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Similarities between hinduism and buddhism

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Similarities and Differences Between Buddhism and Hinduism - India

Similarities between hinduism and buddhism

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Similarities and Differences: Hinduism and Buddhism by Daniella

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Buddhism And Hinduism: The Similarities And Differences - Sivana East

assata shakur essay A recent addition to my personal list of Books That Should Be Included in the High School Curriculum is Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur . Being amazed at between hinduism and buddhism having never heard of this book or the Global Essay, woman who wrote it until a few weeks ago I feasted on it and nearly finished it in between hinduism and buddhism, one sitting on a train ride from Jasper to Injury, Vancouver (hence the blog title#8230;very punny indeed). Assata Shakur was a member of the and buddhism, Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army in earth, the 60s and 70s. In addition to exposing the between hinduism, disgusting history of the American government and FBI’s attempts to about, defame and criminalize Black nationalists and civil rights activists the between hinduism, memoir proved to be immensely readable and engaging. What was most fascinating to me, however, were the parallels that could be indentified between her experiences in the civil rights movement and being a racialized woman in North America a few decades ago with observations about being a woman and a feminist in Understanding Global Warming Essay, North America right now. What follows is a somewhat disorderly free flow of her quotes and my reactions that I thought might be worth sharing. “We had been completely brainwashed and we didn’t even know it. We accepted white value systems and white standards of beauty and, at times, we accepted the white man’s view of ourselves#8230;From when I was a tot, I can remember Black people saying “niggas ain’t shit” and “You know how lazy niggas are” I think about the way women talk about other women today.

I feel like it’s gotten worse in my short life time. I wrote a blog on how I see this manifesting in women’s comedy. It#8217;s the similarities and buddhism, idea of #8216;calling out#8217; “whores” and “sluts.” Melissa McEwan talks a bit about this pressure in her amazing article Misogyny Up Close and Personal. She identifies the poem, societal push for her to confirm that, “I am an ally against similarities between, certain kinds of women. Surely, we#8217;re all in agreement that Britney Spears is differences china a dirty slut who deserves nothing but a steady stream of misogynist vitriol whenever her name is mentioned, right? Always the subtle pressure to abandon my principles to between and buddhism, trash this woman or that woman , as if I#8217;ll never twig to the reality that there#8217;s always a justification for unleashing the misogyny, for hating a woman in ways reserved only for women.” I think one of the grimmest examples of the oppressed oppressing the oppressed is the discrimination that went on in nazi concentration camps among the prisoners themselves as outlined by Primo Levi in his memoir Survival in Auschwitz. Of The Earth. It#8217;s the most destructive result of living in an unequal and exploitative society; all of similarities and buddhism, us internalize prejudice and discrimination. Though I still like to quote Madeleine Albright on 4 sphere earth this topic, #8220;There is a special place in hell for women who don#8217;t help women.#8221; “The usual way the and buddhism, people are taught to think in amerika is that each subject is in Understanding Warming Essay, a little compartment and has no relation to any other subject. For the most part, we receive fragments of unrelated knowledge, and our education follows no logical format or pattern. It is exactly this kind of education that produces people who don’t have the ability to think for similarities between hinduism and buddhism themselves and who are easily manipulated.” Assata Shakur is a strong advocate for from violence Essay all-inclusive and empowering education for Black youth. I think this quote was particularly acute in between hinduism and buddhism, its description of the problems with North America’s public education system.

What specifically comes to mind for me is the garbage dump that is sex ed. My main concern is of the a lack of similarities between and buddhism, comprehensive history, context and language surrounding the issue of consent. We will never defeat the rape culture if we can’t even teach youth what consent actually means and looks like. There was recently a blinding spotlight put on Warming this dangerous misinformation when Naomi Woolf, much celebrated feminist, argued with Jaclyn Friedman on Democracy Now that a woman couldn’t possibly have been raped if she consented to similarities between and buddhism, sexual relations earlier in the night. If Naomi Woolf doesn’t even have the big picture around consent and cultural and australia rape in our society than I fear the reality of similarities between hinduism and buddhism, what youth believe these days. Thankfully people like Jaclyn Friedman are working hard to correct this with education such as her book Yes Means Yes. “That was one of the big problems in the [Black Panther] Party. Differences Between And Australia. Criticism and self-criticism were not encouraged, and the little that was given often wasn’t taken seriously. Constructive criticism and self-criticism are extremely important for any revolutionary organization. Without them, people tend to drown in their mistakes, not learn from them.” This may be obvious. Similarities Between Hinduism. I do also think that the feminist movement is really good at Understanding Global relentlessly analyzing its internal oppressions. But, we’ve become so quick to between and buddhism, shoot down criticism if it affects something we#8217;ve come to believe as personally empowering.

Meghan has already written about this a few times on the blog. And you know it’s widespread once The Onion satirizes the issue. “Everyday out in the street now, I remind myself that Black people in amerika are oppressed. It’s necessary that I do that. People get used to anything. Injury Can Result From. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for between it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to Turner Canadian, be acutely aware of being a slave.” To go off on a tangent this is why science fiction and dystopian books can be so damn accurate in between hinduism and buddhism, highlighting this specific aspect of oppression. If you’ll remember a bit of the plot of Brave New World: children are created and raised in ‘hatcheries’ and ‘conditioning centres’ where they are they divided into five castes designed to fulfill predetermined positions within the social and economic system of the World State.

Fetuses chosen to become members of the lower castes receive chemical interference to cause arrested development in intelligence or physical growth. So they are deliberately limited in their cognitive and physical abilities, as well as the cultural differences between and australia, scope of their ambitions and hinduism the complexity of their desires, thus rendering them easier to control. (thanks Wikipedia for summary). I flagged this passage from the Turner Royal Essay, book when I read it years ago which sums it up well: “And that,” put in the Director sententiously, “that is the secret of happiness and virtue—liking what you’ve got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their inescapable social destiny.” A newer book that looks at between hinduism this compulsory conditioning to accept one’s “inescapable social destiny” is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I don’t want to put any spoilers in though because it’s less well known than Brave New World and it’s a worthy read. I have no specific or cohesive conclusion for this mish-mash of ideas, except to re-emphasise just how important reading and sharing stories really is. Most of us are fed a constant diet of cultural and 4 sphere social stereotypes and as Chimamanda Adichie says in her enlightening talk, #8220;the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.#8221; The Anti-Racism Resource Centre in Peterborough, Ontario defines anti-racism as: an active and consistent process of change to eliminate individual, institutional and similarities between hinduism systemic racism as well as the poem about, oppression and injustice racism causes.

Maybe some of this process of between hinduism, change can start with the building of collective knowledge through story telling and sharing. So, don#8217;t bug me when I#8217;m reading on the train. Follow Ellie Gordon-Moershel: @EllieGordonMoe. 4 Comments on #8220;Assata Shakur and my train of thought.#8221; This is an absolutely beautiful post. Global Warming Essay. I loved how you included quotes from between hinduism, Assata#8217;s book. About. And I can#8217;t wait to check out several of the links in this article, including the blog post you wrote on women#8217;s comedy (a topic that really needs to be addressed!). Hinduism. Thank you for your kind words. Assata Shakur wrote such a brilliant, honest and succinct memoir her words really speak for themselves. This is really heart felt post from my very intelligent, loving, and positive sister. I really appreciate the views of a seasoned black woman.Its satisfies my soul. It give me the focus needed to raise my 4 girls.

I keep whats important on the forefront to stay grounded. Peace love and 4 sphere earth respect to Assata Shakur. I will never let the struggle be forgotten, not even for the beautiful black women I#8217;m raising.God bless!! Just re-read this entry because of your FB post. Great stuff. The purpose of the similarities, blog is to create dialogue and debate around current issues related to cultural differences between and australia, women, feminism, and social justice.

We enjoy active participation in the blog, however, we reserve the discretion to remove any comments that are threatening or promote hate speech.

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What were the similarities and differences between Buddhism and

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Similarities and Differences: Hinduism and Buddhism by Daniella

layer 2 5 atm resume This invention relates generally to communications and, more particularly, to packet systems using ATM Adaptation Layer Type 2 packets. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) networks carry fixed sized cells within the network irrespective of the applications being carried over ATM. At the between hinduism and buddhism, network edge or at the end equipment, an ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) maps the Understanding Warming Essay, services offered by the ATM network to the services required by hinduism the application. There are a number of 4 sphere of the earth industry standards and similarities proposed standards covering various AALs. In particular, B-ISDN ATM Adaptation Layer Type 2 Specification, draft Recommendation I.363.2, November 1996, of ITU-T (herein referred to as AAL-2) provides for efficient ATM transport of small, delay-sensitive packets in such applications as packet voice systems.

AAL-2 is partitioned into two sublayers, the Common Part Sublayer (CPS) and 4 sphere of the the Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (SSCS). AAL-2 defines a packet format comprising a header and a data carrying portion. The header includes a reserved field (the RES field) of 5 bits, which represents 32 codepoints, or values. The RES field is either reserved or assigned to either the CPS or a Service Specific Convergence Function (SSCF) of the SSCS. The CPS provides the functions of multiplexing variable length packets from multiple sources into and buddhism, a single ATM virtual circuit and Royal Canadian Essay relaying these packets to form end-to-end AAL-2 connections. That portion of the RES field assigned to the CPS is used to provide user information or signaling such as a More bit to indicate that the current packet is segmented (i.e., the continuation of an upper-layer frame). The exact use of RES bits has not been specified yet, and work is in progress in various standards bodies to determine the same. In the context an SSCS system conveying packet voice, the RES field is being defined in standards groups for similarities hinduism and buddhism, possible use in conveying SSCS messages including sequence number information. The latter is used by from violence a receiver to re-build a received sequence of packets in the correct order. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. As noted above, the RES field is a five bit value that provides 32 codepoints, each of similarities between and buddhism which can be used to convey either messaging or sequence numbers.

However, we have realized that the above-mentioned five bit RES field is too small for Injury Essay, some applications, e.g., in hinduism the context of an SSCS system where additional information (such as a coding rate change during a call) needs to be transmitted to Injury violence Essay a corresponding receiver. The resulting need for additional messages are not accommodated by the five bit RES field. Between Hinduism. Therefore, and in accordance with the principles of the invention, an AAL-2 RES field is earth extended a predefined number of bits by similarities hinduism a priori mapping individual codepoints of the Understanding Global Warming Essay, five bit RES field to indicate an extended header. In an embodiment of the invention, a packet voice system includes an AAL-2 and Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (SSCS) System comprising a transmitter and similarities between and buddhism a receiver. A portion of the 32 codepoints of the five bit RES field are predefined to differences between and australia indicate an extended header. This a prior definition is stored in tables in both the transmitter and the receiver. The extended header itself comprises an additional octet appended to the AAL-2 header. The transmitter dynamically uses the similarities between, extended header and discontinues use of the extended header after a predefined duration of time or upon mulan warrior receiving an acknowledgment from the receiver.

The ability to use an and buddhism, extended header selectively on Turner and The Canadian Legion a few packets for the purpose of conveying in-call messages (e.g., a voice coding rate change) is significantly more efficient than universally increasing the header size of all packets. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING. FIG. 1 shows an illustrative ATM cell and AAL-2 formatting; FIG. Similarities. 2 shows a packet header of an LLC packet in accordance with AAL-2;

FIG. Between And Australia. 3 shows a start field of an ATM cell in accordance with AAL-2; FIG. 4 shows a portion of a voice packet communications system; FIG. 5 shows a number of time-lines for illustrating sequence numbering and the use of a build-out delay during the duration of a call; FIG.

6 shows an illustrative AAL-2 header comprising an between hinduism and buddhism, extended header in accordance with the mulan warrior, principles of the invention; FIG. 7 shows an between hinduism and buddhism, illustrative format for an extended header in mulan warrior accordance with the principles of the invention; FIG. 8 shows an illustrative mapping table for use in a transmitter and a receiver in accordance with the principles of the between hinduism, invention; FIG. 9 shows an illustrative portion of a communications system embodying the principles of the invention;

FIG. 10 shown an illustrative flow diagram in cultural differences between china and australia accordance with the principles of the invention for use in a transmitter; and. FIG. 11 shown an illustrative flow diagram in accordance with the hinduism, principles of the invention for use in Essay a receiver. Before describing an illustrative embodiment of the invention, some background information on ATM Adaptation Layers (AALs) and, more particularly, AAL-2, is similarities between provided.

ATM networks carry fixed size (53 octets) cells within the network irrespective of the applications being carried over ATM. To support applications in native protocol mode, a Terminal Adapter (TA) at the network edge acts as an `ATM user` and implements an from, ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) to similarities hinduism map the services offered by the ATM network to Warming Essay the services required by the application. In cases where ATM is terminated at the end user equipment, the AAL entity is implemented there. Between Hinduism And Buddhism. AAL-1 has been defined for Constant Bit Rate (CBR) traffic requiring tight delay and jitter control (e.g., see ITU-T Recommendation I.363.1 B-ISDN ATM Adaptation Layer AAL-1 Specification). Also AAL-3/4 (e.g., see ITU-T Recommendation I.363.3/4 B-ISDN ATM Adaptation Layer AAL 3/4 Specification) and AAL-5 (e.g., see ITU-T Recommendation I.363.5 B-ISDN ATM Adaptation Layer AAL-5 Specification) have been defined for bursty data. These AALs allow simple encapsulation of application `packets` if each packet fits into one ATM cell. For larger application packets, a segmentation and 4 sphere reassembly (SAR) layer allows segmentation of a `packet` at the transmitter, so each segment fits into an ATM cell, and reassembly of the original packet from the similarities between, received ATM cells at the receiver. These AALs thus allow collection of enough information to Global Warming fit into hinduism and buddhism, one ATM cell payload or segmentation of larger native mode packets into smaller units such that each smaller unit fits into an ATM cell payload. Understanding Global Warming. If native information units are smaller than an ATM payload, these AALs require partial fill of ATM cells. However, many applications require ATM transport of `small packets` that are smaller than the ATM cell size.

Some of these applications are: PBX-to-PBX trunking for compressed voice with or without silence suppression; ATM backbone for cellular/PCS wireless access; ATM trunking between circuit switches; and similarities hinduism ATM backbone connectivity to packet telephony. In applications like the ones mentioned above, there are two primary reasons to transmit small packets across ATM networks: (i) when small native packets are generated away from the mulan warrior, ATM network and the packet boundaries need to between be recovered at the destination outside ATM network; and (ii) when the bit rate of a native application is low and mulan warrior the requirement on the end-to-end delay prohibits accumulation of bits to between and buddhism fill an ATM cell before sending the cell out to its destination. Understanding Warming. In the latter case, small packets are generated even if the between hinduism, packetization is done at the ATM network edge. Use of an ATM network to connect base stations to vocoder groups in digital cellular systems is an example of the former. ATM trunking between circuit switches or circuit PBXs is an example of the mulan warrior, latter. For these applications, partial fill of ATM cells resulting from similarities hinduism and buddhism use of AAL-1, AAL-3/4, or AAL-5, may cause unacceptable loss in Turner Royal Canadian Essay bandwidth efficiency. This inefficiency is of concern especially when the total traffic demand needs low speed leased lines because of the high cost/bps (bits per between hinduism and buddhism second) of such lines.

In many cases, this cost penalty may nullify many of the Injury from violence, advantages offered by an ATM backbone. This necessitates use of an AAL for small packets such as AAL-2. The latter provides efficient transport of small native packets over similarities and buddhism, ATM networks in such a way that allows very small transfer delay across the ATM network and still allows the receiver to recover the original packets. AAL-2 treats the payloads from successive ATM cells from the of the, same ATM connection as a byte stream in which variable length LLC packets are multiplexed. An illustration of ATM cells and AAL-2 formatting is shown in FIG. 1. An ATM connection comprises a plurality of ATM cells, a portion of which is represented by the sequence of ATM cells 50, 51, and 52. Each ATM cell comprises an ATM header 1 (as known in the art), an STF field 2 and a plurality of LLC packets 3 (defined below). Each LLC packet, as represented by LLC packet 60 comprises a packet header 61 and a native LLC packet 62. The packet header is 3 octets long and is shown in detail in similarities FIG.

2. The packet header comprises four fields: a Channel ID (CID) field, a Length Indicator (LI) field, a Reserved (RES) field, and mulan warrior a Header Error Check (HEC) field. (The RES field is also referred to as UUI (user-to-user indication) in standards documents.) The CID field is 8 bits long and similarities hinduism identifies the LLC to which the packet belongs. (Referring briefly back to FIG. Injury From Violence Essay. 1, it is can be observed that the CID field value for the associated LLC packet corresponds to between the LLC number.) The CID field provides support for a maximum of 255 native connections (LLCs) over a single ATM VCC. As known in the art, an ATM cell header allows two levels of addressing: a Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) and Virtual Connection Identifier (VCI). Of The. A Virtual Path Connection (VPC) can (VPI) and Virtual Connection Identifier (VCI). A Virtual Path Connection (VPC) can have a number of VCCs. With a 16 bit VCI field, an ATM VPC can support up to 255?2 16 Logical Link Connections. The LI field is 6 bits and indicates the length of the between hinduism and buddhism, LLC packet (or native packet). The LI field is added to each LLC packet so that the end of Understanding Warming variable length packets can be demarcated. The LI field allows specification of up to 63 octets. When the value of the LI field points beyond the end of the current ATM cell, the packet is similarities hinduism and buddhism split between cells (this is mulan warrior also illustrated in FIG.

1, where LLC packet 60 is similarities between split between ATM cells 50 and 51). Since the cultural, primary driver for AAL-2 is packet telephony, and error detection is not essential for similarities between, voice coding algorithms, error detection for native packets is mulan warrior not necessary. The purpose of error detection is to guarantee that CID, LI and other critical protocol header fields do not get misinterpreted. This is accomplished in similarities between and buddhism AAL-2 by the HEC field in each packet header. 4 Sphere Earth. The HEC field is 5 bits (e.g., see FIG. 2) and provides error detection over similarities between hinduism, the packet header. This has the regrets, advantage of between and buddhism being able to discard only those packets whose headers are corrupted. AAL-2 is partitioned into cultural differences between, two sublayers, the similarities hinduism, Common Part Sublayer (CPS) and the Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (SSCS). The RES field comprises five bits, which are reserved or assigned to either the CPS or a Service Specific Convergence Function (SSCF) of the and The Royal Canadian Legion, SSCS. The CPS provides the functions of multiplexing variable length packets from multiple sources into a single ATM virtual circuit and similarities between and buddhism relaying these packets to form end-to-end AAL-2 connections. 4 Sphere Of The Earth. That portion (not shown) of the between hinduism and buddhism, RES field assigned to the CPS are used to provide signaling such as a More bit to indicate that the current packet is segmented, signaling, or user information.

The remaining portion (not shown) of the RES field assigned to the SSCF provides an application specific function, a different instance of Turner and The Royal Canadian being provided to each AAL-2 user. Examples of such functions are segmentation and similarities between and buddhism reassembly of user flows into packets suitable for the common part, forward error control, identifying the voice coding algorithm, identifying the end of a speech burst, packet sequence number, etc. The SSCS can also be null. (At this point, the ITU-T standards body intends to specify SSCS protocols in future recommendations.) These SSCF-oriented bits are not interpreted by the AAL-2 CPS and are passed transparently from the transmitting SSCS to the receiving SSCS. The SSCS may use these bits for specific SSCF functions or to differences between china and australia pass higher layer user-to-user communication transparently. In the context of this description, it is assumed that the earlier-described sequence number is normally a part of the RES field for each packet. (However, and in accordance with the between hinduism and buddhism, principles of the differences, invention, when an between hinduism, extended header is used, the sequence number is carried in the extended header, described below.)

As can be observed from FIG. 1, a Start Field (STF) is present at the beginning of each ATM cell payload from a given ATM connection. The format of the STF field is shown in FIG. 3. An STF field is 1 octet in length and comprises an Offset field (OSF), a Sequence Number (SN) field and a Parity (P) field. While the LI field in each LLC packet allows self delineation once a packet boundary is identified, a cell loss or an error in a packet header results in the loss of mulan warrior packet delineation. In order to regain packet boundaries, the between hinduism and buddhism, OSF field specifies the beginning of the first new packet in the current ATM cell payload. The OSF field is 6 bits in length and indicates the remaining length of the poem about, packet that (possibly) started in the preceding cell from this ATM connection and is continuing in the current cell. This approach guarantees resynchronization of packet boundaries in one ATM cell time after a delineation loss. Given that a loss of an similarities and buddhism, ATM cell, if not detected at the receiver, can misconcatenate packets, the SN field also exists. The one bit SN field provides a modulo 2 sequence numbering of cells and immediate detection of a single cell loss. It may be noted that this 1-bit sequence number is different from the earlier-described sequence number which is Global Essay part of the RES field in the AAL-2 packet header.

Finally, like the packet header, the SN field and OSF field also require error detection. This is provided by the single parity bit of the P field, which provides odd parity. It should be noted that it may be necessary to transmit a partially filled ATM cell in order to limit the packet emission delay. In this case, the remainder of the cell is padded with all-zero octets. A cell whose payload contains only the STF field and 47 padding octets can also be transmitted in order to meet some other needs such as serving a keep-alive function, satisfying a traffic contract, etc.

AAL-2 creates multiple levels of connections between two points: ATM virtual connections and AAL-2 Logical Link Connections (LLCs). Similarities Hinduism. The AAL-2 LLC in this case is defined to be a point-to-point connection, for example, between a base station and the vocoder group in the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) for 4 sphere of the earth, cellular trunking, or between two PBX's or two switches for land-line trunking. The connection is defined to be bi-directional and the same CID is assumed to be used in both directions for a particular LLC. The set of CIDs available on an ATM VCC are known to hinduism and buddhism both ends. The negotiation procedures are symmetric, that is, either end of the AAL-2 connection is permitted to initiate a new LLC or request tear down of an LLC. A simple negotiation procedure is defined where the originating end proposes establishment of a new LLC with the use of a particular CID that is not in use and the other end can accept or deny the about, request. Bandwidth management and monitoring for the ATM virtual circuit is assumed to be handled at the ATM connection management level.

No such monitoring is proposed per LLC. However, it is the responsibility of the two end points to guarantee resource availability within the ATM connection to support a new LLC. Such resource management is assumed to be handled in a service specific manner. Signaling needed for LLC set up and similarities hinduism tear down between AAL-2 uses a predefined LLC (with CID=0). Use of Sequence Numbers in Re-Playing Packets. A portion of a voice packet communications system is shown in FIG. 4. Other than the inventive concept, the elements shown in FIG. 4 are well-known and will not be described in detail. For example, although shown as a single block element, PBX 105 includes stored-program-control processors, memory, and appropriate interface cards.

Similarly, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) 105 transmits and Essay receives a plurality of voice calls to voice encoder/decoder 110, via facility 106. The latter is representative of any number and type of communications facilities. To facilitate the description it is assumed that facility 106 is a DS1 facility (for each direction) as known in the art, which carries a plurality of calls. For each call, the similarities hinduism, audio information is Understanding Global Essay a 64 kb/s (thousands of bits per second) bit stream in either direction. Voice encoder/decoder 110 compresses the 64 kb/s bit stream from PBX 105 into similarities and buddhism, a 32 kb/s compressed audio stream using ADPCM as known in the art for application to voice processor 125. Similarly, in of the the other direction, voice encoder/decoder 110 decompresses the 32 kb/s ADPCM bit stream provided by voice processor 125 into a 64 kb/s audio stream for application to PBX 105. Voice processor 125 comprises AAL-2/SSCS processor 130 and ATM processor 135. In transmitting information toward ATM network 100, AAL-2/SSCS processor 130 converts the 32 kb/s ADPCM bit stream into similarities, AAL-2 packets for application to ATM processor 135. In this conversion, as described further below, the and The Royal Canadian Legion Essay, SSCS portion of processor 130 performs silence suppression, assignment of sequence numbers; and similarities background noise level notification. In the opposite direction, AAL-2/SSCS processor 130 receives AAL-2 packets from ATM processor 135 and depacketizes them. AAL2/SSCS processor 130 provides: buffering (not shown) for build-out delay before playing out packets for transmission to voice encoder/decoder 110 (described below); noise fill during silence period (described below).

In playing out the packets, AAL-2/SSCS processor 130 makes use of sequence numbers to decide delayed packets and to maintain integrity in the play-out process (described below). ATM processor 135 provides the following transmit functions: filling payload of ATM cells with AAL-2 packets; forming an ATM cell whenever the payload is filled-up or a timer (e.g., 2 milli-seconds (ms)) expires with at least one AAL-2 packet in the payload (whichever of the Royal, two events happens first); ATM cell header processing; placing ATM cells into a transmit buffer, etc. ATM processor 135 provides ATM cells to similarities between hinduism and buddhism ATM network 100. ATM processor 135 receives ATM cells from ATM network 100 and provides the differences between china and australia, following receive functions: ATM cell header processing and similarities hinduism and buddhism error control; transferring AAL-2 packets to AAL-2/SSCS processing unit, etc. A set of time-lines are shown in Understanding Global Essay FIG. 5 for illustrating the operation of an AAL-2/SSCS processor, sequence numbering, and the use of a build-out delay during the duration of a call. Time-line (A) in FIG. 5 shows an illustrative talk-spurt comprising a number of packets. Between. The latter is a stream of AAL-2 packets, which do not convey silent intervals.

In this example, an mulan warrior, AAL-2/SSCS processor creates an AAL-2 packet, each AAL-2 packet having an assigned sequence number, n, where 0?n?7. As can be observed from between hinduism FIG. 5, the sequence numbering repeats every n packets. Time-line (B) shows the illustrative talk-spurt arriving at between and australia an AAL-2/SSCS processor. Each AAL-2 packets arrives in similarities hinduism the order it is received. As can be observed from poem about time-line (B), there is a variable delay in the arrival time of each packet (as to be expected in packet transmission).

The parameter D o is defined as the total network delay of the first packet of a talk-spurt. The parameter B is defined as the build-out delay. Also, it is assumed that the between, first packet with the differences and australia, sequence number of 2 (hereafter referred to a packet 2) has been lost and that the between hinduism, packet 7 has suffered a larger delay than the other packets. For illustrative purposes, time-line (C) shows the effect on play-out of received packets if sequence numbering were not provided on the received packet stream shown in time-line (B). From Essay. The AAL-2/SSCS processor begins play-out after the build-out delay, B. Packets are simply played out in the order received at periodic time intervals. Since packet 2 was lost and packet 3 was already received before the play-out time of packet 2, packet 3 is played-out in place of packet 2 at time interval 2. This results in the received packets being slipped backward as shown on time-line (C) of FIG. 5. At time intervals 6 and 7, there are no packets in the receive buffer (not shown). As such the AAL-2/SSCS processor inserts FILL (F) packets, e.g., low-level noise or extrapolated speech, into the play-out stream.

Finally, packet 7 arrives in time to be played-out at the next time interval 0. This results in the remaining packets being slipped forward as shown on time-line (C) of similarities hinduism and buddhism FIG. 5. In contrast, time-line (D) illustrates the mulan warrior, advantage of using sequence numbering during play-out. Again, the AAL-2/SSCS processor begins play-out after the similarities and buddhism, build-out delay, B. Packets are played out the Turner Royal Canadian, receive buffer (not shown) in conjunction with the most recent sequence number at associated time intervals. Now, although packet 2 was lost and packet 3 was already received before the hinduism and buddhism, play-out time of packet 2, a fill packet (F) is played-out in place of packet 2 at Injury from Essay time interval 2. Hinduism. As a result, the packets are not slipped backward.

At the associated time interval 3, packet 3 is can result from played out. Packets continue to be played out in the correct sequence and time interval until packet 7. The latter has not yet been received for and buddhism, play-out at time interval 7 (as illustrated on time-line (B)). A fill packet (F) is played out instead. Differences. Finally, packet 7 arrives in time to be played-out at between and buddhism the next time interval 0. However, with sequence numbering, packet 7 is not played out at the next time interval 0. Instead, corresponding packet 0 is played out. As a result, the remaining packets are not slipped forward. At this time, packet 7, which is already in the buffer, is recognized to have arrived late and hence is mulan warrior discarded. AAL-2 with an hinduism, Extended Header. As described above, 32 kb/s ADPCM is used during a call.

However, it may become necessary, and beneficial, to Injury can result Essay change the effective coding rate during a call. For example, ITU-T G.727 standard 32 kb/s ADPCM provides the ability to drop less significant bits from the coded signal to reduce the data rate. Due to hinduism dropping of the less significant bits, the coding rate momentarily changes to 24 kb/s or 16 kb/s during moderate or high congestion states in Global Essay the transmitter. Such coding rate changes should be communicated from the transmitter to the receiver. As noted above, the RES field is similarities between a five bit value that provides 32 codepoints, each of which can be used to convey either messaging or sequence numbers. However, we have realized that the Turner and The Royal Essay, above-mentioned five bit RES field is too small for some applications, e.g., in the context of an SSCS system where additional information (such as a coding rate change during a call) may need to be transmitted to a corresponding receiver. Between Hinduism And Buddhism. The resulting need for additional messages are not accommodated by the five bit RES field. Therefore, and in accordance with the 4 sphere earth, principles of the invention, an AAL-2 RES field is extended a predefined number of bits by a priori mapping individual codepoints of the five bit RES field to indicate an extended header.

An illustrative AAL-2 header comprising an extended header is shown in FIG. 6. As can be observed from FIG. 6, the extended header is appended to the standard AAL-2 packet header, i.e., following the above-mentioned HEC field. An illustrative extended header is shown in FIG. 7. This example of an between hinduism, extended header includes eight bits (one octet).

The first bit is an extra bit that conveys coding type signaling (described below). The next four bits convey sequence number information. In this case, the sequence number is not conveyed by the RES field, but, instead, is conveyed in the extended header. The last three bits convey a cyclic-redundancy-code (CRC) over Global, the extended header (this is in addition to the above-mentioned HEC, which covers the non-extended portion of the AAL-2 header as described above). In accordance with the principles of the invention, a transmitter, in similarities hinduism essence, operates in two modes: a standard mode during which the transmitter transmits a standard AAL-2 header to a corresponding receiver, and an extended mode, during which the transmitter transmits an extended AAL-2 header to a corresponding receiver. As described further below, the poem regrets, transmitter dynamically switches between the standard mode and the extended mode. In accordance with the similarities between hinduism, principles of the invention, the codepoint values of the five bit RES field are mapped a priori to mulan warrior indicate either the presence of a standard AAL-2 header (when the transmitter is in the standard mode) or the similarities hinduism, presence of an extended header (when the transmitter is in the extended mode). An illustrative mapping of the values of the 32 codepoints is shown in the mapping table of Injury violence Essay FIG.

8. It is assumed that this mapping table is similarities and buddhism stored in both a transmitter and a corresponding receiver. It should be noticed that individual codepoint values are mapped. That is, the indication of the presence of an extended header is not associated with the value of a single bit position. Rather, an individual codepoint value, e.g., 20, is predefined as signifying the presence of an extended header. Upon receipt of the AAL-2 header, the receiver decodes the AAL-2 RES field values in accordance with the mapping table of FIG. 8. At call establishment, standard 64 kb/s PCM is initially used until the call is Injury from violence classified as a compressible voice, a voice-band data (VBD), or a FAX call. A signal classifier (not shown) is used as a part of the AAL-2/SSCS processor to similarities between and buddhism classify incoming calls at a transmitter (call classifiers are known in the art).

When the call is classified as voice, a compression method such as ITU-T G.727 32 kb/s ADPCM may be used from that point onwards. If the call is classified as a FAX call, FAX demod is used as known in the art, wherein the bit rate is reduced from 64 kb/s to a 9.6 kb/s data rate. Mulan Warrior. If the ITU-T G.727 32 kb/s ADPCM is used for voice, the coding rate may dynamically change from 32 kb/s to 24 kb/s to 16 kb/s (upward and similarities and buddhism downward) during a call. The values 32 kb/s, 24 kb/s, 16 kb/s are used in low, moderate, and high, congestion states, respectively, at the transmitter. China. Thus the coding rate of a call may change once following call classification in the transmitter, and may change many times during a call depending on the fluctuations in traffic congestion states at similarities between the transmitter. When a coding rate change occurs, the transmitter conveys the new coding rate by used of the standard and/or extended header as shown in 4 sphere earth the mapping table of FIG.

8. When a coding type change message need be conveyed, the sequence number is similarities between hinduism conveyed without interruption except that it is part of the extended header rather than in the RES filed of the standard header. An illustrative portion of a system embodying the principles of the invention is mulan warrior shown in FIG. 9. The elements of FIG. 9 are similar to the elements of FIG. 4 except for voice processor 150, which includes AAL-2/SSCS Processor 155, which provides the ability to dynamically transmit an extended header to a corresponding receiver. (The latter is similar in structure to AAL-2/SSCS Processor 155 and will not be shown or described.) Similarly, in the reverse direction, AAL-2/SSCS Processor 155 decodes received AAL-2 headers in accordance with the mapping table of FIG. 8. An illustrative method for use in AAL-2/SSCS Processor 155 for transmitting AAL-2 packets in accordance with the principles of the invention is shown in hinduism and buddhism FIG. 10. In step 305, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 establishes a call as known in the art with a corresponding receiver (not shown).

For the purpose of this description, standard mode is defined as the mode a transmitter is in following each change in Injury violence Essay coding type until a subsequent change occurs. In step 310, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 transmits the appropriate standard header selected from the mapping table of FIG. 8 as a function of between and buddhism call type. For example, in establishing a voice call, once the coding type is agreed to between the transmitter and receiver, e.g., 32 kb/s ADPCM, four bits of the RES field are used to transmit the above-described sequence numbers for conveying packet audio using codepoint values 0 through 15 from the mapping table of FIG. 8. However, and in accordance with the principles of the invention, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 may be required to send a message requiring an Injury can result from violence Essay, extended header. In this example, such messages are illustrated by the need to change coding types (although other events and messages can be defined). Similarities. This is reflected in mulan warrior step 315. If no such event is detected, standard headers continue to be transmitted in step 310. However, if a predefined condition occurs that requires changing the coding type, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 switches to extended mode and transmits a header value and extended header value selected from the mapping table of FIG. Similarities. 8. For example, a data queue (not shown) of AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 may pass through different congestion states, e.g., low, medium, or high, as the queue fills up.

Advantageously, the Warming Essay, inventive concept allows the transmitter to change coding rates during the call in an efficient fashion as a function of congestion levels. For example, if the agreed upon coding type was G.727 32 kb/s ADPCM, but the transmitter has a high level of congestion, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 detects the need for a coding type change in step 315 as a function of congestion level and transmits an hinduism and buddhism, AAL-2 extended header selected from the mapping table of FIG. 8. In this example, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 transmits a coding point value of mulan warrior 17 in the RES field of the next AAL-2 packet and appends an extended header (EH), where the 0th bit of EH is set to between hinduism 1 and cultural differences between the remaining four bits convey the appropriate sequence number. The coding point value of 17 is predefined to indicate the between and buddhism, presence of an extended header. Turner And The Legion Essay. The transmission of this extended messages indicates to the corresponding receiver that packets are being transmitted using G.727 32 kb/s ADPCM reduced to 16 kb/s. (As defined in G.727 ADPCM, the least significant bits can be dropped to delay and capacity in a packet network.) As can be observed from the mapping table of FIG. 8, different coding types may be selected by a transmitter.

Coding types 7 and 8 are place-holders for the specification of additional coding types. Between. The abbreviation LD-CELP in the mapping table of FIG. Poem. 8 stands for low-delay code excited linear prediction as known in the art. After transmission of the extended header, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 looks for an acknowledgment from the receiver that the coding type has been received, in step 325. If no acknowledgment is detected before the next packet has to be transmitted, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 transmits another AAL-2 packet with an extended header in step 320 and looks for an acknowledgment in step 325. However, upon and buddhism receipt of an acknowledgment, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 resumes transmitting standard headers in step 310. Differences Between And Australia. It should be noted that this dynamic use of an extended header is hinduism more efficient than simply enlarging the AAL-2 header for the duration of particular calls, which decreases the available bandwidth. Once the messaging event has been acknowledged, the Injury from Essay, transmitter resumes use of the similarities and buddhism, standard header. Alternative methods are also possible.

For example, the cultural between, transition from extended mode back to standard mode can be performed by AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 simply by similarities between hinduism and buddhism transmitting the extended header information k times, where k?1. For example, if k=3, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 transmits 3 sequential packets using an extended header format. Once the Understanding Warming, value of k is reached, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 then assumes that the receiver has changed to the correct coding type and hinduism and buddhism resumes transmission using standard headers. In this alternative approach, the transmitter dynamically uses the extended header and discontinues use of the extended header after a predefined duration of mulan warrior time. The period of time can be selected in any number of ways, e.g., a multiple of voice packetization intervals (i.e., the interval of time between generation of voice packets from one voice source). Turning now to FIG.

11, an illustrative method for similarities between hinduism, use in a receiver is can result Essay shown. After establishing the hinduism, call in step 405 using a particular coding rate (e.g., 64 kb/s PCM), AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 receives headers with sequence numbers in step 410. In step 415, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 decodes the Royal Canadian Legion Essay, values of the RES field in accordance with the mapping table of FIG. 8. If no extended header is detected in step 415, then AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 continues receiving packets in step 410. On the similarities and buddhism, other hand, if an extended header is detected, AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 switches to the respective coding type in step 420, and transmits an acknowledgment to the corresponding transmitter in step 425. AAL-2 SSCS Processor 155 then continues receiving packets in step 410. The foregoing merely illustrates the principles of the invention and Warming it will thus be appreciated that those skilled in the art will be able to devise numerous alternative arrangements which, although not explicitly described herein, embody the principles of the invention and are within its spirit and scope. For example, although the extended header is described in and buddhism the context of an additional octet, any number of bits can be defined as the mulan warrior, extended header.

Further, although the and buddhism, illustrative embodiment described use of the extended header in association with messages that signaled a change in coding type, other messages representing other types of information can be defined.

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The similarities and differences between hinduism and buddhism

50 ways to improve your resume to land a financial services job. This could be the most comprehensive list of tips for writing a resume yet! Ensuring that your resume is very well crafted and similarities answers the needs of the recruiter will. Between! This could be the hinduism, most comprehensive list of tips for writing a resume yet! Ensuring that your resume is Turner and The very well crafted and answers the needs of the recruiter will increase your chances of getting a job interview. A good resume is the first step to similarities between, landing that job you want. Our tips: 1. Don’t write “Curriculum Vitae” or “Resume” at the top. This simply isn’t the done thing anymore; it should be pretty obvious what it is.

2. Your name should come at the top. This is the current standard. It makes it easier for recruiters to sort out their pile of and The Royal Legion, applications. So, or felt like a cool email to have when you were 16. It unfortunately does not make you look professional or serious. Create a neutral email for your resume – nothing funny, saucy or rude is ideal. 4. Don’t include a title with your name.

Your sex is not relevant. If you have a name like Sam or Alex, there is no need to write your title so that the hinduism, employer knows whether you are male or female. In fact, having a gender neutral name might be an 4 sphere, advantage. On average, the recruiter will assume you are male and as the job market currently tends to hinduism, favor men over 4 sphere, women, keeping it vague is probably a good thing. 5. The only necessary personal information: email, phone number, mailing address. Everything else does not matter and should therefore not be included. 6. Don’t include marital status or sexual orientation. Whether you are single, married or divorced, gay or straight is completely irrelevant to the job; don’t include any of these personal details. Importantly, giving too much personal information opens you up for discrimination. It doesn’t add to your value as a potential hire.

8. Don’t include your political affiliation. Between Hinduism And Buddhism! It doesn’t add to your value as a potential hire. 9. Injury Can Result! Don’t include any salary information. That said, using the between hinduism, correct words and appearing mature will signal the sort of pay packet you are after. On inspection, most recruiters will know if they are dealing with a seasoned pro or an amateur.

It used to be common to include your date of birth on your resume but by law that is no longer necessary in 4 sphere of the many developed countries. Your age doesn’t impact your ability to do most jobs so don’t include it. Between And Buddhism! Arial is clean cut and looks very professional. If you really want to get it all on mulan warrior one page and Arial is taking up too much space, use Arial Narrow. Most people have a very short attention span so the shorter it is, the similarities between, more likely that the recruiter will get through the whole resume. Understanding Global! Two pages is okay but even then, get the most critical job-grabbing information on between page one. 13. How far back should you go? No more than 15 years, generally. As you gain work and Understanding Global life experience, you’ll need to start deleting some experiences because they simply don’t matter anymore.

For instance, my resume when I finished high school had some positions of responsibility: Head of House, Captain of This, Captain of similarities between hinduism, That and I have deleted all of can result from violence, that now. It’s not relevant and has been superseded by my university and more recent experiences. Similarities! Bullet points give structure to a resume/CV, they make it more punchy and much easier for poem about, the recruiter to read. Don’t use full sentences or write like you are telling a story. You can do that on between your cover letter.

16. Injury From Essay! Don’t use personal pronouns – I, he, she, it, we, they, you. Get straight to the point. “I closed the largest sale of the year” is too long, just say “Closed largest sale in 2012” Generally, a professional resume/CV does not have a border. Between! If President Obama had to write a resume do you see him having borders on Understanding it? For some reason, I cannot. Even from the very outset, you want your resume to similarities hinduism and buddhism, have the air of a Statesman – clean, confident, professional, to the point.

18. Don’t try to be too different, no fancy stuff. Take it from someone that’s had to of the, recruit before. Above and beyond looking clear and smart, there is nothing more annoying than someone who tries to stand out by a) adding graphics to their resume or b) presenting the information in similarities hinduism a totally different way to the standard. Turner And The Royal Legion Essay! If you have a pile of 50+ resumes to get through (and a lot of recruiters nowadays have many more), it is hinduism and buddhism a lot easier to get the work done when people follow the Global Essay, usual order of things. Similarities! Education first, work experience second, then everything else after that. About Regrets! When I want to hire, I just want someone that can do the job and having a cool resume isn’t going to differentiate you. If anything, some might assume you are trying to compensate for a lack of something. Some resumes look downright shoddy. A recruiter who has a large pile of resumes to get through will not waste their time on someone that couldn’t bother to neaten their resume up.

There are free resume templates to get you started. Between! Place dates either on can result violence the left or the between hinduism and buddhism, right so it’s easy to follow your education and Injury can result from work experience path. Merging it all together with your bullet points is a) messy and b) can suggest you are trying to hide career gaps. 21. Date formats should be consistent. Generally, if I just have a year, I write the full year. If I have months and the year, I shorten the between hinduism, year because the resume starts looking clogged up. Good format for year: 2012. Bad format for year: ‘12. Good format for month and year: Sep-12.

Bad format for earth, month and year: September 2012 (it takes up too much space) Unless the employer asks for it, you don’t need to have a photograph of yourself on your resume/CV. If you’re applying for a modelling job then your portfolio of pictures might be necessary as it is obviously a very necessary feature of the job. Similarities Between! 23. General rule: most recent information goes first. Put the most recent education and the most recent work experience first.

So, under education, university comes first and Turner Canadian Legion then secondary or high school information. Under work experience, the most recent work experience is put first. 24. Relevance rule: most job-relevant information goes first. If the most recent work experience is not the most relevant, place the most relevant work experience first.

Applying for a job in the UK? Then use British English. Applying for a job in the USA? Then use American English. By the way, to the British it’s a CV; to Americans it’s a resume. It will definitely reduce your chances of getting a job. If I’m recruiting and similarities hinduism I see a typo, I’m probably going to differences, throw that resume/CV in the trash unless there are other redeeming features. 27. Don’t use text language, jargon, acronyms or slang. Hinduism! This is a big no-no. Text language is essentially a typo.

It should not feature anywhere on china and australia your resume. Jargon will make it difficult for the recruiter to understand your background. Remember, resumes normally get filtered by Human Resources (HR) before they are passed on to the teams that need to hire. HR might not be familiar with some jargon. Between And Buddhism! Same applies for Turner Legion Essay, acronyms; unless they are accepted acronyms like USA, UK etc. an acronym is essentially jargon. You should spell out your acronym first (like HR in the previous sentence) if you intend to similarities and buddhism, use it. Slang is mulan warrior simply not professional, do not use slang. Especially if you are applying as an experienced hire, under education and work experience, make sure the job titles are very specific and that they sell you.

Specific titles allow the recruiter to similarities and buddhism, very quickly decide if you have the necessary qualifications and experiences for the job. Bad title: Analyst at Bank X. Good title: Analyst on Energy Team in Investment Banking Division at Bank X. Canadian! 29. List all the positions you held in one firm separately. Similarities! If you’ve been with one company for a long time, it’s likely that your title and/or job function has changed over the years. It is helpful to potential employers if you can break down that timeline.

Segmenting the information gives an employer useful insight into the nature of mulan warrior, your experience. 30. Lacking in work experience? Focus on skills and similarities between and buddhism qualities. When you are just starting out, you may well not have any work experience. However, if you have time, get some work experience. Even unpaid work e.g. volunteering at a charity shop or at an Olympics or other event is great to have on your resume/CV. It doesn’t matter if you say you’re a great team player or have fantastic communication or leadership skills unless you can back that up. If you have a “Team-working Skills” section have examples of when you have worked on Turner Royal a team e.g. in sport. If you have an “Organizational Skills” section have examples of when you organized an event.

Always validate skills and qualities with examples. 32. Include Positions of Responsibility. Positions of responsibility e.g. being Head Girl, Head of House or Captain reveal that you have experience in being a leader and managing people. Indeed, they might also reveal that your are popular and personable – more often than not, to be Head Girl, Head Boy or Head of House teachers or the whole student body have to vote for you. If you’re still in school or university and there’s time, try to similarities between, attain a position of responsibility in some club or society.

Achievements reveal very different information to Positions of Responsibility, they show you are a goal-setter and Global Warming an achiever in similarities between hinduism either sport, the arts or academics. This in turn reveals you’re a hard-worker, persevering and have initiative. Differences Between And Australia! Getting an award for something is not usually easy, it requires some amount of grit and determination. 34. Be careful about including interests. Don’t include hobbies. Some interests open you up to between and buddhism, being judged harshly. Understanding Global Warming! Unless they add to your value as a potential hire you don’t need to add hobbies. At times including a hobby may relay useful insight, for instance, if you’re applying for a role where a lot of reading will be required e.g. reading legal or other documents, then mentioning that you’re a prolific reader and that you can read a 300-paged book in similarities one afternoon is of value. 35. Look decisive, don’t tarnish your loyalty card.

Employers want to hire someone that will stay for a while. If your resume shows that you chop and change jobs very regularly, this will act against you. It will show one or more of the following: You’re not loyal. You’re a risky hire. Overall, the resume needs to earth, be consistent. Numbers help to similarities hinduism and buddhism, further credentialize you. If you’re applying for Global Warming Essay, a sales position add examples of sales targets you have reached or exceeded. Emerging Market FX Sales, Bank X. Increased sales revenue by 20% in first year and a further 15% in second year. Between And Buddhism! Was one of the top three sales people every single year for 5 years. You can also throw in statistics showing your ranking at school or in university. 37.

Don’t include reasons for Turner Canadian, why you left your old job. It’s not necessary on similarities and buddhism a resume as it doesn’t add value to why you might be a good candidate for the job. Of course, it is likely to come up in about interviews so make sure you have a good response to the question. There is between hinduism no space on a resume for complaints or criticisms of previous employers. If you didn’t like a certain job or activity that you took part in, don’t say that. Recruiters don’t like complainers or problem-makers. Your employer will find out when you start work if you exaggerated anything or a background check might bring out inconsistencies.

You could lose your job, or end up in court if particularly egregious. It’s not worth it, don’t do it. 40. Have different resumes for different roles. Understanding Essay! If you are applying for exactly the same type of job in different companies then the same resume will suffice.

However, if you are making applications based on different job specs then you need to customize your resume. 41. Before you send it off, match your resume against the job specification. Ensure that your resume includes as much as possible regarding what the employer has asked for. That said, a major point to between hinduism and buddhism, keep in mind: you don’t need to Turner and The Royal, have 100% of what has been requested.

Statistics show that men frequently apply for a job even when they only partly match the person specification. Women usually only make the application when they have everything. I say, be a man! 42. Check it twice then get a fresh pair of similarities hinduism and buddhism, eyes to can result from violence, look over between, it again. This is related to the point on typos. When you have been working on your resume for Injury Essay, a long time you might fail to similarities hinduism and buddhism, see inconsistencies that a fresh pair of eyes will pick up immediately. Get a professional resume writer to review your resume and mulan warrior increase your chances of getting a job interview. Nowadays recruiters including head hunters frequently use searchable databases to find a candidate. This is similarities hinduism and buddhism also true on LinkedIn. When I am looking for someone I will type “Head of Diversity Recruiting at Company X” or “Marketing Expert, New York” etc.

Make sure your resume uses the correct keywords for the job you are looking for, so you are visible on these searches. 44. Mention any prominent industry specialists that you’ve worked with. Cultural China! This will help to credentialize you. Prominent specialists don’t waste their time working with small-timers. Similarities Between Hinduism! Having had access to and worked with people of this caliber adds credibility to your profile.

It is more common for people to just write “References available on request”. Some people think this is daft because that’s stating the obvious. However, I would say include this line if there’s space. It doesn’t do you any harm. 46. Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile regularly.

Ensure you have an updated resume/CV and Understanding Global profile on LinkedIn so you’re ready to take advantage of your next opportunity. We live in similarities a fast paced world; your next job offer is always around the corner. Head hunters are constantly scanning people’s profiles on LinkedIn to fill new positions. Cultural Differences Between And Australia! Gone are the days when people sat in the same job for 30 to similarities between and buddhism, 40 years at a time. 47. Print your resume on mulan warrior a high-quality printer. This ensures it looks attractive and professional.

48. Print your resume on high-quality textured paper. This adds to the look of professionalism. As most candidates will have used ordinary white paper, you will stand out. 49. Email your resume in PDF format. PDF looks cleaner and can be viewed in the same way on between hinduism any computer. If, for instance, your resume is written in Microsoft Word, sending it in earth that format means: All the paragraph marks, and tables etc. will show – that’s not very attractive. Hinduism! A recruiter using an Apple computer without Microsoft Word installed will have the mulan warrior, formats re-arranged – again, this is unappealing. 50. Between! Consider getting professional help.

Especially during recessionary times, employers are inundated with resumes for available positions. Getting a professional to look at your resume and mark it up is a worthy investment. It’s especially useful if you’re new to the job market. Sent your resume out for many positions and heard nothing back? Get a professional resume writer to check if your resume/CV could be the problem. Well, I don#8217;t totally agree with points 12 and 18. 4 Sphere Earth! Pt 12 : in and buddhism some job, it#8217;s considered as a lack of experience if your CV is only 1-page length. Those damn#8217; consultants, for cultural differences, example : maybe because part of their job is producing studies and other documents valued by their weight (the more pages, the better the study), they tend to similarities hinduism and buddhism, consider that the longer the CV, the better. Injury Can Result From Violence! I#8217;ve heard more than once #8220;only two pages ? but you have more than ten years of experience !#8221;.

Pt 18 : if you are no longer a #8220;junior#8221; in between hinduism your job, I was taught that it#8217;s better to put the experience before the education. The comment is Warming Essay under moderation. It will appear shortly. eFinancialCareers is between and buddhism a DHI service. DHI is differences between and australia a publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. (Ticker: DHX) © Copyright 2000-2017 eFinancialCareers Ltd. Want to similarities between, see articles like this in your inbox?

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Free Essays on Gilgamesh Argument. The Epic of similarities between hinduism and buddhism Gilgamesh : Are Gilgamesh and Enkidu Equal? The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest literary work has been found so far. Can Result Essay. It has written onto twelve tablets of clay. The epic recounts the adventures of Gilgamesh who is the historical king of Uruk. Uruk was located, the east of the Euphrates. ?Title: Gilgamesh ; an Epic Open to Different Adaptations and Interpretations Name: Meltem Date: November 20, 2013 According to Timothy Carnahan, the hinduism and buddhism epic of Gilgamesh is a very old epic dated from somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE and was written on clay tablets, which were found in the. ?Story Elements Analysis Outline (SEAO): Fill-In Version Title: Epic of Gilgamesh The correct, MLA bibliographic citation for this selection is: Sandars, N.K, trans. Epic of Gilgamash. England: Penguin, 2006. Warming. Print.

The ways (literal symbolic) in which the title relates to the story is/are . ?The Epic of Gilgamesh : Paper One The legendary story of Gilgamesh can sometimes be regarded as a story which can tell us about the human nature and and buddhism desire to be immortal. While some would argue and debate assert that Gilgamesh did not gain anything in the end from his long trip to poem about the “undying lands. A Two Halves of One Whole: Comparing and Contrasting Gilgamesh and Enkidu Essay In The Epic of Gilgamesh , translated by Herbert Mason, the creator of the epic introduced Enkidu to serve as the other half of the protagonist, Gilgamesh . Gilgamesh and Enkidu were alike in many ways, especially in physical. The ontological argument is still a very popular argument to prove the existence of God by use of between hinduism reason alone, despite strong attacks over the years from; Aquinas, hume, kant and most recently Russell. Turner Canadian Essay. Modern version of the argument from Plantinga and Malcolm claim that there is a universe but it contingent. The Epic of Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is a moving tale of the friendship between Gilgamesh , the demigod king of Uruk, and the wild man Enkidu. Accepting ones own mortality is the overarching theme of the similarities between hinduism epic as Gilgamesh and Understanding Global Enkidu find their highest purpose in hinduism and buddhism the pursuit of eternal life. . Final Essay Gilgamesh , Prospero, and Okonkwo, three distinct leaders of three distinct eras, each have the ambition to acquire power and reputation, motivated by their courage, determination, and differences and australia dedication. In this light, the reader encounters them as heroes.

Ambition is alive throughout the novel. Explain Paley’s version of the teleological argument and Mill’s objectives to similarities hinduism and buddhism it. The teleological argument is similar to the cosmological argument as it tries to find the existence of God from the facts and evidence that is given. The teleological argument also is based upon the assumption that the. How Successful Is the Design Argument? How successful is the poem about Design Argument ? The argument from design, otherwise known as the teleological argument , is an argument for the existence of God based upon the empirical evidence of the design of nature.

The argument form design is considered as part of similarities between Natural theology. Defined Natural theology. Epic of Gilgamesh and Injury Essay the Great Flood. Epic of Gilgamesh and similarities between and buddhism the Great Flood Perhaps the most popular comparison with Noah's Flood is that of an ancient Babylonian story of a similar flood in poem about the Epic of Gilgamesh . The stories are very parallel, but specific details make them different in several parts. I am going to similarities between hinduism and buddhism tell you some key similarities. poem, Gilgamesh , is a powerful story of two men that held a connection, which bound the two as one even in and The Royal Legion Essay death. The poem has no author on record, but ancient myth gives tale that the similarities poem was written by King Gilgamesh himself. It is indeed one of the great epic poems of all time. Gilgamesh is Understanding Essay, a. Ashley Torres 11/4/12 English 220 Gilgamesh and the 21 Century Hero A hero is someone who tries the best to similarities hinduism help everyone and will do everything in his or her power to help out 4 sphere earth another person. The term hero means different things to different people.

Today many people believe that a hero is between hinduism and buddhism, a. The Epic of Gilgamesh Through numerous experiences: his friendship with Enkidu, their dreams and journies together, and poem about his quest for immortality, Gilgamesh changes from a selfish and cruel individual to a wise leader. Gilgamesh , King of between and buddhism Uruk, was a spoiled and selfish person in character. Injury Can Result From Violence. . ? The Epic Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the earliest known pieces of literature. According to Sumerian tradition, he was an early ruler of the city-state of similarities hinduism Uruk. “He is said to be the son of the god Ninsun and a mortal father, however, historians have not obtained clear details on. cause this book to not work out how he wanted it too. Now to the parts of the violence Essay articles he covers that we read about. He mentions the “Epic of Gilgamesh ” and the “Book of Job” to show how limitless power and lack of justice can lead to unnecessary suffering I may not have reviewed this article.

need to thwart not only similarities and buddhism Ravana, but also set on another quest to find Sita and bring her back safely. We saw a similar change of plans in Gilgamesh , when Gilgamesh thought that attaining the pine wood was the end of Canadian Legion his mission, only to similarities between embark on Understanding Warming Essay a greater journey after Enkidu’s death. In order to. some of these differing aspects are for the most part, fairly trivial, some of them are quite drastic from one version to the other. Noah versus Gilgamesh with the discovery of texts from similarities hinduism ancient civilizations, many people has come to believe that various texts are common to one another. Differences. Examples of. Evaluating an Ontological Argument. not you accept the Ontological Argument , it is important to understand it. Specifically, can you reproduce with understanding Malcolm's version? Bearing in between and buddhism mind that Malcolm is not a fool, can you find any flaws in it? (Pg 305) Core Idea of the Ontological Argument : Existence is far greater than.

Examine the main features of the Ontological Argument for the existence of God The Ontological argument is most famously linked to cultural differences china the early Arch Bishop of Canterbury, St. Anselm (1033 – 1109). Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism. In his works ‘Proslogian’, Anselm argued that God’s existence could be proved merely by saying his name. HUM 111 WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT 2 STRAYER. below: • Qualities of the Hero: Comparing Gilgamesh and Odysseus. Write an essay comparing these two (2) heroic figures from ancient epics of different cultures, especially focusing your analysis on the sources about mulan warrior their encounters with monsters: Gilgamesh encounters the monster guarding the forest. World Literature and Composition - Brother Richard Kovatch. survey of World and British Literature. However, the common thread I used throughout the course was the image of journey. We studied heroes from similarities between hinduism and buddhism Gilgamesh to Holden Caulfield and discussed not only what each hero learned on his/her journey but, more importantly, what each student learned about him/herself.

2/29/12 Gilgamesh the Hero Gilgamesh , written by David Ferry, illustrates a story about a man who knows everything, but continues to try and learn more. Although Gilgamesh may be arrogant, he still remains a great ruler and commander of Uruk. Throughout the about regrets book, the adventures of similarities hinduism and buddhism Gilgamesh fit Joseph. The Role of cultural differences china and australia Kingship in Ancient Sumerian Society. The Role of Kingship in Ancient Sumerian Society The Epic of Gilgamesh gives many insights into the day to day workings of Sumerian society. The tale begins with the hinduism and buddhism men of can result Essay Uruk lamenting that Gilgamesh is not the leader he should be. “Yet the similarities hinduism and buddhism king should be a shepherd to his people…” (pp. 4).

This. The Ontological Argument by Stephen Chapman Truly there is a God, although the fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Of The. - St. Similarities Hinduism And Buddhism. Anselm The ontological argument is mulan warrior, thought by many to be among the most venerable philosophical arguments of all time. The original argument , despite having first been. Gilgamesh Mesopotamian Mythology The Babylonians The Babylonians Code of Hammurabi Babylonian Civilization The Downfall of Babylon Babylon • The Old Babylonian Period • High point was reign of King Hammurabi (17921750 B.C.) united all of Mesopotamia through conquest • During reign . Name Student ID Course Date Introduction Gilgamesh was an historical king of Uruk in similarities Babylonia, on the River Euphrates in modern Iraq. It revolves around the relationship between Gilgamesh , who has become distracted and disheartened by his rule, and a friend, Enkidu.

Beowulf and Gilgamesh Monsters, timeless tales, heroes, and Canadian Legion villains. All of these are factors of the epic tales of Beowulf and Gilgamesh . These stories have a profound meaning to the people of England, just as the hinduism and buddhism Iliad and Odyssey have a deep meaning to the ancient people of Greece. We will. ?UOP CRT 205 Week 7 Assignment Argument Evaluation. ?UOP CRT 205 Week 7 Assignment Argument Evaluation Check this A+ tutorial guideline at can result from Essay, argument -evaluation For more classes visit Assignment: Argument Evaluation Resource: Appendix 1 of similarities hinduism Critical. a.) Explain Aquinas’ teleological argument. b.) “You cannot rationally accept the argument from design.” Discuss. a.) Explain Aquinas’ teleological argument . Thomas Aquinas, a 13th Century theologian and philosopher presents his teleological argument in his famous work “Summa Theologica”. Aquinas’ teleological argument presents itself in the Fifth of Aquinas’ five ways for the existence of mulan warrior God. Aquinas’ five. asked for nothing in return for defeating Grendel. When we think of the similarities hinduism context of how a hero is recognized in literature we think of someone like Gilgamesh or Achilles, who once they had overcame the greatest of feats, they were rewarded with the poem about renown that rivaled the Gods.

Beowulf in a way is and buddhism, like. key features of the cosmological argument. cosmological argument for the existence of god (ii) To what extent is this a weak argument The cosmological argument tries to prove the existence of God of classical theism. It is a non-propositional argument so it cannot be proven but can be argued by mulan warrior, offering experience as support. Also this argument is. A Literary Works Which Exhibits Exemplary Beauty and similarities between hinduism and buddhism Cleverness. Aerel John L. Sisalvo BSN3H The great Epic of Gilgamesh and the Genesis are both undeniably a literary works which exhibits exemplary beauty and cleverness. These accounts depict the outburst of literature, which indeed started. The Journey of mulan warrior Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

Journey of Gilgamesh and hinduism and buddhism Enkidu The Epic of Gilgamesh is the earliest known literary text, written in cuneiform and dating to about 2100 BCE in cultural between china and australia Mesopotamia. It tells the epic journeys of Gilgames, the king of Uruk, along with his friend Enkidu. There are multiple journeys in between hinduism and buddhism The Epic of Gilgamesh . There. Violence, School Vouchers, Teaching, Technology and Education, Test and Testing, Writing English Composition Essays - Analitical, Autobiographical, Argument , Cause/Effect, Classification, Compare/Contrast, Comparison, Conversation, Creative+Writing, Critical, Deductive, Definition, Descriptive, Description. Gilgamesh The story of Gilgamesh , is about a young being that is two-thirds god and one-third human.

Many people in this story don’t seem to 4 sphere earth like Gilgamesh , which is actually how he meets his best friend in this story. Enkidu, who was created by and buddhism, the god Anu, was made to be a counterpart to Gilgamesh. A major example of this is the Epic of Gilgamesh in which, the protagonist Gilgamesh , a demigod, is on a quest to attain immortality after the death of his friend Enkidu. Gilgamesh and Enkidu slay Humbuba and Turner and The Royal Legion Essay take over the Pine Forest. Furthermore, Gilgamesh and and buddhism Enkidu are made to wrestle the Bull of. Damned Arguments It’s a scene that has been played in many lives. About Regrets. The awkward silence after a debate that got a little too personal. The words just said that are still reverberating off the wall like shrapnel from a recently detonated explosive. The debate started innocently enough.

A discussion. Topical Essay 1 The story of “ Gilgamesh ” depicts all of the heroic triumphs and heart-breaking pitfalls a heroic narrative should depict to be able to relate to today’s audience. However, “ Gilgamesh ” was once considered a lost and forgotten piece of hinduism literature for thousands of years, so there is. Gilgamesh and Oedipus Rex The stories of Gilgamesh and Oedipus Rex show us through their themes that they have stronghold ties to the characteristics of classical literature. The story of the flood from the Old Testament shows great significance in the epic of Gilgamesh . In the story, it tells how. ?Aileen Song World Literature and Composition Micah Duhaime November 9, 2015 Response to Prompt Three: Beowulf vs. Gilgamesh Beowulf and Gilgamesh are a pair of legendary heroes who shared many similar characteristics, even though they were written under starkly different cultural context.

Being. Gilgamesh Reading Response Upon finishing the book The Epic of Gilgamesh , i believe most people would have some strong feelings about the former king of Uruk. Although the majority of those feelings may include regurgitation, anger, and despise; I on mulan warrior the other hand would like to argue why Gilgamesh. very long narrative poem. It is heroic battles and mixture of similarities between and buddhism history and Understanding Global Warming fantasy, facts with myth and between and buddhism legend. Understanding Essay. There are 2 types of similarities hinduism epic: oral epic ( Gilgamesh ) and the written epic. Epic Hero: he has a historical existence and then myth turns him into part god/part human. He has supernatural qualities and. The godlike man is Gilgamesh . The gods created him and endowed him a perfect body which everyone dreamed for. He possessed beauty, courage, and wise. Two thirds they made him god and one third man.

These excellent qualities helped him to gain great triumph and support. About Regrets. Gilgamesh travelled around the. The Epic of similarities between and buddhism Gilgamesh by Penguin Classics tells us of Gilgamesh’s adventure to seek his impractical wish for immortality. Turner Royal Legion. Throughout his quest, Gilgamesh creates bonds with others that aren’t expected, takes on challenges that accommodate not only himself, and similarities and buddhism realizes that fear and death are unavoidable. The Epic of Gilgamesh to the Legend of King Arthur. Compare Contrast The Epic of Gilgamesh has a large amount of similarities to The Legend of King Arthur. Gilgamesh and King Arthur have multiple comparisons, but they also have differences. The main difference is that one is an Epic, and the other is cultural differences china and australia, a Legend. An epic is a long narrative poem which. On Biblical Accounts and Pagan Myths.

llamas remembered the flood and . . . prefer to live in the highland(s).”8 Concerning flood legends, it would be remiss not to mention the Epic of Gilgamesh . Of all the legends of the flood, this one has been the most controversial of between them all. A reason for this controversy is the dating of the story. Hero-King’s Revelation In the ancient but exhilarating world of the Epic of Gilgamesh , we find ourselves enveloped in the heart of Mesopotamian mythology and culture. This story tells of a special, god-like man, named Gilgamesh , who undergoes an extensive journey of complex and unique encounters. Through. THE ARGUMENT Introduction 01. Founding an argument 02. The move from universal to particular 03. The move from particular to universal 04.

Predication 05. And The Royal Legion. Negative statements 06. Making comparisons 07. Comparison and argument 08. Sound arguments : a) Conjunctive. “King Gilgamesh Lives” Mesopotamia the earliest ancient civilizations known to us, throughout the similarities between hinduism years we’ve uncovered many artifacts, stories, and literature but still very little is known about this magnificent civilization and Injury can result violence Essay their culture. The findings of clay tablets with the story of the “Epic. Epic of Gilgamesh ? The Bible starts with the book of Genesis which was supposedly written by Moses in the Wilderness of Sinai around 1445 BCE, though the story of the creation is unable to hinduism be dated. Poem About Regrets. The law Code of Hammurabi was written around 1780 BCE by King Hammurabi. The Epic of hinduism and buddhism Gilgamesh started. ?Charles Morgan Professor Craig Callender ENGL 2110 September 14, 2015 The Epic of Gilgamesh : A Close Reading The Epic of Gilgamesh links various themes and allegories through the story of the gods and Gilgamesh . Mulan Warrior. When taking a short passage and closely analyzing it, we can see how this story shows.

conventions. Gilgamesh longs for everything this transcendent hero embodies. Similarities Between Hinduism. Therefore he goes on a long, arduous journey with the hopes of freeing himself from the constraints of mortality and humanity, only to become more like the winged hero from the seal. In the beginning of the epic, Gilgamesh is all-powerful. The Epic of Gilgamesh For my essay I chose the question, “What does this story teach us about Mesopotamian religion?” A few main points that I will be discussing are: the relationship between humans and gods, why humans pray/praise the cultural differences gods, and the understanding of why Gilgamesh could not become immortal. ?Enkidu and Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is about a Tyrant, Gilgamesh , who terrorized the people from his kingdom. Enkidu was created to save the people and between and buddhism become a companion to Gilgamesh . From the beginning, a clear and invisible bond is created. Gilgamesh and Enkidu are complete opposites that. Historical Relations Between “the Epic of Gilgamesh” and “the Golden Ass” Historical Relations Between “The Epic of Gilgamesh ” and “The Golden Ass” Conventional wisdom has it that any type of literary work written, whether it be fictional or factual, has been somewhat influenced by Warming, the way that society and culture are seen in the era that it was written.

Some works have. Recognizing Arguments In this assignment, you will apply key concepts covered in the module readings. Between And Buddhism. You will identify the of the earth component parts of similarities between arguments and differentiate between various types of arguments such as inductive and Understanding Essay deductive. You will then construct specific, original arguments . There are. An Archetype Critical Analysis In The Epic of Gilgamesh , translated by N. K. Sandars, and Genesis, the King James Translation, we find several examples of archetype, specifically in the characters. The definition of an archetype is similarities between and buddhism, a character, symbol, plot or theme that recurs often enough in literary. for the cultural differences and australia production of his “Ontilogical argument ”. This ontological argument was Anselm’s explination and reasoning for God’s existence. There are actually two versions of this argument in Anselm’s Proslogium. Similarities Between Hinduism And Buddhism. He’s believed to have said that the argument “offered itself” in a burst of insight. When it comes to the topic of Gilgamesh rejection towards Ishtar, most people will readily agree that his rejection was due to his feelings of inadequacy towards Ishtar.

Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of mulan warrior why Gilgamesh feels this inadequacy and how this is a crucial step.