describe how the USA became addicted to oil, how it could have been different, and how a successful or a failed transition to examples, a post-carbon society would look like. So we chose to start from the WWII aftermath, that is arguably the beginning of the golden age of oil for the combined effect of the Green Revolution, the car culture and. Since the game statements revolve around the of Ethics Essay, major role of the oil industry in shaping the world we live in, we had to give the player the possibility to affect the history but, at the same time, we wanted to provide some incentives to conflicts, retrace the events as they actually happened to stimulate a critical reading of My Code of Ethics Essay, history. We tried to resolve the conflict between game as a device for describing “what if” scenarios and game as informative media, through design choices we could define as pseudo-historical. Oiligarchy pseudo-history is based on a procedural interpretation of Downloading Music, past.

In-game events do not occur on a certain year because that is what happened in reality, but they are entangled in a web of cause and effect relations. Every event is enabled by certain conditions (game variables, players’ actions or other events) and produces certain effects. Additionally, there is a slight randomness that makes game sessions less predictable. Some events that are likely to happen in the post-peak oil phase are mostly based on predictions formulated in the recent years by depletionist and climate change activists, plus some heavy handed satirical additions, as the invention of human burning plants for energy production. Though they may have similar outputs, events are classified in My Code Essay, many ways: Oil-friendly Acts: approved roughly every 3 years according to the oiliness of the governments and their “shameless” value. Oil-unfriendly Acts: proposed every year and approved according to Holocaust Essay, the oiliness of the governments and their “boldness” value. Pseudo-historical events: triggered roughly every 3 years by in-game variables such as GDP, level of dissent or other events.

Grassroot initiatives: activated according to the society environmental awareness and their greenness value. Catastrophe: triggered by high oil prices in of Ethics, years of unsolved supply crisis. The Jewsih Holocaust Essay? Undercover Operations: enabled by My Code in-game variables with certain “escalation” patterns, but directly triggered by the player in case of oiled President. Nigerian Government: triggered by the player. For a complete list of events, how they affect the Holocaust, game variables and of Ethics Essay, detailed documentation see the appendix Events. The contemporary science of game design revolves around the idea of meaningful play. According to Salen Zimmerman (see Rules of The Jewsih Holocaust, Play, unit 1), players should be given opportunities to take non-random actions and make decisions that have an immediately clear and integrated (makes big-picture sense) effect on the game. Meaningful game systems are elegant, appealing, easy to My Code of Ethics Essay, understand and internally consistent. Unfortunately, such kinds of games may be inappropriate to describe systems that are inelegant, unappealing, obscure and oxford v moss, contradictory like the free market capitalism that is destroying the world. Oiligarchy is full of broken connections, meaningless interaction, inverted rewards and randomness. Of Ethics? The money factor is central at the very beginning, but quickly becomes totally ignorable as the player profit skyrockets.

The administration popularity represented by oxford v moss the demonstrators in Washington is presented as a sort of Essay, punishment or a bad performance warning, but it does not meaningfully affect the player routines since, in the eyes of the oiligarch, the parties are interchangeable. In the late stages of the game, donating money to the parties may be a counter-productive habit because there are no more oil-friendly acts left and the prices are rising anyway. Hanging Nigerian activists actually radicalizes the tension, but it is an implicit rule that most of the players may never get. And, above all, the very same goal of the game becomes quite blurred after the peak. Oiligarchy has four possible endings. In the pre-peak phase the player can be fired for bad management if the demands exceed the offer for too many years. That is an implementation of the and Recorded Music Essay, free competition mode of production.

Competition is not directly simulated for the simple reason that it never played a major role in the history of oil industry, nevertheless if the player tries to create too much artificial scarcity or refuses the expansion imperative he/she will be kicked out My Code of Ethics, of the Color examples, market. Game statistics after the peak. The player managed to increase the oil addiction (black line) and keep up with the demand (red line). The highlighted point shows the moment in which the demand exceeds the production (grey line). Of Ethics? Prices skyrocket and some grassroot initiatives are trying to reduce the addiction. The hardcore gamer will probably see the Mutually Assured Destruction ending that represents the failed transition to a post-carbon society. This global nuclear war scenario happens when the oil prices reach the ceiling of $300 per barrel and it is usually the result of aggressive and persistent efforts to control the government. By buying off the politicians, the player essentially introduces rigidity in the system and oxford v moss, prevents a harmonic rearrangement of the society. The retirement ending stands for a successful transition to a post carbon society (for calibration reasons it happens when the Essay, oil addiction is less than 25% basically meaning that the economy is on the right track even if it is not totally oil-free).

Retirement usually happens when the player loosens the grip on politics around, or after the conflicts internal and external, peak oil. It is My Code Essay, basically the happy ending, though it can be reached after some major catastrophes. This is basically an implementation of our conclusions and hopes. In brief, we believe that the dependency on oil can be solved by a combination of different approaches: A series of top-down, government-lead structural policies ranging from supporting renewable energies to nation-wide infrastructural rearrangement (see oil friendly acts in the Events Appendix). A proliferation of bottom-top, more or less organized initiatives promoting alternative lifestyles such as the energy essays, rejection of of Ethics Essay, consumerism, promotion of bike transportation and organic, locally grown farming (see grassroots Events Appendix) A substantial downsizing of the economy on the whole and the overcoming of the GDP growth imperative. An example of game ending with Retirement. After the peak (gray line declines) the player stop affecting politics. A series of acts and gressroots initiatives reduce the oil dependency (black line) and consequently the Illegal Downloading and Recorded Essay, demand (red line). Of Ethics? After a brief recession (yellow line drop) the oil addiction reaches the threshold and oxford v moss, the retirement end screen appears. The fourth possible ending is titled Farewell West and represents a mildly dystopic collapse of Essay, western civilization as we know it. It occurs when the GDP goes below a certain level, three times the initial value.

Apparently the fourth ending never occurred to anyone and may be actually impossible to energy, reach. At the end of the day good gamers tends to get rich and blow up the world while the My Code of Ethics, bad, lazy or non competitive gamers may reach a tragic end. The debasement and relativization of the binary win/lose formula seems to be the most shocking part for the habitual gamers. The online feedback shows how the players are struggling to negotiate between the ambiguous rewards and punishment system and Paint Color Schemes Essay examples, the conventions they learned from traditional strategy/business games. Many players posted successful tips for reaching the dystopic scenario with the most money, others proposed counter-strategies about how to get to the happy ending.

Some people argued that the best way to “beat” the game is to avoid any imperialist activities while others suggested building as many human burning plants as possible. In conclusion, we think that this kind of disorientation that indicates many open moral interrogatives is the biggest accomplishment of Oiligarchy. ASPO, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. The Oil Drum, Discussions about Energy and Our Future. by Richard Heinberg. by James Howard Kunstler. Amazon Watch, video and documents about Oil industry devastation in South AmericaPINR, Venezuela Moves to Nationalize its Oil Industry. Minimizing Mischief in Venezuela, Stabilizing the U.S.

Oil Supply, a proposal by the right wing think tank Heritage Foundation. Democracy Now, Drilling and killing, award winning audio documentary about Chevron's role in the assassination of Nigerian people. Oil War, Nigeria, a documentary about of Ethics Essay Nigerian emancipation movements. Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrine, Part 6. Conflicts Internal? Chapter linking free market policies and iraqui insurgency.

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Film Editing and the Establishment of of Ethics Essay, Instability in La Jetee. The world portrayed in Chris Marker’s seminal science fiction film La Jetee (1962) is characterized by instability on adolf hitler childhood facts, a variety of levels. Indeed, the background setting and context for this science fiction film is post nuclear holocaust earth; humanity has already realized what may be the greatest threat to its own continuation and stability. This was a possibility which, at the time of the film’s release in the developing years of the cold war, was beginning to seem a possibility which need not be confined to the realms of fantastic fiction (note, for example, the of Ethics Essay, Cuban Missile Crisis of the same year, 1962). With the diegetic world’s surface reduced to a radioactive wasteland, people have taken refuge below ground, where they engage in maniacal efforts to save humanity through time travel facilitated by people with strong mental images of their past. The theme of Essay, madness and psychological instability looms large.

Given the film’s unique formal properties –except for My Code Essay, one brief shot, it is composed entirely of still images– editing is a key stylistic and thematic element of the film. This essay will examine how elements of the film’s editing serve to oxford v moss destabilize and My Code of Ethics comment on three areas: 1) the viewer’s sense of the main character’s mental state. 2) the relations between the doctors and Paint examples the main character, and. 3) the protagonist’s subjective world of mental images and memory. Early on in the film two sequences are repeated, with a number of identical images presented in My Code a similar order. The repetition is an attempt to relay to the viewer the Essay examples, main character’s mental state. Upon our first entry to the underworld, the photographs show us a series of images in which the camp leaders are crowded around a man lying on a hammock with a pair of My Code of Ethics, wired goggles attached to his face. Rather than explaining these images, the voice over The Jewsih Holocaust Essay, addresses the aftermath of the My Code of Ethics, war and leaves these images ambiguous. In the next sequence, however, the voice over conflicts internal and external, and images are complimentary as we see and hear that the experiments can lead to madness.

Shortly following these two sequences, after we have been introduced to the latest subject of the camp doctors, we see for a second time the series of images of the man in the hammock, only this time the Essay, voice over tells us the nature of the experiments. Adolf Hitler Childhood. The images appear in exactly the same order with the exception of those images which have been removed from the previous section. In the first sequence of the experimentation we see two shots –a close up of the man with goggles and two camp doctors looking down– that are absent in the subsequent repetition of the scene. Overall, however, the order is identical. After this section, we again see images of madmen, in a pattern that picks up on, without exactly repeating, the previous sequence of the same subjects. Both sequences begin with the same shot of a madman, and while both then repeat the image from slightly further back, the shot is different.

Both sequences show the same image of a crazed man walking down a hallway. This repetition of images from a previous section stabilizes the Essay, viewer’s impression of these images by oxford v moss providing an explanation that was previously absent, but is destabilizing in that we are unable to recall if the images are exactly the same. Of Ethics. Seeing the series of Essay, images for a second time, the My Code of Ethics, viewer is given the impression of recollecting something that they observed in the past, which is Paint Color Schemes examples what the main character does while visiting the world of his memories. This sense of seeing things for a second time, while also being somewhat disorienting, links the viewer’s psychological process to that of the main character. The repetition and variation of images is also employed in relation to four scenes which involve a futuristic looking hallway, the camp experimenters, and their subjects. Rather than simulating the character’s mental state, however, these sequences illustrate how the doctors enter the minds of My Code of Ethics Essay, their subjects…in a way that suggests the main character will go mad. Internal. After the initial entry into Essay the underground world, the hallway motif appears four more times, though they are separated by intervening scenes (each of the following instances serves as transitions among these sequences).

In the first example we have the and external, experimenter, the hallway, and the madman joined by Essay straight cuts (5’50”-6’00”). The second occurrence begins with one of the madmen, cross dissolves into internal a similar hallway, and cuts to the man with the glasses (6’30”-6’43”). The use of the (very slow) dissolve, which allows for the tunnel and the man’s head to Essay be visible simultaneously, suggests the hallway is a metaphor for entry into the mind of energy essays, a lunatic, and the cut to the man with the glasses suggests he can look into this state from My Code of Ethics Essay, across a safe barrier (i.e., the Paint Schemes Essay examples, cut instead of a cross dissolve). The third example cuts from the man with the glasses to the hallway, and then dissolves into the main character (7’20”-7’28”). As with the second case, the cross dissolve of the tunnel with the head evokes how the camp leaders are exploring or burrowing into the minds of their subjects, while observing this process from a guarded distance. The fourth cuts from the experimenter, to the hallway, to the madman (8’08”-8’13”). My Code Essay. This last shot from the hallway to the madman reiterates the association of the internal and external, hallway with insanity, leaving the My Code of Ethics, viewer with the suggestion that the main character will go mad.

This use of editing illustrates how meaning in hitler childhood montage can be achieved not only in the direct connection between shots, but also by repeating variations on sequences at different points in a film. In the fourth occurrence of this shot exchange the first two shots in the sequence are identical to the first two shots in the first sequence, but the third shot of the same madman is subtly different, with the mad man being more centrally framed. Like in the earlier sequence with the man in the hammock, the barely perceptible variation forces the viewer into a disorienting sense of deja vu. The dangerous impact of the doctors is also expressed in a series of three shots which create the illusion that one of the doctors is violently twisting the main character’s head. After the man is given an injection, a sequence begins in which the camp leaders sit around his body and wait for the drug to take effect. On the sixteenth shot, the experimenter stands up to look over the man’s body as he responds to Essay the drug. We are then shown three shots, each of which shows the doctor’s hand pressing on solar essays, the eye goggles. The first is a frontal shot from medium distance. The second closer and to the left of the man’s head with the doctor’s hand entering from the upper right side of the frame.

The third shot is similar to this, but taken from the right side of the patient’s head with the of Ethics Essay, hand entering from the upper left. Conflicts. This sequence of three shots stands out for a number of My Code of Ethics, reasons, which include the sudden urgency observable on the doctor’s faces. It is Paint Color Essay examples also a disorienting series of angles. While on the one hand the viewer understands that the man is stationary and it is the camera position which is moving to reveal different angles of the same subject, this series of successive angles creates the optical illusion that the hand is moving clockwise and is twisting the head out of place. The second shot changes angles but also moves closer in on the head, suggesting the hand is applying the increased pressure necessary to turn the head, an idea emphasized by the closer view we are provided of the man’s grimace. The cut to the third shot implies a smooth twist of the head after this initial application of of Ethics, pressure. While this implicit head twist occurs on the objective, external level of the story, the series of angles it employs form a kind of Downloading Music, trace which is repeated in the main character’s subjective memory state. This reminds the viewer of the scientist’s presence in and observation of his internal world where he interacts with the woman who forms the subject of his memory. After the head twist scene, he experiences his first series of recollections and is then sent back again to find the girl, which he does before losing her again. On his third trip into his memory, they interact and walk though a park.

The violence of the above described head twist becomes associated with a sequence of angles which rotate around the subject. The first of these shots (occurring at of Ethics 14’50”) starts on his right, and Paint Color Schemes shows the two of them from behind. At the My Code of Ethics Essay, moment of this shot, the musical score introduces a darker and more sinister refrain, which indicates to the viewer that something may be amiss in this romantic stroll. The next shot is the reverse of this, taken from essays, her side but maintaining their screen positions. These two angles repeat those of the My Code of Ethics, final two of the head rotation, though from a further distance. The next shot is of a small girl looking off screen, presumably at the couple. This introduces the notion that the couple is being observed, an idea which indirectly recalls an awareness of the omnipresent doctors. The next shot is The Jewsih Holocaust taken from in front of My Code of Ethics Essay, them, from his side with the man on the left, and occurs as the unsettling aspect of the music is repeated and amplified. This is followed by a frontal shot of the man and and external woman, and My Code of Ethics then a shot from Music, her side, from the same angle as the original shot of the My Code of Ethics, man.

Traces of a previous scene are supplied through a certain succession of image angles, though this subtle sub-textual element of the editing obtains additional support through the energy essays, use of sound and the suggestive insert of the little girl. While previously described scenes indicated how the repetition of of Ethics Essay, images work to destabilize our sense of the adolf, character, in this passage it is the repetition of a series of camera angles which has a similar effect. The subjective world of the main character’s memory state is also destabilized by an approach to editing that alternates between elements which are a part of the classical continuity editing system and those which are a violation of its desired smoothness. At 16’23” there is My Code of Ethics Essay a scene that begins with the woman sitting on the bench sleeping. Childhood. The man arrives and watches her sleep; she wakes up and they go for a short walk. This interplay first occurs as they sit at the bench, before getting up for a walk. After three shots in which she is alone on the bench is an of Ethics Essay, image in which he is on the left side of the frame, approaching from a distance. In the next shot he has seated himself next to her, the camera now on and external, a side angle closer to both of them. The next shot completes the shot/reverse shot procedure as we move to her side of the bench. Over these three shots, his position has been maintained on the left side of the screen, hers on My Code Essay, the right, with the effect being that we have a clear sense of the overall space and are not confused as to their location.

Against this aspect, however, are a number of jump cuts in which the angle does not change significantly with regards to either direction or subject distance. One shot later, we see two successive images of them from the front, and then two from her side; in energy essays both of these pairings the camera moves only slightly and the effect is jarring. This combination of stability and My Code of Ethics instability counterpoints the division between the apparent reality and desirability of this world with the notion that it is the doctors who are inducing this world, which they ultimately will not allow him to live in. While the solar energy essays, shot/reverse shot pattern took on My Code Essay, a sinister meaning in the scene described in the previous paragraph, other filmic elements which encouraged this reading (music and little girl, for example) are not present here, and the trace is by this point too mild to recall the doctors in this way. The second and more pronounced way in Paint Schemes which this sequence both employs and rejects the continuity editing system occurs after she wakes up and they begin their walk. After four shots of them walking towards the camera, him on the left and her the right, we see a medium close up on his side of the camera, followed by a close up of him from her side for a shot/reverse shot pattern. My Code Of Ethics Essay. After a close frontal shot of her comes a medium image of both of them, only with him on the right and her on the left. While this new position suggests an alteration of time, the sequence visually completes itself over the next four shots as though they are continuing the same walk, with the background location and clothing apparently unchanged. This alteration is emphasized by a musical score that softens and a voice-over that states: “Is it another day? He doesn’t know.”

This alteration of their placements provides the viewer with knowledge that an alteration has occurred, even if the voice-over does not know. Under the continuity editing system, switching the placement of childhood, characters between shots, referred to as cutting across the My Code of Ethics, 180 degree axis, would be considered a cardinal error because it would (theoretically, although not always in practise) disorient and confuse the adolf hitler, viewer. This is, however, exactly the motivation behind this alteration and the viewer’s response; the sensing of an odd mixture of continuity and discontinuity is an effective way of evoking the of Ethics, mood of the oxford v moss, man’s visits with the woman and the world in which they unfold. An effective way to provide a sense of confusion is to subvert a system that is designed to provide clarity, since the destabilization will occur within a context in My Code of Ethics which people expect stabilization. And External. From this perspective, the continuity approach to editing has, ironically, furnished Marker with an excellent means to disorient the viewer.

This essay has sought to outline how the editing of La Jetee functions to create a sense of instability in relation to the viewer’s psychological understanding of the main character’s process of recollection, the volatile and deadly relation between the doctors and their main subject, and the contested ‘reality’ of this character’s subjective world. One remarkable aspect regarding the way in which Marker has achieved each of these effects is that they operate on the level of subtext, which interacts with ideas more explicitly stated. It is obvious, for example, that the My Code, doctors are entering the solar, mind of their subjects, though it may not be immediately clear that the patterned use of corridors suggest the dangerous consequence of this penetration. Similarly, we know the My Code Essay, main character is involved in recollections, but may not consciously realize how we have been manipulated into Downloading and Recorded engaging in a similar process. This interplay between the My Code of Ethics Essay, overt and the subtle, between the explicit and implicit, is energy essays one of the most fascinating elements of the film, to say nothing of its central role in the creation of all compelling art. PS: Time codes taken from the Criterion DVD release. Speculation Regarding the Future in Film: On The Road , Moon , District 9 , and Other Films. How Christopher Nolan made Batman grow up. Leon Saunders Calvert.

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